Deaths at Scutari Hospital, January 1855

Southport Visiter, Feb 15th 1855

A letter from Scutari received in Liverpool :-

"On the 23rd I went over to Scutari to see the hospital. May I never see such a sight again. It was dreadful to see the poor fellows, some just recovering, others dying fast of their wounds, dysentry, etc. I saw 72 bodies put into a pit, and men trampling on the lower rows, as to make room for others. We had 2 or 3 of the wounds shown to us and I was obliged to rush out into the open air."

Northern Times, Jan 17th 1855

Deaths at Scutari from 31st Dec 1854 - 3rd Jan 1855 inclusive


Purveyor L. WARD, Cholera, Jan 1st

Major COLVILLE, 97th Regt, dysentery, Jan 2nd

Dec 31st

Corpl John MUSDEE, 44th Regt diarrhoea


Arthur WELSH, 95th Regt

Joseph TOMLINSON, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig

Thomas ROGERS, Royal Artillery, febris

Edward WATSON, Coldstream Guards, diarrhoea

Robert LEADER, 4th Regt, diarrhoea

John BELL, 4th Regt, diarrhoea

Robert LAKE, 4th Regt, diarrhoea

Patrick JOHNSON, 4th Regt, diarrhoea

Samuel BEALE, 13th Regt, dyspepsia

James HELLEWELL, 20th Regt, dysentery

Amond CADBY, 21st Regt, diarrhoea

Solomon GIBBS, 23rd Regt, diarrhoea

John ROACH 28th Regt, diarrhoea

George RAWLINGS, 33rd Regt, diarrhoea

Thomas LEWIS, 33rd Regt, dysentery

Thomas JONES, 44th Regt, chronic catarrh

William RUSSELL, 50th Regt dysentery

George STOKER, 55th Regt, dysentery

William FALLIDAY, 57th Regt diarrhoea

James SULLIVAN, 57th Regt diarrhoea

James PHILLIPS, 63rd Regt dysentery

William CORNING, 93rd Regt, dysentery

James CLARKE, 95th Regt, dysentery

James FRIEND, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

Thomas MINTER,2nd Batt Rifle Brig, bronchitis

Thomas ARNOLD, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig, bronchitis

H. HOLMES, Scots Fusiliers, dysentery

B. GRACE, Coldstream Guards, rheumatism

Hugh MC IVER, 77th Regt, febris

R. CUMMINGS, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, chronic catarrh

Thomas SHARP, 33rd Regt, diarrhoea

Jan 1st 1855

Corpl James BROWNING, Coldstream Guards, diarrhoea

Corpl Jacob JOHNSON, 46th Regt, dysentery

Corpl Lewis KERR, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

Corpl Thomas CRUCHLEY, 45th Regt, dysentery

Sgt Robert OíNEIL, 50th Regt, diarrhoea

Sgt Thomas DREW, 63rd Regt, chronic catarrh

Sgt Thomas WATKINS, Coldstream Guards, dysentery


William DAW, 42nd Regt

Paul SCOTT, 97th Regt, dysentery

David FENNELL, 63rd Regt, dysentery

John JONES, 47th Regt, dysentery

Edward MELLON, Royal Artillery, dysentery

William DAVIS, Grenadier Guards, diarrhoea

Samuel BOOKER, Coldstream Guards, febris

William SITHERS, Coldstream Guards, dysentery

George CUMNER, Coldstream Guards, gelatis

Henry BENNEY, 1st Foot, dysentery

Thomas MC QUIRK, 4th Regt, dysentery

John MAXEN, 21st Regt, diarrhoea

Thomas NENEY, 21st Regt, diarrhoea

Patrick WARD, 21st Regt, diarrhoea

Henry STEADMAN, 23rd Regt, diarrhoea

Charles SHEPPARD, 41st Regt, pneumonia

Charles JONES, 46th Regt, dysentery

Thomas DUNN, 47th Regt, diarrhoea

Francis MOORE, 63rd Regt, gelatis

Thomas TAMER, 93rd Regt, diarrhoea

John CLEGHORN, 1st Regt, dysentery

Joseph STRAW, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, dysentery

Charles CREYSTON, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, dysentery

