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Military snippets

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Peninsular war medals awarded to men in the district 1849

Lancashire Hussars 1850

Lancashire Hussars 1858

Stations of the British Army 1850

Wreck of the Troopship BIRKENHEAD, and list of drowned and saved, 1852

Preparation for war, the Baltic Fleet, Feb 1854

Embarkation of troops at Liverpool, Feb 1854

Departure of the Baltic Fleet, March 1854

A letter home from a youth of 18, on HMS Magicienne 1854

Action in the Gulf of Finland, May 1854

Misc passenger lists, military, 1854

British Fleet at Portsmouth, Nov 1854

Battle of Alma, killed and wounded, 20th Sept 1854 - 23rd Nov 1854

Inkermann, killed and wounded, and 2nd Nov 1854 to 15th Feb 1855

Deaths at Scutari Hospital, November 1854

Deaths at Scutari Hospital, December 1854

Deaths at Scutari Hospital, January 1855

Deaths on passage at Crimea, December 1854 to January 1855

Naval Brigade, squadrons, killed and wounded 1854

Letter from an Irish officer at Balaklava 1855

Condition of the wounded in hospital at Scutari 1855

Letter from a survivor at the Charge at Balaklava in hospital at Scutari

Letter home from Crimea to Moynalty 1855

Mrs SEACOLE 1855

Arrival of the HIMALAYA from the Black Sea, Jan 1855

Departure of the British Fleet from Spithead April 1855

Massacre at Hango June 1855

Queen's visit to military hospital chatham 1855

Surgeon's letter on duty at Cawnpore 1857

100 sick and dying soldiers in the workhouse, from the Great Tasmania

Victoria cross

Lancaster Rifle association, competitions at Altcar 1877

Egyptian riots, June 17th, 1882

Egyptian crisis, preparations for war, July 8th, 1882

The bombardment of Alexandria, July 11th to 13th, 1882

Casualties at Alexandria, July 12th, 1882

Casualties in Egypt, Sept 16th 1882

Casualties in Egypt, Sept 23rd, 1882

War in South Africa, Wigan Observer April 13th 1900, also local men who lost their lives mentioned in newspaper obituaries

Michael WHITE, shipmate of Lord BERESFORD Aug 1907

MILITARY mentioned 1908

Everton Barracks and history, 1908

Veteran's reunion 1908

Liverpool "Pals" and the King's Liverpool Regiment

Boys from the Old Brigade, Nov 1940

MAFEKING losses covering all areas

Grave of the Unknown Soldier

Regimental nicknames

Huyton War Memorial

Toxteth Park cemetery WW1 Memorial

All Saints Ch, Childwall, War memorial

Hamilton Square, Birkenhead War memorial



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