Hospital kitchen at Scutari

Deaths at Scutari Hospital, December 1854


Deaths at Scutari Hospital, December 1854

Northern Times 1854

Deaths at Scutari Hospital

Dec 1st 1854

Robert PORTER, 5th Dragoons, diarrhoea

John WRIGHALL, Grenadier Guards, diarrhoea

Sgt Thomas ALGER, Grenadier Guards, febris

Pri Samuel TAYLOR, 77th Regt, debility

John PATTERSON, 79th Regt, diarrhoea

William DAY, Royal Artillery, diarrhoea

J. MARRIATT, 4th Dragoons, febris

James RAWLINSON, 49th Regt, diarrhoea

Edward MC GUIRE, 7th Regt, wounds

Cornelius PALMER, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, wounds

Dec 2nd 1854

George WEBB, 19th Regt, diarrhoea

Charles GOODWIN, Royal Artillery, diarrhoea

Charles FIELD, Royal Artillery, vulnus

Owen VOKES, Scots Fusiliers, diarrhoea

Thomas CAHILL, 95th Regt, wounds

George MARSHALL, 33rd Regt, wounds

R. CONWAY, 95th Regt, vulnus

John ALLEN, Coldstream Guards, amputation

H. SHOWLER, 20th Regt, wounds

T. SULLIVAN, 63rd Regt, wounds

Francis GREY, 33rd Regt, febris

Charles CLAYTON, 95th Regt, diarrhoea

Dec 3rd 1854

John SMITH, 95th Regt, diarrhoea

Michael CARROLL, 20th Regt, wounds

Thomas WHITING, 20th Regt, amputation

Henry TINGLE, 28th Regt, diarrhoea

Dec 4th 1854

Thomas CORNWALL, 7th Regt, dysentery

Thomas HORNE, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, wounds

Charles BENTLEY, 11th Hussars, febris

The above return is imperfect the total number not corresponding with that of burials. The fault lies with the medical authorities who have never been able since the commencement of active hostilities to overtake this detail of duty.