Jan 2nd 1855

Colour Sgt, James CLOW, 28th Regt, gelatis

Sgt Major James DAVIDSON, 2nd Dragoons, febris

Corpl John CHALMERS, Grenadier Guards, diarrhoea


Robert BLACKSHAW, 1st Dragoons, diarrhoea

James PURVIS, 11th Hussars, amputation

Thomas PURCELL, 1st Foot, diarrhoea

George BOOTH, 41st Regt, dysentery

Charles CONSTABLE, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

John PHEDRON, 2nd Dragoons, febris

Henry TURNER, 8th Hussars, febris

George ROBINSON, 13th Light Dragoons, febris

Richard MARSH, Scots Fusiliers, febris

John BRIGGS Scots Fusiliers, diarrhoea

Francis LODER, Scots Fusiliers, febris

William PARK, 1st Foot, diarrhoea

John FITZPATRICK, 4th Foot, chronic rheumatism

Joseph WOODS, 4th Foot, febris

William SIMES, 19th Foot, diarrhoea

Peter RYAN, 23rd Foot, dysentery

William WOODWAYS, 30th Regt, dysentery

James PULLEN, 30th Regt, dysentery

Hugh COULTER, 33rd Regt, dysentery

Isaac HATTON, 38th Regt, dysentery

Patrick CORBITT, 38th Regt, febris

Edward HEAD, 44th Regt, diarrhoea

William ANDREWS, 46th Regt, diarrhoea

James CLUNE, 47th Regt, dysentery

John QUADE, 57th Regt, diarrhoea

George BRIDEWELL, 62nd Regt, dysentery

John FOX, 63rd Regt, dysentery

Edward TURNER, 63rd Regt, diarrhoea

Joseph BLANDFORD, 68th Regt, diarrhoea

Edward BUTLER, 68th Regt, diarrhoea

James CRILLEY, 68th Regt, diarrhoea

Richard SOUGHTON, 68th Regt, diarrhoea

Patrick WALSH, 95th Regt, diarrhoea

Charles PICKET, 97th Regt, vulnus

William WILLIE, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, vulnus

James MANNING 1st Batt Rifle Brig,, chronic rheumatism

George STOCKLEY, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

John CLARKE 2nd Batt Rifle Brig, dysentery

Thomas RUSSELL, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig, dysentery

William GOVER, Scots Fusiliers, diarrhoea

Richard FOSTER, 2nd Dragoons, diarrhoea

Joseph WARD, 20th Regt, diarrhoea

George CRIPPS, 46th Regt, diarrhoea

George COLE, 46th Regt, diarrhoea

Henry MARTINDALE, 8th Hussars, dysentery

John DAVIES, Grenadier Guards, dysentery

Samuel FELSTED, 33rd Regt, dysentery

Joseph PHIPPS, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig, febris

Jan 3rd

Corpl William HILL, 62nd Regt, diarrhoea


George NICHOLS, Grenadier Guards, wounds

Thomas TAYLOR, 38th Regt, diarrhoea

Samuel SMITH, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig, dysentery

Charles STAMFORD, 21st Regt, febris

In hospital 3,984 and 50 officers

Northern Times, Jan 20th 1855

Deaths at Scutari, Jan 2nd - Jan 7th inclusive

Jan 2nd

Alfred JOINER, 77th Regt

Patrick NOON, 88th Regt

Jan 3rd

Corpl William SADLER, 77th Regt, dysentery

Corpl John MC INTYRE, 95th Regt, febris


George WILSON, 4th Dragoons, vulnus

William PIE, Coldstream Guards, dysentery

J. KING, Scots Fusiliers, dysentery

William WELLS 7th Regt, diarrhoea

William COVENTRY, 7th Regt, diarrhoea

John SPENCER, 20th Regt, diarrhoea

John CONNELL, 21st Regt, dysentery

Joseph GEPSON, 30th Regt, dysentery

James ROOD, 38th Regt, febris

James COLLINS, 41st Regt, dysentery

James SIMPSON, 44th Regt, diarrhoea

James HOWARD, 44th Regt, pneumonia

William MORLEY 50th Regt, diarrhoea

William LAMBERT, 55th Regt, febris

Thomas SPICER, 55th Regt, vulnus

George GALINER, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, dysentery

Charles POUTER, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, dysentery

William PARKER, 4th Light Dragoons, dysentery

Henry LAMB, Grenadier Guards, dysentery

John TREYLEAN, 20th Regt, dysentery

Paul MC INTOSH, 41st Regt, diarrhoea

John CORROLL, 95th Regt, vulnus

John CLOUGH, 41st Regt, wounds

William BARRETT, 38th Regt, diarrhoea

Jan 4th

Sgt Robert BLACK, 62nd Regt, diarrhoea

Corpl Charles PATTON, 7th Regt, dysentery

Corpl Joseph JOFFRELL, Grenadier Guards, abscesses


James FARRER, 44th Regt, chronic rheumatism

James GOULBY 68th Regt, diarrhoea

David WATSON, 79th Regt, diarrhoea

Reuben MAY, 95th Regt, diarrhoea

Daniel COX, 95th Regt, diarrhoea

William BRADFORD, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, dysentery

