Hospital and cemetery at Scutari

Deaths at Scutari Hospital, November 1854


Deaths at Scutari Hospital, November 1854

Northern Times 30th Nov 1854

Deaths at Scutari Hospital

The scene at Scutari is truly afflicting so many brave fellows laid low on a bed of suffering. The protestant sisters with Miss Nightingale from England prove valuable attendants. They are unremitting in their attentions, and display a zeal and activity above all praise.

Deaths at Scutari

Officers who have died from wounds received in action

Liuet the Hon G. NEVILLE, 5th Dragoon guards, Nov 11th

Lieut and Adjutant MAULE, 88th Regt, Nov 14th

Lieut Col AINSLIE, 21st Regt, Nov 14th [in harbour on board the ANDES]

Deaths at Scutari Hosp from Nov 8th to 14th


Nov 8th

Joseph ROSS, 8th Hussars - wounds

James MILLARD, Scots Fusiliers - wounds

Frederick CAMPBELL, 2nd Dragoons - wounds

William TOPHAM, 57th Regt - diarrhoea and wounds

George HAWLEY, Coldsteam guards - diarrhoea

John EYRES, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig - diarrhoea

George GOLDSMITH, 38th Regt - dysentery

Maurice SCANLON, 28th Regt - diarrhoea

William MC BRATH, 2nd Dragoons - vulnus

Nov 9th

James WATT, 30th Regt - diarrhoea

NEWTON, 33rd Regt - vulnus

John MACNAMA, Royal Artillery - ascites

William BARRETT, 49th Regt - diarrhoea

Sgt James BUCK, 23rd Regt - vulnus

Nov 10th


Thomas WESTLAKE - Royal Artillery - Jaundice

Edward FOX, 19th Regt - dysentery

John GAFFREY, 20th Regt - diarrhoea

Patrick MC CARTHY, 21st Regt - diarrhoea

Daniel MILLER - 93rd Regt - diarrhoea

James LACY, 33rd Regt - wounds

James THOMPSON, 79th Regt - diarrhoea

William GOUCH 19th Regt - amputation

Robert MC LEERAN, 79th Regt - paralysis

Nov 11th

Thomas STAPLETON, 44th Regt - diarrhoea

William LLOYD, 77th Regt - diarrhoea

William CHEEKLEY, 6th Dragoons - diarrhoea

Henry WOODS, Scots Fusilier Guards - wounds

Sgt Thomas RICH, Coldstream Guards - diarrhoea

Nov 12th


James LONG, 77th Regt - wounds

James TAYLOR 95th Regt - vulnus

Stephen BRANT, 33rd Regt - Pulmonitis

Richard BURNS, 1st Foot - diarrhoea

Thomas TAYLOR, 23rd Regt - contusion

Robert QUILTER, Coldstream Guards = wounds

James CURRY [supposed to be], 95th Regt - wounds

James PRICE, Grenadier Guards - wounds

Thomas THOMPSON, 33rd Regt - diarrhoea

Thomas WHITMORE, 33rd Regt - diarrhoea

William MIDDLETON, 19th Regt - diarrhoea

Richard BEVERS, 1st Foot - choleric dysentery

Corpl John DAVIDSON, 49th Regt - wounds

Corpl George FORD, Scots Fusilier Guards - diarrhoea

Nov 13th


William MC INTOSH, 93rd Regt - diarrhoea

Jeremiah BURNS, 33rd Regt - wounds

John J. MONGER, 24th Regt - wounds

Thomas LOVEREN, 95th Regt - syncope

William REYNOLDS, Royal Artillery - diarrhoea

William DUNN, 57th Regt - wounds

Elijah TOWNSEND, 19th Regt - diarrhoea

Nov 14th


Joseph RITSON, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig - amputation