Northern Times, Dec 27th 1854

Scutari Dec 10th, Deaths 4th - 9th inst inclusive

Dec 4th 1854

Corpl Thomas MORETON, 23rd Regt, diarrhoea

Sgt John FORSYTH, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, wounds


Charles HAGGER, 20th Regt,, diarrhoea

Charles EGGINGTON, 95th Regt, , diarrhoea

William TAYLOR, 4th Regt, , diarrhoea

Thomas WHITSON, Grenadier Guards, contusions

Henry PETTER, Coldsteam Guards, vulnus

Dec 5th 1854


Walter RHODES, Grenadier Guards, febris

George LYNN, 63rd Regt, diarrhoea

James BURROWS, 55th Regt, diarrhoea

Samuel BENDELL, Royal Artillery, diarrhoea

George SMITH, 21st Regt, vulnus abdomen

Joseph KEEP, 49th Regt, compound fracture

Mark CLARKE, 23rd Regt, diarrhoea

John FOKER, 63rd Regt, wounds

James BUNTING, 95th Regt, dysentery

Dec 6th 1854

Colour Sgt, P. GLYNN, 88th Regt, wounds

Corp John DANIELS, Scots Fusilier Guards, diarrhoea

Corp George GUNYON, 95th Regt, wounds


William KENNING, Grenadier Guards, vulnus

John TARLETON, 34th Regt, diarrhoea

Charles MAGE, 17th Lancers, dysentery

John MOXON, 13th Light Dragoons, pleurisies

George CLARKE, 33rd Regt, pneumonia

George GRIER, Scots Fusilier Guards, diarrhoea

Edward SOFTER, 95th Regt, diarrhoea

William VERE, Royal Artillery, wounds

George HALLWORTH, Coldstream Guards, dysentery

Dec 7th 1854


William MARLEY, 17th Lancers, diarrhoea

Henry JUDD, Scots Fusilier Guards, diarrhoea

Robert WICKS, 20th Regt, diarrhoea

George FINN, 63rd Regt, wounds

Joseph GARSIDE, 47th Regt, dysentery

John WILLMOTT, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

J. FALLAW, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

Richard GODSON, 1st Regt, diarrhoea

Dec 8th 1854

Lieut H. C. HARRIOTT, 41st Regt, wounds

Sgt William DEEGAN, 77th Regt, fever


James SULLIVAN, 1st Regt, diarrhoea

Robert REED, Scots Fusilier Guards, vulnus

John STAINER, 95th Regt, diarrhoea

George ALDER, Royal Artillery, fever

William GREATREAKS Grenadier Guards, fever

J. MOORE, 13th Light Dragoons, diarrhoea

James GLOVER, Scots Fusilier Guards, febris

Northern Times, Dec 27th 1854

Scutari Dec 10th

The following officers are now at present in hospital at Scutari

Brig Gen ADAMS, Capt ADAMS 49th Regt, Lieut Col MAILLAND Grenadier Guards, Lieut Col HALKETT Coldstream Guards, Col WALKER Scots Fusilier Guards, Lieut Col HALY 47th Regt, Capt CAMERON Grenadier Guards, Capt MORRIS 17th Lancers, Lieut TREVELLYAN 11th Hussars, Ensign LEWIS 20th Regt, Capt’s ROWLAND 41st Regt, MEREDITH 41st Regt, BLIGH 41st Regt, GOULD 63rd Regt, Lieut JOHNS 63rd Regt, Capt BAMFORD 63rd Regt, Ensign FRASER 63rd Regt, Lieut Col DAUBANEY. C.B 55th Regt, Capt BROWN 55th Regt, Lieut TWYSDEN 55th Regt, Capt KING 55th Regt, Lieut ELLIS 4th Dragoons, Asst Surgeon NOTT, Lieu t‘s STEPHENS 21st Regt, CLARKE 21st Regt, Ensign OWENS 33rd Regt, Capt’s BUTLER 20th Regt, SHIPLEY 7th Regt, Lieut BUTLER 7th Regt, Capt SYKES 4th Dragoons, Lieut’s HARTOPP 1st Royal Dragoons, ALDRIDGE 21st Regt, SMITH 95th Regt, Capt’s MAUDE Royal Artillery, INGLEBY Royal Artillery, HARRIS 63rd Regt, WHITE 17th Lancers, Lieut WALLIS 33rd Regt, Lieut Col MAULEVERER 30th Regt, Capt ROSE 30th Regt, Major MC MAHON Staff, Col WARREN. C.B 55th Regt, Lieut ROTHERHAM 20th Regt, Lieu [or Ensign] BENNET6T 20th Regt, Lieut RADCLIFFE 88th Regt, Capt SHUCKBURGH 5th Fusiliers, Lieut’s BENNETT 33rd Regt, NEWINGHAM 63rd Regt, MORGAN 63rd Regt, Dr MOORE 6th Dragoons, Lieut HOBSON 7th Fusiliers, Capt’s ALDWORTH 7th Regt, CROSSE 88th Regt, Lieut’s BAINES 88th Regt, LEMPRIERE, Royal Engineers, Asst Surgeon FYFFE 30th Regt, Lieut’s HOBBS 30th Regt, STREATFIELD 44th Regt, Majors SHARP 20th Regt, WIMPER 55th Regt, GUBBINS Aide-de-camp, VIALLS 95th Regt, BADDELEY Royal Artillery, HUME 55th Regt, CAMPBELL 1st Royal Dragoons, MC DONNELL 92nd Regt, FITZROY 41st Regt, HOPSON 7th Regt, CONEY 7th Regt, SAYER 23rd Regt, CURRY 19th Regt, KING 21st Regt, BULLER 57th Regt, Ensign CAHILL 49th Regt, Lieuts GREENWOOD 33rd Regt, BUSH 41st Regt, Brevet Major ERSKINE 33rd Regt, Capts SARGENT 95th Regt, De HORSEY Grenadier Guards.