Benjamin OSWALD, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig, dysentery

Thomas GRAY, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig, dysentery

William ELLIS, 57th Regt, dysentery

Charles BURTENSHAW, Scots Fusiliers, compound fracture Lt leg

James TYRRELL, 9th Regt, diarrhoea

Alexander DOUGLAS, 21st Regt, dysentery

William BEACHY, 23rd Regt, dysentery

John DIPPER, 23rd Regt, dysentery

Thomas ROBSON, 23rd Regt, febris

J. WALKER, 33rd Regt, diarrhoea

George LEWIS, 38th Regt, diarrhoea

Robert MORGAN, 41st Regt, dysentery

John KENNY, 46th Regt, diarrhoea

Henry CAVANAGH, 47th Regt, diarrhoea

Thomas DUNCAN, 50th Regt, febris

Henry SCOTT, 50th Regt, diarrhoea

John KEAN, 57th Regt, dysentery

William SULLIVAN, Ambulance Corps, dysentery

Patrick OBRIEN, 4th Regt, febris

Isaac OSBORNE, 20th Regt, vulnus

John BOYD, 79th Regt, dysentery

Daniel BLACKNOLL, Grenadier Guards, scorbutic

James MARTIN, 68th Regt, dysentery

James GREENWOOD, Grenadier Guards, diarrhoea

Jan 5th

Corpl Samuel COBB, 41st Foot, febris


William PRICE, 27th Regt, diarrhoea

George PERKINS, 4th Regt diarrhoea

Thomas HUNTLEY, 21st Regt, dysentery

John HACKWELL, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, dysentery

Thomas STAPLE. Coldstream Guards, diarrhoea

Robert MADDENS, 1st Foot, diarrhoea

Alexander MC MULLEN, 2nd Dragoons, chronic rheumatism

Benjamin LUCAS, 1st Foot, diarrhoea

John JENKINS, 79th Regt, chronic rheumatism

James HUNT, Royal Artillery, dysentery

William GAMBLE, Scots Fusiliers, diarrhoea

William MILLS, 63rd Regt, diarrhoea

William FRY, 7th Regt, diarrhoea

James COOK, 19th Regt, dysentery

Charles LEARY, 21st Regt, dysentery

Patrick RICE, 41st Regt, dysentery

Samuel BARNETT, 47th Regt, dysentery

Isaac BRIGHT, 49th Regt, dysentery

John RYAN, 50th Regt, dysentery

John LOWRIE, 45th Regt, dysentery

David WATSON, 79th Regt, pneumonia

Martin JORDAN, 88th Regt febris

W. REID, 88th Regt, dysentery

John MC KAY, 93rd Regt, febris

Charles CORNWALL, 97th Regt, dysentery

Alfred FOWLES, 97th Regt, dysentery

John HUXSLIFF, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, dysentery

Jan 6th

Corpl John LANGMAID, 20th Foot, vulnus

Corpl David THOMAS, 5th Dragoons, diarrhoea

Corpl Charles MANNING, 9th Foot, dysentery


William UNDERWOOD, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

Robert HUNT, 1st Foot, diarrhoea

Robert HARRIS, 44th Regt, neomoptysis

John MC GIBBON, 38th Foot, dysentery

Heron SIMMONDS, 47th Regt, diarrhoea

Michael MUSSEL, 62nd Regt, diarrhoea

John SINGLETON, 6th Dragoons, diarrhoea

Peter SCULLY, 46th Regt, dysentery

Thomas MACK, Royal Horse Artillery, catarrh

Henry DICKENSON, Ambulance Corps, dysentery

Jeremiah JOHNSTON, Royal Artillery, diarrhoea

John BARNS, Grenadier Guards, diarrhoea

John SMITH, Royal Artillery, dysentery

Robert LUSHER, 68th Regt, dysentery

James DOWLE, 93rd Regt, diarrhoea

James MC KENNA, 93rd Regt, dysentery

George EYRE, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

Thomas HOLLINSWORTH, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

George OUTHWAIT, Coldstream Guards, dysentery

William KENNEDY, 1st Foot, dysentery

John MC ILROY, 1st Regt, dysentery

John LESWIG, 7th Regt, dysentery

Patrick KUMELLY, 77th Regt

Thomas ROLAN, 19th Regt, diarrhoea

Jethro WEST, 23rd Regt, diarrhoea

James FURLONG, 55th Regt, diarrhoea

