Crimea Deaths on Passage

Crimea Deaths on Passage

At Abydos

Corpl Robert HAWTHORN, 5th Dragoons, febris, Jan 6th

Owen LYONS, 4th Foot, febris, Jan 6th

M. GRADY, 21st Regt, dysentery, Jan 8th

G. CASTLES, 21st Regt, dysentery, Jan 8th


Deaths on Passage

Northern Times Jan 6th 1855

Died on board the GOLDEN FLEECE


George EASTLE, 19th Regt, Dec 19th

Samuel CHATTERS, 46th Regt, Dec 19th

J. KELLY, Royal Artillery, Dec 19th


Died on board the VICTORIA steamer

Corpl CONNORS, 57th Regt, Dec 20th

Sgt James LAWRENCE, 9th Regt, diarrhoea, Dec 22nd


Charles JACOBS, 20th Regt, diarrhoea, Dec 21st

Frederick EYRES, 50th Regt, diarrhoea, Dec 21st

PENNY, 20th Regt, diarrhoea Dec 22nd

George SHERRY, 47th Regt, diarrhoea, Dec 22nd


Men who died on the passage from Crimea to Scutari


On board the steamship OTTOWA


BARTRAM, 4th Dragoons, Dec 20th

F. LUFF, 4th Dragoons, Dec 20th

J. TOOHEY, 47th Regt, Dec 19th

W. MC CONNELL, Royal Artillery, Dec 21st



Corpl J. WATSON, 21st Regt, Dec 22nd


J. BRIDGMAN, 1st Foot, Dec 16th

J. YEOMANS, 44th Regt, Dec 14th

J. HOBSON, 50th Regt, Dec 17th

GALE, 77th Regt, Dec 11th

Robert NUNN, 46th Regt, Dec 15th


On board the SYDNEY


HASKETT, 2nd Dragoons

DAVISON, 1st Batt Rifle Brig

WHITTLE, 63rd Regt

GRIFFITH, 19th Regt

ILLSLEY, 95th Regt


On board the JOSEPH SHEPERD in harbour


Robert BATT, 44th Regt, Dec 22nd

James GRIERSON, 50th Regt, Dec 23rd


Northern Times Jan 11th 1855


Died on board the CLEOPATRA

Sgt John BROWN 97th Regt, dysentery, Dec 16th

Private William GILAN, 77th Regt, dysentery, Dec 16th


Died on board the GOLDEN FLEECE on passage from Crimea

Private Thomas ABBOT, 46th Regt, dysentery, Dec 15th

Robert KEYTE, Coldstream Guards, dysentery, Dec 17th

Sgt BEADLE, Grenadier Guards, dysentery, Dec 17th

Private John MILLS, Grenadier Guards, dysentery, Dec 16th

Private Patrick O’CONNELL, 95th Regt, dysentery, Dec 17th

Private William GREEN, 23rd Regt, diarrhoea, Dec 15th

Private Samuel STOKES, 33rd Regt, diarrhoea, Dec 18th

Private Samuel CROSS, 38th Regt, diarrhoea, Dec 18th

Sgt William POPE, 41st Regt, diarrhoea, Dec 18th

Sgt Dennis STANTON, 62nd Regt, diarrhoea, Dec 18th

Private George HIGH, Coldstrean Guards, diarrhoea, Dec 19th

Private A. PROSSER, 62nd Regt, diarrhoea, Dec 19th


Died on board the VICTORIA

Lance Corpl Francis O’CONNOR, 57th Regt, diarrhoea, Dec 19th


Ships arrived with sick from the army

Dec 25th

BRANDON, Sick embarked 149, died on passage 1.

TAMAR, sick embarked 142, died on passage 3.


Northern Times, Jan 15th 1855


Died on board the JOSEPH SHEPHERD

Private G. MATHEWS, 20th Regt, Dec 27th


Died on the passage from Crimea on the AUSTRALIA

Privates Charles BROOKES, 46th Regt

Private Thomas HOOD, Grenadier Guards


Northern Times, Jan 17th 1855


Ships arrived with sick from the army

QUEEN OF THE SOUTH, Dec 31st, 253, died on passage 10

HARBINGER, Jan 1st, 108

TYNMOUTH, Dec 31st, 298, died 9


Northern Times, Jan 20th 1855

Two more ships named to take convalescents home.

MARY ANN which can accommodate 160

HARBINGER which can accommodate 85

BELLEROPHON, Man of War, which can accommodate 150

Number of ships arrived 53

Number of wounded and sick embarked 11,850

Died on passage 654


Northern Times, Jan 26th 1855

Death on ships coming from Crimea



Privates, John SHOTTON, 23rd Regt, diarrhoea, Dec 30th, Richard JONES, 23rd Regt, diarrhoea Dec 30th, J. JONES, 7th Regt, diarrhoea Jan 1st, M. FITZGERALD, 20th Regt, rheumatism, Jan 3rd, J. PEARSON, 19th Regt, Jan 4th, D. WILLIAMS 23rd Regt diarrhoea, Jan 4th, J. HORSECROFT, 23rd Regt, diarrhoea, Jan 6th.



Corp James LOCKIN, 63rd Regt, Jan 6th, Privates William LYNN 57th Regt, Jan 6th, Thomas CULLEN, 33rd Regt, Jan 5th, George BRIGHT, 20th Regt, Jan 3rd, Isaac ISLES, 46th Regt, Jan 3rd, Edmund HARRIS, 46th Regt, Jan 3rd, Robert DUFFIELD, 57th Regt, Jan 3rd, Israel THOMPSON 95th Regt, Jan 3rd, John STANNARD, 6th Dragoons, febris, Dec 21st, George FLOCK, 63rd Regt, apoplexy, Dec 21st, R. SPALDING, 43rd Regt, dysentery, Dec 23rd, A. TAYLOR, 4th Light Dragoons, diarrhoea, Dec 24th, A. LAISHAM, 2nd Dragoons, febris, Dec 25th, M. MC ALLEN, 42nd Regt, iceterus, Dec 26th, W. LOCK, 1st Dragoons, diarrhoea, Dec 27th, T. CRYER, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, vulnus, Dec 28th.