Northern Times Jan 6th 1855

Subjoined is the official returns of deaths and ships arrived with sick since the 20th Dec 1854



Lieut and Adjutant WARREN, 55th Regt, fever, Dec 22nd

Capt CAMPBELL, 5th Dragoons, dysentery, Dec 23rd

Non commissioned officers and men


Dec 18th 1854


William ANSON, Royal Artillery, wounds

Andrew COCHRANE, 79th Regt, pleuritis

John KINSELL, 20th Regt, wounds

Thomas TIPLE, 49th Regt, wounds

Denis DONNELLY, 28th Regt, wounds

John WARD, Scots fusiliers, diarrhoea

Patrick FINNEGAN, 5th Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

James MURPHY, 30th Regt, dysentery

Peter HUNT, 46th Regt, febris

James HISCOCK, Coldstream Guards, chronic rheumatism

Thomas STEVENS, 46th Regt, diarrhoea

Dec 19th 1854


George COOK, Royal Artillery, dysentery

James WHITBURN, 28th Regt, chronic rheumatism

Richard ROBINSON, 62nd Regt, diarrhoea

Johnson DOUBLES, 6th Dragoons, febris

Dec 20th 1854

Sgt Charles LOW, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

Sgt William FIELD, 11th Hussars, diarrhoea


M. DALY, 88th Regt, dysentery

Isaac STEPHENS, 97th Regt, diarrhoea

Patrick O’MARA, 30th Regt, diarrhoea

James BUNNISTER, 95th Regt, diarrhoea

Michael SULLIVAN, 28th Regt, diarrhoea

Robert EAKINS, 49th Regt, fracture

George CHAPMAN, 77th Regt, diarrhoea

Patrick BURKS, 44th Regt, diarrhoea

Thomas RIDDLE, 21st Regt, diarrhoea

David SCHUMBLER, Coldstream guards, diarrhoea

John CLARKE, Coldstream guards, chronic rheumatism

George BAILEY, Coldstream guards, chronic rheumatism

James HIND, Scots Fusilier guards, chronic rheumatism

Samuel SHELTON, 63rd Regt, dysentery

George WHITE, 63rd Regt, dysentery

James KNIGHT, Coldstream guards, diarrhoea

Thomas RICK, 7th Regt, dysentery

James HERMINT, Coldstream guards, dysentery

Daniel POWER, 23rd Regt, dysentery

Thomas MC GREGOR, 21st Regt, dysentery

Patrick COLLINS, 21st Regt, dysentery

Charles LEWIS, 68th Regt, diarrhoea

Michael CONNOR, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, dysentery

Samuel GRANT, 23rd Regt, diarrhoea

Joseph PRYER, Scots Fusilier guards, diarrhoea

Thomas MOCKRIDGE, 30th Regt, diarrhoea

Dec 21st 1854

Sgt Frederick NEWMAN, 97th Regt, febris


John MAGWICK, Royal Artillery, diarrhoea

William ALLEN, 41st Regt, diarrhoea

James OAGE, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, dysentery

Robert COSBOURNE, Royal Artillery, dysentery

William GLYNN, 46th Regt, diarrhoea

Thomas SIMS, Coldstream Guards, diarrhoea

Thomas JONES, 7th Regt, diarrhoea

George MC CORD, 46th Regt, dysentery

George SAMPSON, 11th Hussars, diarrhoea

Jacob LITTLE, 21st Regt, wounds

James HOLDHAM, 4th Regt, cut his throat in delirium

Thomas MURPHY, 4th Regt, amputation

William SEWELL, 1st Dragoons, dysentery

Henry WRIGHT, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

Dec 22nd 1854

Corpl Martin SPEECHLEY, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

Corpl William BALEKIN, Grenadier Guards, dysentery


James WILKINS, 1st Foot, dysentery

Charles BROUGH, 33rd Regt, diarrhoea

John WADKIN, Coldstream Guards, dysentery

Robert NAYLOR, 7th Regt, diarrhoea

William SLINTON, Royal Artillery, febris

Morton MOORE, 41st Regt, dysentery

William MC MICKEN, 7th Regt, diarrhoea

Henry BURGESS, Scots Fusiliers, diarrhoea

William HENESAY, 55th Regt, diarrhoea

Michael MC CORMICK, 13th Regt, dysentery

John MC GEE, 50th Regt, diarrhoea

Henry BEGLEY, 20th Regt, dysentery

John MONGIBBON, 57th Regt, dysentery

John AUBREY, 7th Regt, diarrhoea

Thomas JONES, Royal Artillery, dysentery

Charles WILLIAMSON, 55th Regt, dysentery

William SMITH, 93rd Regt, chronic rheumatism

George SAPWELL, 1st Dragoons, chronic rheumatism

James EDWARDS, 79th Regt, chronic catarrh

Samuel HITCHED, Coldstream Guards, dysentery

Dec 23rd 1854

Colour Sgt John MATHISON, 20th Regt, wounds


Thomas PHILIPS, Coldstream Guards, diarrhoea

Abraham SNELL, 6th Dragoons, dysentery

Lawrence MC NAMARA, 47th Regt, dysentery

C. MC CARROLL, 28th Regt, dysentery

Solomon BARTLETT, Royal Artillery, chronic catarrh

Arthur MC ARRISON, 49th Regt, morbus brightly

Thomas CONNORS, 57th Regt, diarrhoea

James MYLAND, 7th Regt, vulnus

William PRIMROSE, 46th Regt, diarrhoea

J. SWATTON, 41st Regt, diarrhoea

Horace BROWN, 4th Light Dragoons, diarrhoea

William RYDER, Scots Fusilier Guards, diarrhoea

James HERON, 23rd Regt, diarrhoea

George SHAW, 38th Regt, diarrhoea

Edward GHENT, 23rd Regt, fracture Right thigh

Patrick KELLY, 21st Regt, dysentery

William EDWARDS, 57th Regt, diarrhoea

Dec 24th 1854


John CONNOLLY, 47th Regt, dysentery

Thomas GEAR, 42nd Regt, dysentery

Robert PETTERS, 20th Regt, dysentery

Bryan LEES, 33rd Regt, febris

John ROBERTS, Grenadier Guards, amputation

Robert GORMAN, 88th Regt, diarrhoea

Reuben LOWW, 46th Regt, vulnus

Edward RICHARDS, Coldstream Guards, dysentery

Patrick FALLON, 19th Regt, diarrhoea

James JENKINS, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

Numbers in hospital on 24th December 1854, non commissioned officers and man, 3,625, officers 78 - 3,703

Northern Times Jan 11th 1855

Deaths at Scutari as reported to the Commandant’s office by the Medical Authorities from 9th-19th Dec 1854