Robert GREENWOOD, 20th Regt, diarrhoea

Charles LEARY, 21st Regt, dysentery

William SAUNDERS, 33rd Regt, diarrhoea

William CROFT, 38th Regt, diarrhoea

Andrew MORGAN, 46th Regt, diarrhoea

Edward DEVINE, 49th Regt, diarrhoea

Thomas BOLTON, 49th Regt, febris

Thomas CASHEN, 50th Regt, gelatis

Charles PEAT, 68th Regt, diarrhoea

Burials at Scutari 1,949

Total burials at Scutari 2,044

Northern Times, Jan 26th 1855

Deaths at Scutari, since the 7th Jan

Private, Thomas HESELTON, Scots Fusiliers, dysentery, Jan 2nd

Jan 7th


Peter WILSON, 44th Regt, diarrhoea

John CARAHER, 20th Regt, febris

William SHARPE, Scots Fusiliers, diarrhoea

James WOOTON, Scots Fusiliers, dysentery

John GREENWOOD, 41st Foot, dysentery

Thomas MURRAY, 4th Regt, diarrhoea

Thomas PALMER, 7th Regt, dysentery

David CUMMINGS, 19th Regt, diarrhoea

Edward CHAPPELL, 20th Regt, dysentery

Thomas WILLIAMS, 28th Regt, dysentery

John HALLCOCK, 48th Regt, diarrhoea

William BISHOP, 46th Regt, febris

George HAINS, 55th Regt, vulnus

John DAVIS, 62nd Regt, dysentery

Peter FLOOD, 63rd Regt, diarrhoea

Charles GILL, 68th Regt, contusions

William CROW, 68th Regt, dysentery

Henry WILLIAMS, 77th Regt, dysentery

J. MC EWEN, 79th Regt, diarrhoea

H. KINNON, 79th Regt, dysentery

P. LYNCH, 88th Regt, dysentery

William TYAS, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

Henry TAYLOR 1st Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

Thomas EDWARDS 2nd Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

Robert NEWELL, Ambulance Corps, diarrhoea

Jacob SALTER,M 26th Regt, diarrhoea

Patrick DUNN, 38th Regt, diarrhoea

John FOUST, 46th Regt, spaches

Charles GATES, 1st Foot, diarrhoea

Thomas SNITCH, 1st Regt, dysentery

Patrick GALVIN, 21st, Regt, dysentery

Joseph WILSON, 44th Regt, gelatis

Frederick COLLINS, 50th Regt, dysentery

John DRAKEFORD, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

Jan 8th


William KING, Coldstream Guards, diarrhoea

Robert RAGG, 77th Regt, diarrhoea

Edward STEWART, 63rd Regt, diarrhoea

Michael GRADY, 21st Regt dysentery

Thomas GREEN, 41st Regt, diarrhoea

George FRANCIS, Royal Artillery, febris

Edward WILLIAMS, 57th Regt, wounds

James SPENCER, 63rd Regt, diarrhoea

Patrick SCANLON, 88th Regt, diarrhoea

Thomas MC LOUGHLIN, 88th Regt, diarrhoea

Henry FRETWELL, 17th Lancer, ulcer

Joseph BACK, Royal Artillery, febris

F. BELCHER, Grenadier Guards, diarrhoea

D. ROBINSON, Coldstream Guards, diarrhoea

William HAYES, Coldstream Guards, diarrhoea

G. MC MURTHLON, Scots Fusiliers, dysentery

Daniel MENSON, Scots Fusiliers, dysentery

George NIMMO, 4th, Regt, diarrhoea

John BARTON, 23rd Regt, diarrhoea

James DIVINE, 38th Regt, dysentery

Thomas CHAPMAN, 38th Regt, diarrhoea

John KELLY, 41st Regt, vulnus

John WATERS, 46th Regt, dysentery

George HASTINGS, 46th Regt, diarrhoea

William STEELE, 19th Regt, dysentery

Thomas BROWN, 50th Regt, dysentery

Jesse LAY, 50th Regt, dysentery

Patrick MC HUGH, 62nd Regt, dysentery

Robert FREDGHILL, 77th Regt, diarrhoea

Edward CHAMBERS, 95th Regt, dysentery

Thomas BOND, 20th Regt, gelatis

Gregory MC CROSSY, 49th Regt, fracture

Richard COTHELL, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

Jan 9th


Richard CONSTABLE, 38th Regt, dysentery

George JONES, 7th Regt, diarrhoea

Humphrey DODD, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

M. BRAZIL, 21ST Regt, dysentery