William HILL, Coldstream Guards - wounds

Peter DONNELLY, 30th Regt, diarrhoea

David PATRICK, 1st Batt Rifle Brig - diarrhoea

Henry PALMER, Coldstream Guards - diarrhoea

Colour Sgt Garrett WOODS, Ambulance Corps - diarrhoea

Northern Times

Dec 12th 1854

Deaths at Scutari


Lieut HOUGHTON, 11th Hussars, Nov 22nd

Lieut Col SMYTH, 68th Regt, Nov 23rd

Capt J. T. WILLIAMS, 2nd Dragoons, Nov 23rd


William MALLETT, Grenadier Guards, dysentery, Nov 21st

James PITT, 2nd Bat Rifle Brig, diarrhoea, Nov 23rd

Corpl William MC BRIDE, 47th Regt, vulnus, Nov 23rd


Nov 13th

George RAYNOR, Royal Artillery, apoplexy

Nov 19th

John PALMER, Grenadier Guards, vulnus

George SHEPHERD, 93rd Regt, diarrhoea

William ELLWOOD, 33rd Regt, wounds

Henry HITCHOCK, 49th Regt, diarrhoea

Henry ASHWORTH, 7th Regt, dysentery

Nov 20th

Matthew LEWIS, 41st Regt, tetanus

John REGANS, 7th Regt, diarrhoea

George BUDD, 95th Regt, diarrhoea

James SKENE, 42nd Regt, diarrhoea

Charles JAMES, Grenadier Guards, dysentery

John MEALIA, 7th Regt, wounds

Samuel SAGS, 7th Regt, amputated leg

Frederick CLIFFORD, 17th Lancers, wounds

George JONES, 19th Regt, vulnus

Richard WERGER, Ambulance corps, diarrhoea

Nov 21st

Francis BOND, Royal Horse Art, lockjaw

John SHARP, Royal Horse Art, diarrhoea

William RIDDLE, 77th Regt, wounds

John RYDER, 41st Regt, fracture Lt arm

Edward WISEMAN, 20th Regt, wounds

Thomas BEAN, 30th Regt, compound fracture

Nicholas KINEALY, 28th Regt, dysentery

Francis KNOTT, Coldsteam guards, diarrhoea

John QUINLAN, 49th Regt, diarrhoea

Joseph WERNERS, 4th Regt, diarrhoea

David ELLIOTT, Royal Artillery, diarrhoea

James ROSE, Grenadier guards, dysentery

James KEEGIE, 79th Regt, dysentery

Patrick WADE, 41st Regt, wounds

Nov 22nd

Denis FARRELL, 95th Regt, diarrhoea

Edward EVANS, Scots Fusilier guards, diarrhoea

Michael MARTIN, 1st Foot, diarrhoea

John HUMBLES, 77th Regt, Typhus fever

Francis GHUNON, 96th Regt vulvas

William KIERNS, 20th Regt, amputated Rt arm

James NEWBY, 77th Regt, gunshot wound

William MARTIN, 13th Light Dragoons, diarrhoea

John STEVENSON, Grenadier guards, Anadarko

Michael PERRY, 41st Regt, wounds

John HAWRIGHT, 41st Regt, wounds

Samuel STRINGER, Grenadier Guards, diarrhoea

Henry JAGGER, 33rd Regt, wounds

Francis JOHNSON, 4th Dragoons, diarrhoea

Joseph HEAVENS, 20th Regt, cholera

Patrick DRAIK, 21st Regt, diarrhoea

Nov 23rd

James ALEXANDER, 49th Regt, wounds

John GRIMM, 33rd Regt, vulnus

Stephen DOLAN, 7th Regt, vulnus

Thomas TRACEY, Grenadier guards, dysentery

Nov 24th

John BINGE, 30th Regt, vulnus

BUSHELL, 57th Regt, vulnus

William TROTI, Coldsteam guards, dysentery

Thomas DRYSDALE, 42nd Regt, dysentery

Northern Times, Dec 22nd 1854

Return of deaths at Scutari Hosp, from 24th ultimo to 4th inst