Capt HUGHES, 23rd Regt, Dec 11th

Lieut C. MORGAN, 63rd Regt, Dec 11th, cholera

Capt GLAZBROOK, 49th Regt, Dec 18th, from tetanus following gunshot wounds

Brig Gen ADAMS. C.B, 49th Regt, Dec 19th wounds

Non commissioned officers and men

Dec 8th

Corpl Patrick NOLAN, 77th Regt, diarrhoea

Corpl Edward YOUNGMAN, Coldstream Guards, wounds

Corpl Hugh PLATT, 4th Regt, diarrhoea

Sgt Edward ARMSTRONG, 63rd Regt, diarrhoea


William OAKLEY, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

Enoch GREEN, 19th Regt, diarrhoea

George EMNES, 38th Regt, diarrhoea

William HOLLAND, Royal Artillery, diarrhoea

Henry SULLY, 41st Regt, hepatitis chronic

George COHERD, Royal Artillery, diarrhoea

Dec 9th

Sgt John JENN, 41st Regt, diarrhoea

Colour Sgt R. HOLMES, 88th Regt, wounds


Joseph BELL, Ambulance Corps, diarrhoea

Edward FITZPATRICK, 19th Regt, fever

G. OLIVER, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

Arthur WALKER, 77th Regt, dysentery

Francis STOKER, 20th Regt, diarrhoea

Patrick SCOTT, 88th Regt, pneumonia

Henry RUTTER, 23rd Regt, diarrhoea

Robert SPENCER, Royal Artillery, dysentery

Michael CROUGHGAN, 7th Regt, dysentery

Samuel BENNETT, Coldstream Guards, wounds

Charles SMITH, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

James MC LAUGHLIN, 49th Regt

Michael HAMILTON, 23rd Regt, diarrhoea

Thomas WALSH, 1st Foot, diarrhoea

John MC WARNEY, Royal Artillery, diarrhoea

Dec 10th


Benjamin NEWMAN, 19th Regt, diarrhoea

John SYMES, Royal Artillery, diarrhoea

John MIDDLETON, Coldstream Guards, diarrhoea

James CANNON, 30th Regt, vulnus

George MALISH, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

Charles CARCHPOLE,1st Batt Rifle Brig, vulnus

Thomas MC GUIRE, Ambulance Corps, diarrhoea

Benjamin HEPPLETON, 19th Regt, diarrhoea

James BENSON, Ambulance Corps, dysentery

Joseph SMITH, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, dysentery

James SMITH, Grenadier Guards, wounds

Robert HALE, 63rd Regt, diarrhoea

Henry ROBINS, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

Henry JONES, 23rd Regt, diarrhoea

N.GILPIN, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

Henry BROWNE, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, dysentery

Dec 11th


John FINIGAN, 28th Regt, diarrhoea

Walter WILSON, 7th Regt, vulnus

Joseph PRATT, 4th Light Dragoons, diarrhoea

Patrick KELLY, 88th Regt, dysentery

Edmund PATHER, 28th Regt, diarrhoea

Phelim CARROLL, 5th Dragoons, dysentery

William COLLINS, Ambulance Corps, diarrhoea

James MOTHERSDALE, 7th Regt diarrhoea

Elijah PENSON, 63rd Regt, amputation

Edward MERRIOTT, 23rd Regt, diarrhoea

Dec 12th


James ENSKEPP, Ambulance Corps, diarrhoea

David LEAVY, 95th Regt, fever

Thomas LUFF, 95th Regt, diarrhoea

James GREEN, Royal Artillery, dysentery

John SHOOTER, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

Charles JACKSON, Grenadier Guards, diarrhoea

Dec 13th

Sgt Ralph SCOTT, Scots Fusiliers, amputation


Richard ABROHAT, Royal Artillery, diarrhoea

James CAPON, 4th Light Dragoons, diarrhoea

Joseph BARMAN, 38th Regt, diarrhoea

John O’BRIEN, 4th Regt, dysentery

James FROST, 23rd Regt, diarrhoea

Matthew GARDINER, 57th Regt, dysentery