J. MC HUGH, 57th Regt, dysentery

Hugh FLYNN, 47th Regt, diarrhoea

Henry PEARCE, 20th Regt, diarrhoea

John SCALE, 19th Regt, febris typhus

James MURTIE, 23rd Regt, febris

William COCHRAN, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

Samuel HAMILTON, 2nd Dragoons, dysentery

John MEREDITH, Royal Artillery, dysentery

Benjamin BRADFORD, Royal Artillery, diarrhoea

Richard PAIN, Grenadier Guards, dysentery

J. WILSON, Coldstream Guards, dysentery

Benjamin DENT Coldstream Guards, dysentery

George BAILEY Coldstream Guards, diarrhoea

Matthew BOND, 1st Foot, dysentery

Charles BYATT, 4th Regt, dysentery

Robert MULLENS, 4th Regt, dysentery

George GOULD, 20th Regt, fever

Charles COUSIN, 20th Regt, diarrhoea

Michael BRITTON, 28th Regt, diarrhoea

James MC MAHON, 33rd Regt, dysentery

John BARRETT, 33rd Regt, diarrhoea

John WOODWARD, 41st Regt, dysentery

Peter SHARKEY, 44th Regt, diarrhoea

William DASIE, 46th Regt, diarrhoea

James MARTIN, 47th Regt, dysentery

James MC MULLEN, 46th Regt, dysentery

William PEARSON, 55th Regt, gelatis

Henry KEENE, 63rd Regt, diarrhoea

R. HOWARD, 63rd Regt, febris

Patrick FILPOT, 68th Regt, diarrhoea

George SMALLS, 68th Regt, diarrhoea

William STREET, 77th Regt, dysentery

Michael MANUEL, 88th Regt, diarrhoea

Charles GODFIN 95th Regt, diarrhoea

George WEST, Ambulance Corps, dysentery

Jan 10th


B. SHERIDAN, 88th Regt, dysentery

J. LITTLE, 38th Regt, dysentery

William DANIEL, 20th Regt, dysentery

Benjamin GARRETT, Coldstream Guards, dysentery

Peter HUSSEY, 63rd Regt, febris

William OGELVIE, 93rd Regt, diarrhoea

Charles GIBBONS, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, vulnus

Patrick DOUGHERTY, 38th Regt, diarrhoea

George METCALF, 33rd Regt, febris

Benjamin BEARD, 20th Regt, vulnus

Jan 13th [may be miss-print was in with 10th Jan]

Michael BANNON, 19th Regt, diarrhoea

Northern Times Jan 31st 1855

Deaths at Scutari since 10th inst

Jan 10th

DRUM Major, William CLIFFORD, 77th Regt, diarrhoea

Corpl Joseph BUSHMAN, 17th Lancers, diarrhoea

Corpl William MC KINLAY, 63rd Regt, dysentery

Corpl Robert MURRAY, 8th Hussars, diarrhoea


William FITZJOHN, Royal Horse Artillery, pneumonia

Thomas RATES, 1st Foot, diarrhoea

William SYMONDS, Ambulance Corps, diarrhoea

William OLLENSWORTH, Royal Marines, fracture

Jeffries KIRBY, Coldsteam Guards, diarrhoea

John PAYNE, Scots Fusiliers, diarrhoea

Henry PETTY, Scots Fusiliers, rheumatism

John COONEY, Scots Fusiliers, diarrhoea

William WILSON, Scots Fusiliers, diarrhoea

George HOOK, 7th Regt, diarrhoea

John READ, 19th Regt, febris

Henry BISHOP, 19th Regt, diarrhoea

Frederick DEAN, 20th Regt, dysentery

James MURRAY, 21st Regt, dysentery

James MILLER, 21st Regt, dysentery

Patrick ROWLEY, 28th Regt, dysentery

Michael ROONEY, 30th Regt, dysentery

David HARVEY, 44th Regt, diarrhoea

John GALLER, 44th Regt, diarrhoea

John PROVERBS, 46th Regt, diarrhoea

John GLEESON, 46th Regt, diarrhoea

Jeremiah MOUNTER, 46th Regt, dysentery

Richard RICE, 47th Regt, dysentery

John HOLLAND, 50th Regt, dysentery

George PEONS, 68th Regt, dysentery

John LAWLER, 88th Regt, diarrhoea

William DANN, 88th Regt, dysentery

George BERNARD, Royal Artillery, rheumatism

William MOSS, 46th Regt, dysentery

Henry WILLS, 46th Regt, gelatio

James ALFRED, 97th Regt, amputation

William THITCHNER, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig, gelatio