Thomas TOOHEY, 47th Regt, catarrh, Dec 19th, John BARTREM, 4th Dragoons, diarrhoea, Dec 20th, Francis LUFF, 4th Dragoons, diarrhoea, Dec 20th, William DAVIDSON, Royal Artillery, dysentery, Dec 21st.



Corpl Samuel WILSON, 7th Regt, catarrh, Jan 4th, J. BATTEL, Royal Artillery, diarrhoea, Jan 4th, John CORNISH, Coldstream Guards, rheumatism, Jan 4th, John GUTHRIE, Scots Fusiliers, rheumatism, Jan 3rd, Abraham MURPHY, 77th Regt, Jan 3rd, Charles ALFORD, 47th Regt, Jan 3rd.



Job CHIN, 41st Regt, diarrhoea, Jan7th, William BARFOOT, Grenadier Guards, Jan 7th, Daniel GIBBONS, 30th Regt, diarrhoea, Jan 7th, Thomas BAGGOTINE, 55th Regt, diarrhoea, Jan 8th.



Corpl Joseph LLOYD, Scots Fusiliers, dysentery, Jan 6th, Henry HYETT, 23rd Regt, febris typhus, Jan 5th, George HUGHES, 34th Regt, diarrhoea, Jan 6th, Richard BRITTON, 47th Regt, chronic rheumatism, Jan 6th.


Northern Times Jan 31st 1855

Deaths on board the BELGRAVIA from 22nd Dec to Jan 6th 1855

No ranks given, all died from diarrhoea

Dec 23rd, William BRANDON, 62nd Regt, Owen KEITH, 41st Regt.

Dec 25th, Charles MIDDLETON, 95th Regt, George BURROWS, Scots Fusilers, Patrick GIBSOON, Royal Artillery. James SUTTON, Coldstream Guards, George GRAHAM, 77th Regt.

Dec 27th, William LOCKYER, Richard CURTIS, Scots Fusiliers, William CASEY, 41st Regt, James WATTS, 30th Regt, , George HOLLAND, George CHERVILLE, Edgar BAXTER, Coldstream Guards, Alfred OFFEYS, Staff Mounted Corps, John MONAGHAN, 95th Regt.

Dec 29th, George RICHARDSON, 30th Regt, Alfred DOUGLASS, 47th Regt, George WEIR, 63rd Regt.

Dec 30th, Andrew FERRIER, James CHAMBERS, James EMBALIN, William DYMOCK, James CHANT, Coldstream Guards, John BARRETT, 47th Regt, William SMITH, 95th Regt.

Dec 31st, George GILL, sappers and miners, William JONES, William JEFFRIES, Coldstream Guards.

Jan 1st, Henry ANDREWS, John ALLEN, Coldstream Guards

Jan 2nd, David MITCHEL, 38th Regt, George MONTFORD, 41st Regt.

Jan 3rd, Martin ADLEY, 77th Regt, John VENNICOMBE, Coldstream Guards

Jan 4th, Robert PEASE, 4th Foot.

Jan 5th, George THOMPSON, 47th Regt, Alfred TRIBE, Coldstream Guards, Patrick DEVENY, 30th Regt, George KEEP, 88th Regt

Jan 6th, John LAY, 47th Regt, William CHAMP, Coldstream Guards


Northern Times, Feb 2nd 1855

The ORINICO takes home 100 invalids and 10 officers to England in a few days.


Northern Times, Feb 2nd 1855

Deaths on the COLUMBO

Jan 10th, Privates T. BURNS, 1st Foot, J. BRIDGER, 6th Dragoons, P. WATTS, 2nd Dragoons

Jan 12th, Privates, J. MC GEE, Royal Artillery

Jan 13th, Privates, J. SMITH, M. JONES, 2nd Dragoons

Jan 14th, Sgt D. FREEMAN, 41st Regt, Privates, C. WALKER, 62nd Regt, R. BROWN, Scots Fusiliers

Jan 15th, Privates, G. HENRY, 97th Regt, J. COX, Grenadier Guards, J. KANE, 6th Dragoons, T. TATE, H. CLARKE, Scots Fusiliers, M. WEYMOUTH, Coldstream Guards

Jan 16th, Privates, W. WHITE, 6th Dragoons, J. WHITE, W. PATTISON, 2nd Dragoons



Deaths on the THAMES on passage from Crimea

Jan 5th, Privates John NEWALL, John GRACE, 23rd Regt

Jan 7th, Privates, Edward COOPER, 49th Regt, J. ROLFE, William BULLOCK, Royal Marines

Jan 8th, Privates, William MORRIS, 19th Regt, Richard WILLS, Royal Marines

Jan 9th, Privates, John BUCHANNAN, 47th Regt, John SAVOURY, Royal Artillery

Jan 10th, Private John DAVIDSON, 1st Batt Rifle Brig

Jan 11th, Privates Peter JOHNSON, 42nd Regt, Thomas JONES, Charles LEAMINGTON, Scots Fusiliers

Jan 13th, Privates, Alfred CALDECOTT, 97th Regt, Charles WINSTON, 9th Regt, Robert CHIVERS, Scots Fusiliers, Samuel WHITE, 1st Batt Rifle Brig.

Jan 14th, Private Samuel GANER, 49th Regt.


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