Thomas EDWARDS, 4th Regt, diarrhoea

Thomas SKINNER, 2nd Dragoons, tetanus

Charles KING, 4th Regt, dysentery

Thomas HORAN, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, amputation

Dec 14th

Sgt Edward SEWELL, 8th Hussars, diarrhoea


William PIERCE, 21st Regt, wounds

John GRETOREX, 13th Light Dragoons, dysentery

John CARROLL, 49th Regt, diarrhoea

John PAPWORTH, Coldstream Guards, diarrhoea

John BAKER, 44th Regt, amputation

James IVES, Coldstream Guards, dysentery

Magnas MC KEE, 79th Regt, dysentery

Charles ELLIOTT, 21st Regt, wounds

Patrick GARDINER, 33rd Regt, diarrhoea

Walter CAMPION, 44th Regt, Rheumatism

Joseph GULLIDGE, Royal Artillery, dysentery

Dec 15th


William SEARSON, 49th Regt, diarrhoea

George FULLER, 33rd Regt, febris

Thomas TOWESON, 17th Lancers, dysentery

Alexander GORDON, 50th Regt, vulnus

John KEENAN, Royal Artillery, vulnus

William HARRISON, 19th Regt, vulnus

Joseph ROLPH, 20th Regt, wounds

Charles KEANS, 19th Regt, diarrhoea

Joseph WRIGHT, Sappers and miners, diarrhoea

John WILKINSON, Royal Artillery, diarrhoea

George JEFFREY, 19th Regt, fracture

Thomas TOZER, 95th Regt, fracture

William WALKER, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, vulnus

John FAWELL, 1st Royal Dragoons, diarrhoea

John PICKUP, Ambulance Corps, diarrhoea

Dec 16th


Sgt John BROWN, 97th Regt, dysentery

Charles WINTER, Coldstream Guards, diarrhoea

William GILLAN, 77th Regt, dysentery

James LEWIS, Scots Fusiliers, diarrhoea

James EDMUNDS, 23rd Regt, dysentery

Henry PRATT, 4th Regt, dysentery

Henry MC CARTY, 55th Regt, diarrhoea

Thomas JONES, 41st Regt, diarrhoea

Benjamin ESSELMENT, 93rd Regt, dysentery

George LEAVOCK, 1st Foot, dysentery

John RUSSELL, 20th Regt, wounds

John ROURKE, 88th Regt, bronchitis

George BLAKE, 20th Regt, vulnus

James REED, 28TH Regt, diarrhoea

Dec 17th

Corpl William GRANT, 1st Dragoons, diarrhoea

Corpl Thomas ROBINSON, 79th Regt, dysentery


Samuel STREET, Royal Artillery, diarrhoea

John WRIGHT, Royal Artillery, diarrhoea

Thomas SPINKS, 38th Regt, dysentery

Michael KAVANAGH, 33rd Regt, dysentery

John KERTON, 1st Foot, dysentery

Martin REVELL, Scots Fusiliers, febris

James POWER, 13TH Light Dragoons, dysentery

James MALLET, Scots Fusiliers, dysentery

James SHUTER, 46th Regt, diarrhoea

John BROWNE, 8th Hussars, wounds

Henry TAYLOR, Coldstream Guards, dysentery

Lawrence BOHAN, 30th Regt, diarrhoea

Isaac MANNING, 13th Light Dragoons, fever

John GORDON, 4th Light Dragoons, diarrhoea

Dec 18th


Alexander MARSHALL, 33rd Regt, dysentery

Robert PITMAY, 63rd Regt, dysentery

John CHAPMAN, 95th Regt, dysentery

George HARRIS 7th Regt, dysentery

Walter KIRBY, 55th Regt, diarrhoea

William LAKE, 68th Regt, dysentery

Philip MAHONEY, 50th Regt, dysentery

Thomas CAHILL, 77th Regt, dysentery

William COCKEN, 44th Regt, dysentery

Frederick DIXON, 7th Regt, diarrhoea

Dec 19th

Corpl Edward STAPLETON, 49th Regt, morbid cordis


Henry LEE, 41st Regt, dysentery

Thomas BERKELEY, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, compound fracture

Robert KOTTESY, 42nd Regt, diarrhoea

William PEPPER, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig, dysentery