Alexander SMITH, Ambulance Corps, febris

Jan 11th


Richard FISHER, 97th Regt, diarrhoea

Thomas FORTUNE, Royal Artillery, dysentery

Joice GRANTHAM, Royal Artillery, diarrhoea

William CUMMINGS, 21st Regt, gelatio

Alexander GRAHAM, 2nd Dragoons, diarrhoea

David JENKINS, Royal Artillery, debilities

Hugh SMYLIE, Royal Artillery, dysentery

Aaron PRENDERGAST, Royal Artillery, diarrhoea

John BARNADE, Grenadier Guards, diarrhoea

John DOWE, Scots Fusiliers, bronchitis

William STRICKLAND, Scots Fusiliers, diarrhoea

William ELLIS, Scots Fusiliers, diarrhoea

George LANCELY, 1st Foot, dysentery

William GLADSTONE, 1st Foot, dysentery

Michael RICATTS, 4th Foot, febris

Henry EVANS, 7th Foot, rheumatism

William BENNY, 33rd Foot, febris

Michael WALSH, 33rd Foot, vulnus

William DOWNS, 38th Foot, dysentery

Peter WEBB, 46th Regt, dysentery

Peter KEALY, 46th Regt, dysentery

John RICE, 50th Regt, dysentery

Thomas PRICE, 57th Regt, dysentery

Anthony DOLAN, 88th Regt, vulnus

Henry SKATE, 95th Regt, diarrhoea

William PRESTON, 95th Regt, diarrhoea

William ELLIS, 46th Regt, febris

Martin SHEA, 63rd Regt, diarrhoea

H. JAMES, Scots Fusiliers, dysentery

B. NEIL, 46th Regt, dysentery

Jan 12th

Colour Sgt Moses WILLIAMS 47th Regt, dysentery


John GORMAN, 88th Regt, dysentery

Stephen SILVESTER, 95th Regt, dysentery

Noah MICHAEL, 97th Regt, diarrhoea

James ROE, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, dysentery

Joseph HICKS, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, dysentery

Gabriel SHEEHAN, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig, dysentery