Andrew MC CREA, 42nd Regt, dysentery

John GREEN, 42nd Regt, diarrhoea

George MORRISON, 23rd Regt, diarrhoea

DEATHS up to 27th Dec at Scutari

Dec 24th

Corpl Henry WILLIAMS, 7th Regt, diarrhoea

Corpl John CLARK, Royal Artillery, dysentery


William LINDFIELD, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

Gilbert JOHNSON, Royal Artillery, dysentery

Arthur PAGE, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, dysentery

James SIMS, 38th Regt, dysentery

John REILLY, 23rd Regt, dysentery

Thomas LAWRENCE, 68th Regt, febris

Neal MC GARY, Royal Artillery, dysentery

Henry CAMBERLAIN, Grenadier Guards, diarrhoea

William ANDREWS, Grenadier Guards, diarrhoea

William CALLERETT, 23rd Regt, diarrhoea

Lewis DUDLEY, 42nd Regt, diarrhoea

Patrick HEALEY, 20th Regt, diarrhoea

Dec 25th


Thomas REELCHEN, 63rd Regt

William TATTON, 28th Regt, scorbutic

George BAKER, Coldstream Guards, diarrhoea

Thomas BOWIE, 11th Hussars, morbid cord

Dec 26th

Sgt Major Thomas SMITH, Royal Artillery, dysentery

Corp John SEWELL, 8th Hussars, vulnus

Corpl P. RIORDEN, 47th Regt, dysentery


Joseph BREEDON, Royal Artillery, diarrhoea

Thomas BOYDE, 63rd Regt, dysentery

George ROBINSON, 1st Royal Dragoons, dysentery

Thomas REILLY, 7th Foot, dysentery

James PEPPER, Grenadier Guards, diarrhoea

William DAVISON, Coldstream Guards, dysentery

Patrick DALEY, 88th Regt, dysentery

Henry BARRETT, Coldstream Guards, typhus

William WALTERS, 7th Regt, diarrhoea

Henry PLLARD, 95th Regt, diarrhoea

James CAMERON, 1st Royals, dysentery

J. KOLLASHER, 49th Regt, diarrhoea

James BROWN, 49th Regt, dysentery

H. MARSHALL, Royal Artillery, dysentery

Stephen SHELTON, 68th Regt, diarrhoea

James LEARY, 1st Royals, diarrhoea

J. BAILY, Royal Artillery, dysentery

James GORDON, Royal Artillery, dysentery

William GIBBS, Coldstream Guards, diarrhoea

John SMITH, 47th Regt, dysentery

George LAWRENCE, 33rd Regt, dysentery

R. WILLIAMS, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, fracture

G. KETTLE, Royal Artillery, diarrhoea

John KILLING, 77th Regt, wounds

H. COOPER, Coldstream Guards, scorbutic

Samuel FRENCH, Coldstream Guards, diarrhoea

G. PERRY, Grenadier Guards, diarrhoea

R. WILLIAMS, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, fracture

Owen MC LOUGHLIN, 28th Regt, dysentery

Bernard O’LEARY, 63rd Regt, diarrhoea

Michael SULLIVAN, 41st Regt, dysentery

Michael O’LEARY 63rd Regt, dysentery

F. SLATER, 62nd Regt, dysentery

Michael HEALEY, 63rd Regt, dysentery

B. MIDGLEY, 33rd Regt, diarrhoea

William VAUGHAN, 38th Regt, diarrhoea

William WEAR, Royal Artillery, febris

Enoch DAWSON, Royal Artillery, contusion

David SMITH, 1st Royals, diarrhoea

Dec 27th


William FREEMAN, 7th Regt, dysentery

G. KETTLE, Royal Artillery, diarrhoea

John KILLING, 77th Regt, wounds

H. COOPER, Coldstream Guards, scorbutic

Samuel FRENCH, Coldstream Guards, diarrhoa

G. PERRY, Grenadier Guards, diarrhoea

J. MITCHELL, Scots Fusiliers, diarrhoea

Sick in hospital and on convalescent ships, officers 79, non commissioned and men 3,680

Northern Times, Jan 15th 1855

Deaths at Scutari from 27th - 30th Dec inclusive


Major SHARP, 30th Regt, wounds, Dec 28th

Non commissioned officers and men

Dec 20th


James BENNETT, Grenadier Guards, dysentery

G. WHITE, 55th Regt, dysentery

Dec 21st


Bernard SHIELDS, 33rd Regt, dysentery

Michael WHITTLE, Grenadier Guards, diarrhoea

Dec 26th


Thomas SMITH, 50th Regt, febris

David HAZELWOOD, Coldstream Guards, diarrhoea

Dec 27th

Sgt J. RYAN, 47th Regt, chronic rheumatism


John SHUTTLEWORTH, 55th Regt, diarrhoea

William GREEN, 77th Regt, diarrhoea

John JAYTON, 15th Regt, dysentery

Robert RUSSELL, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, dysentery

Charles DOYLE, 50th Regt, diarrhoea

Henry PIERCE, 23rd Regt, chronic rheumatism

Thomas CHITTON, 49th Regt, diarrhoea

John SILK, 56th Regt, rheumatism

John HACKETT, 33rd Regt, diarrhoea

George SEABRIGHT, 20th Regt, diarrhoea

Samuel BAKER, 63rd Regt, dysentery

James FEE, 46th Regt, diarrhoea

George PERRY, Grenadier Guards, diarrhoea

Robert PARKER, Coldstream Guards, vulnus

John MAHON, 68th Regt, diarrhoea

John MYERS, 95th, Regt, dysentery

Bartholomew REGAN, 30th Regt, vulnus

James SMART, 44th Regt, diarrhoea

James POWER, 55th, Regt, delirium tremens

Dec 28th

Corpl Anthony REEVES, 44th Regt, febris

Sgt William CLYDESLIE, Ambulance Corps, gangrene


Alexander BURK, 28th Regt, dysentery

William INGRAM, 38th Regt, rheumatism

Stephen COOPER, 19th Regt, diarrhoea

W. LANGLEY, 4th Light Dragoons, diarrhoea

James MORGAN, 49th Regt, fracture

William COULAN, Royal Artillery, chronic catarrh

James STONE, 62nd Regt, diarrhoea

William CARROLL, 53rd Regt, dysentery

Robert DINSDALE, Grenadier Guards, dysentery

William BURNES, Coldstream Guards, dysentery

James LUCAS, 46th Regt, dysentery

George BOWLER, 4th Regt, diarrhoea

George DELACOURT, Grenadier Guards, diarrhoea

Daniel MC CARTHY, 20TH Regt, diarrhoea

James BROMELLY, 63rd Regt, dysentery

James WYATT, 23rd Regt, diarrhoea

John KEAN, 88th Regt, dysentery

Michael MILES, 88th Regt, dysentery

William HENDERSON, Scots Fusiliers, diarrhoea

Edward BISHOP, 44th Regt, febris

William JOHNSON, 21st Regt, febris

Jonah SMITH, 21st Regt, diarrhoea

G. GILNER, 2nd Dragoons, diarrhoea

William DEENT, 19th Regt, diarrhoea

John SANDERSON, 49th Regt, rheumatism

Dec 29th

Capt Marshal CARROLL, 41st Regt, sclop genia

Corpl William CLARKE, 88th Regt, dysentery

Sgt John HOSSEY, 88th Regt, diarrhoea

Sgt Henry WOMBLE, 23rd Regt, febris


G. CLEVELAND, Royal Horse Artillery, dysentery

John CHIVERS, diarrhoea

George COLLINS 63rd Regt

William CLARKE, 63rd Regt, rheumatism

John ROSS, 79th Regt, diarrhoea

John FLAND, 57th Regt, wounds