Daniel BENEY, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig, dysentery

Patrick LYNCH, 88th Regt, diarrhoea

Henry BEAT, 62nd Regt, diarrhoea

Henry SCOFFINS, Royal Artillery, dysentery

James SPARROW, Coldstream Guards, febris typhus

John HARRIS, Scots Fusiliers, dysentery

Alfred ROGERS, 4th Regt, dysentery

Joseph SMITH, 7th Regt, diarrhoea

John RYMES, 9th Regt, diarrhoea

William LIGHTON, 21st Regt, diarrhoea

Peter THOMPSON, 7th Regt, febris

William TAYLOR, 42nd Regt, dysentery

Lawrence BYRNE, 19th Regt, dysentery

Edward SWIFT, 46th Regt, diarrhoea

John BROWN, 23rd Regt, diarrhoea

William MC CLEAN, 93rd Regt, diarrhoea

Thomas ASHLEY, 6th Dragoons, diarrhoea

James MONCKS, 28th Regt, dysentery

James CALLOW, 63rd Regt, diarrhoea

Henry BADDON, 23rd Regt, febris

Thomas DUNDEN, 28th Regt, dysentery

James COE, 30th Regt, dysentery

James HATTON, 33rd Regt, dysentery

John BOTHERWICK, 33rd Regt, dysentery

Hugh RENNY, 38th Regt, dysentery

Robert SILVER, 44th Regt, rheumatism

Henry BOWMAN, 44th Regt, dysentery

John LIDDY, 44th Regt, dysentery

James BALL, 46th Regt, diarrhoea

William JOHNSTON, 46th Regt, diarrhoea

John HUNTER, 50th Regt, contused

Edward GIVERS, 55th Regt, diarrhoea

James COLLINS, 55th Regt, rheumatism

Charles HART, 63rd Regt, diarrhoea

John FRODEMAN, 68th Regt, diarrhoea

George LERRY, 77th Regt, vulnus

Thomas BROWN, 77th Regt, rheumatism

John WATSON, 79th Regt, diarrhoea

Nicholas WALSH, 88th Regt, bronchitis

James MC GOWER, 88th Regt, diarrhoea

Thomas SMITH, 63rd Regt, diarrhoea

John COX, 46th Regt, diarrhoea

P. BOYLE, 68th Regt, dysentery

G. GHEAT, 20th Regt, dysentery

M. FLANIGAN, 47th Regt, dysentery

Patrick CARNEY, 48th Regt

John MURRAY, 63rd Regt

James HIGGINS, 20th Regt

William MANES, 79th Regt, febris

Samuel COLEMAN, Royal Artillery, ascites

William MUIRHEAD, 42nd Regt, diarrhoea

Michael CONROY, 88th Regt, dysentery

Edward CLARKE, Royal Artillery diarrhoea

William PITTS, Royal Artillery, dysentery

William GAY, Coldstream Guards, diarrhoea

H. WOODS, Scots Fusiliers, dysentery

Thomas GATES, 1st Foot, rheumatism

Thomas HEWITT, 4th Regt, febris

John LIGHT, 19th Regt, dysentery

Richard LECK, 20th Regt, dysentery

James CULPECK, 20th Regt, rheumatism

Henry HODGES, 28th Regt, diarrhoea

James TAYLOR, 30th Regt, diarrhoea

William FISH, 33rd Regt, dysentery

David STANFIELD, 33rd Regt, diarrhoea

Samuel TOWBRIDGE, 41st Regt, diarrhoea

Horsea GALE, 46th Regt, febris typhus

John MORGAN, 68th, Regt, diarrhoea

John BRAGG, 68th Regt, febris

Thomas BROWN, 77th Regt, rheumatism

Thomas MURPHY, 77th Regt, dysentery

James GRAHAM, 97th Regt, dysentery

James ROWE, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, dysentery

James JORDAN 1st Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

Patrick CONNELLY, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, dysentery

Joseph EWERS, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig, delirium tremens

George HISCOCK, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig, febris

Jan 13th

Corpl William AIREY, 57th Regt, dysentery

Corpl Thomas SMITH, Grenadier Guards, dysentery

Corpl George MORTON, 33rd Regt, dysentery


Richard HODGEN, 24th Regt, febris

William CRAWFORD, Scots Fusiliers, diarrhoea

Thomas PIERCE, 38th Regt, diarrhoea

Thomas HALPIN, 21st Regt, diarrhoea

Samuel BIRD, Scots Fusiliers, dysentery

W. PAISON, 63rd Regt, diarrhoea

Peter MAXWELL, 63rd Regt, abscess

Samuel CLEW, 1st Regt, diarrhoea

William CRAWFORD, Scots Fusiliers, diarrhoea

Jan 14th

William VALENTINE, 19th Regt, diarrhoea

John COOK, 62nd Regt, diarrhoea

Northern Times, Feb 2nd 1855

Communication 18th Jan:-

The heavy mortality which has prevailed here for the last few weeks is not diminishing, on the 15th there were 47 burials, 16th - 41, 17th 34, making 122 in three days.

At the last mentioned date there was in hospital 4,385 non-commissioned officers and men and 65 officers.