Henry PROW, 57th Regt, amputation

William DENTON, 95th Regt, diarrhoea

Robert PETTEL, 44th Regt, dysentery

William WEST, 49th Regt, dysentery

Henry GEES, 4th Light Dragoons, diarrhoea

Joseph HAYES, 88th Regt, diarrhoea

J. GARRID, Grenadier Guards, diarrhoea

William MOLLOY, 68th Regt, diarrhoea

George WITTS, Grenadier Guards, dysentery

David PULCHER, 88th, Regt, dysentery

G. ANDREWS, 33rd Regt, diarrhoea

G. PRITCHARD, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

David FELTON, 33rd Regt, dysentery

William WALSH, 1st Foot, diarrhoea

Thomas CANFIELD, Scots Fusiliers, diarrhoea

Michael DUFFY, 19th Regt, dysentery

George SMALL, 20th Regt, dysentery

Thomas DORAN, 1st Foot, diarrhoea

Dec 30th

Sgt Dd Jas TAYLOR, 17th Lancers, diarrhoea

Sgt Major Henry MADDEN, 19th Regt, wounds

Corpl John BENCHNER, 63rd Regt, asthma


John FLINT, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, diarrhoea

Robert BROWN, 20th Regt, dysentery

Oliver COWLEY, 46th Regt, vulnus

George DAIZELL, 9th Regt, dysentery

George JACOBS, Royal Artillery, febris

John O’LAUGHLIN, 20th Regt, dysentery

Daniel DALY, 41st Regt, diarrhoea

Abraham COMBS, 38th Regt, gilatis

Prime HOLDEN, Coldstream Guards, rheumatism

James MALONEY, 1st Foot, diarrhoea

Orlando ALDRIDGE, Ambulance Corps, diarrhoea

Richard DRIVER, Royal Artillery, dysentery

Thomas DAVEY, Royal Artillery, dysentery

C. CROOK, Scots Fusiliers, dysentery

William MC NISH, Scots Fusiliers, dysentery

Henry THOMAS, Coldstream Guards, consumption

George COOK, 4th Regt, diarrhoea

John LOCKESBY, 19th Regt, dysentery

Peter LOGAN, 19th Regt, dysentery

Walter WEBB, 20th Regt, febris

Jonathan HEWITT, 21st Regt, dysentery

John GORMAN, 21st Regt, dysentery

John KENNEDY, 23rd Regt, diarrhoea

Alfred KNIGHT, 23rd Regt, dysentery

John TRACY, 30th Regt, dysentery

Joseph JACKSON, 38th Regt, dysentery

Richard POST, 38th Regt, dysentery

John RINGROSE, 50th Regt, dysentery

Peter MC GUINESS, 50th Regt, dysentery

James CONROY, 57th, diarrhoea

John KELLY, 88th Regt, dysentery

James HARDING, 95th Regt, dysentery

Robert LOVELL, 97th Regt, diarrhoea

Dec 31st

Sgt George WICKINS, 23rd Regt, diarrhoea


James MULLINS, 4th Regt, diarrhoea

Thomas GALLOWAY, 68th Regt, chronic catarrh

John DOW, 93rd Regt, febris

Henry SHICKEY, 23rd Regt, diarrhoea

James GREEN, 23rd Regt, diarrhoea

Total number of patients in hospital 4,079 - 48 officers, 4,031 non commissioned officers and men.

AUSTRALIA arrived with 146 sick, 2 died on passage.

Deaths at Scutari Hospital, January 1855

Deaths on passage at Crimea, December 1854 to January 1855


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