Deaths reported to the Commandantís office by the medical authorities

Jan 9th

Private John BROWN, Scots Fusiliers, febris

Jan 10th

Alfred HOLDEN, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig, cholera

Jan 11th

Corpl John MATTEWS, Scots Fusiliers, diarrhoea

Private John DOE, Scots Fusiliers, diarrhoea

Jan 13th

Private David JACKSON, 5th Regt, diarrhoea

Private Patrick HUGHES, Scots Fusiliers, diarrhoea

Jan 14th

Sgt William CARROLL, Ambulance Corps


James GEORGE, , 1st Batt Rifle Brig

William GRADY, 63rd Regt

William CHAPWELL, Royal Artillery

William BOSTON, 46th Regt

James BATES, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig, dysentery

Edward WARLEY, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

George MILLE, 79th Regt, dysentery

Alfred WATSON, 77th Regt, dysentery

Patrick MC KEON, 77th Regt, dysentery

George WOOLNUT, 53rd Regt, vulnus

Richard EMERY, 46th Regt, diarrhoea

Robert BRENNAN, 44th, Regt, febris

Hugh MC MULLEN, 41st Regt, gelatio

William MORTON, 33rd Regt, diarrhoea

John CUPPELL, 33rd Regt, diarrhoea

John COONEY, 30th Regt, diarrhoea

Patrick HENNESSY, 4th Regt, febris

William POTTER, 30th Regt, vulnus

Alexander WELLS, 30th Regt, diarrhoea

Leonard HOLIER, 21st Regt, dysentery

W. SANDERS, 50th Regt, dysentery

William CARROLL, Royal Artillery

William ROBBINS, 28th Regt, febris

Daniel ROBINSON, 41st Regt, diarrhoea

Alexander MC NAB, 17th Lancers, diarrhoea

John BENT, Artillery, dysentery

Frederick DODGE, Artillery, diarrhoea

Robert BALDWIN, Artillery, diarrhoea

George MACKIE, Scots Fusiliers, diarrhoea

Robert BLAIR, 1st Foot, diarrhoea

John GOODALL, 7th Regt, diarrhoea

James STODDART, 7th Regt, febris

John GAUNT, 7th Regt, diarrhoea

John LEMON, 20th Regt, diarrhoea

Henry HODDINO, 20th Regt, dysentery

Charles CONNOR, 28th Regt, diarrhoea

Jan 15th

Sgt Thomas GAVAN, 88th Regt, diarrhoea

Sgt James MEIL, 38th Regt, febris

Corpl James MC GEE, 90th Regt, gelatio


O. BISFOOT 21st Regt

William BISSETT, Coldstream Guards, vulnus

Daniel JAMES, 23rd Regt, dysentery

Henry CROWLEY, 50th Regt, dysentery

William WOODGATE, 55th Regt, dysentery

J. SMITH, Scots Fusiliers, dysentery

James RADFORD, 1st Royal Dragoons, diarrhoea

James GELL, Royal Artillery, diarrhoea

John DAVIES, Royal Artillery, diarrhoea

Thomas WILLIAM, Grenadier Guards, dysentery

Patrick COOPER, 7th Regt, diarrhoea

Thomas WILLIAMS, 19th Regt, rheumatism

Ezrah NICHOLS, 19th Regt, dysentery

William ASHPOOL, 19th Regt, diarrhoea

Edward KELLY, 20th Regt, febris

Joseph FOOKES, 20th Regt, diarrhoea

Lawrence SEXTON, 21st Regt, diarrhoea

Thomas ASHFIELD, 23rd Regt, diarrhoea

John FISHER, 30th Regt, diarrhoea

Alexander MC DONALD, 39th Regt, diarrhoea

James HALL, 38th Regt, rheumatism

Mark MAY, 38th Regt, dysentery

James MERRAY, 44th Regt, hepatitis

Thomas WAYNOR, 46th Regt, diarrhoea

John PARKER, 46th Regt, diarrhoea

Daniel WALL, 46th Regt, febris

William HIXON, 49th Regt, dysentery

James FLETCHER, 62nd Regt, dysentery

John PENNEGAR, 63rd Regt, diarrhoea

Thomas LOGAN, 63rd Regt, diarrhoea

John BEGLEY, 77th Regt, dysentery

William GAYNOR, 79th Regt, diarrhoea

Henry MARTIN 2nd Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

John BODY, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

George HESKETH, Sappers and miners, dysentery

Thomas ABBOTT, Royal Artillery, diarrhoea

Robert LAMB, Royal Artillery, diarrhoea

John MULLIGAN, 28th Regt

Jan 16th

Corpl Henry WARREN, 4th Regt

Corpl George TAYLOR, 15th Lancers, diarrhoea


William LANE, Scots Fusiliers, diarrhoea

Simeon SHORE, 47th Regt, diarrhoea

John BURCHAM, 7th Regt, diarrhoea

Thomas SUMMERS, 1st Royal Dragoons, diarrhoea

George THOMSON, 1st Foot, diarrhoea

Henry ABRAHAM, 88th Regt, febris

James SHARP, 97th Regt, diarrhoea

Edward GREEVES, Coldstream Guards, febris

George MARTLEY, Scots Fusiliers, dysentery

Daniel MORIARTY, 4th Regt, febris

Michael HALLAHAN, 9th Regt, dysentery

Patrick BOHAN, 9th Regt, dysentery

William SHINE, 21st Regt, dysentery

Andrew HAMILTON, 21st Regt, chronic rheumatism

Edward PIERCE, 21st Regt, diarrhoea

John UNGRAM, 28th Regt, dysentery

Michael MC CARTHY, 28th Regt, diarrhoea

Christopher ROBINSON, 41st Regt, diarrhoea

William HEWSON, 44th Regt, diarrhoea

John LACKERY, 46th Regt, diarrhoea

Richard SHERWOOD, 46th Regt, diarrhoea

Hugh CAPPELL, 46th Regt, amputation

Bartholomew COLLINS, 50th Regt, diarrhoea

William CRAIG, 55th Regt, dysentery

Peter DAIST, 95th Regt, rheumatism

James CROOK, 63rd Regt, diarrhoea

Joseph REID, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig, dysentery

Henry FITZPATRICK, Ambulance Corps, febris

Jan 17th


Robert JENKINS, 17th Lancer, synocha

P. MORRIS, 28th Regt, dysentery

Deaths on passage at Crimea, December 1854 to January 1855


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