Lieut THISLETHWAYTE, Scot Fusilier Guards, of fever Nov 26th

Surgeon BROWN, 95th Regt, of remittent fever, Nov 28th

Ensign HALFORD, 28th Regt, acute laryngitis, Nov 28th

Chief Apothecary READE, acute diarrhoea, Nov 28th

Major CHAMPION, 95th Regt, wounds, Nov 30th


Nov 24th 1854

Thomas PHILLIPS, 7th Regt, diarrhoea

James RICHARDSON, Grenadier Guards, diarrhoea

Thomas TRINDEN, 4th Regt,, diarrhoea

Thomas DAY, Grenadier Guards, , diarrhoea

John ALLEN, 30th Regt, wounds

Joseph PAGE, Coldsteam Guards, wounds

Charles NEWTON, Coldstream Guards,, diarrhoea

Nov 25th 1854

W. R. SUTCLIFFE, 4th Light Dragoons, wounds

Samuel NICHOLS, Royal Artillery, vulnus

Peter DYER, 30th Regt, fracture

Sgt Charles GORDON, Scots Fusiliers, vulnus

Pri James MURRIN, 23rd Regt, vulnus

Charles FIZARD, 4th Regt,, diarrhoea

James STRINGER, 23rd Regt,, diarrhoea

Moses PUDWELL, 23rd Regt, , diarrhoea

John KIRDWELL, 68th Regt, dysentery

James WYNE, 33rd Regt, wounds

John BLUKEN, 38th Regt,, diarrhoea

Martin MADDEN, 63rd Regt,, diarrhoea

William CARTER, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig,, diarrhoea

Nov 26th 1854

Jessop TAYLOR, 33rd Regt,, diarrhoea

Richard MASON, 23rd Regt,, diarrhoea

J. ROBERTS, 30th Regt,, diarrhoea

Joseph WILSON, 41st Regt, wounds

W. DIRLRIDGE, 19th Regt,, diarrhoea

Zachariah CASE, 20th Regt, wounds

T. DAVIES, 38th Regt,, diarrhoea

T. FORD, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig,, diarrhoea

John MOSSON, 50th Regt, vulnus

W. BARNES, Royal Artillery, debility

Nov 27th 1854

Richard MATHEWS, 4th Regt, dysentery

Patrick KENNEDY, 33rd Regt,, diarrhoea

John ADAMS, Coldsteam Guards, wounds

Charles WILLIAMS, Grenadier Guards, wounds

Thomas TYLER, 30th Regt, Asiatic cholera

Martin PETTY, 66th Regt, wounds

J. THURSFIELD, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig,, diarrhoea

Thomas CURTIS, 41st Regt, dysentery

Thomas FRANCIS, 95th Regt,, diarrhoea

Francis ABBOTT, 68th Regt,, diarrhoea

Thomas BENNETT, 77th Regt,, diarrhoea

James THOMPSON, 63rd Regt, dysentery

Robert ANDERSON, 42nd Regt, dysentery

John WILSON, 21st Regt

Sgt George LACKTON, 1st Batt Rifle Brig, dysentery

Edward JACKSON, 20th Regt, wounds

William CLINTON, 77th Regt , diarrhoea

Nov 28th 1854

Pri Edward MASON, 77th Regt, dysentery

Richard MANUS, 63rd Regt, fracture

Humphrey ROSS, Royal Artillery, vulnus

John CONNORS, 55th Regt,, diarrhoea

Corpl John HODGKINSON, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig, wounds

Samuel MC MAHON, 30th Regt, dysentery

George GARRETT, 63rd Regt, wounds

Samuel WARD, 4th Light Dragoons, Asiatic cholera

Nov 29th 1854

James WELARD, 63rd Regt, wounds

Richard ALLISON, 4th Light Dragoons,, diarrhoea

Samuel ARNEL, 30th Regt, amputation

John WHITSEY, 41st Regt,, diarrhoea

William REED, 93rd Regt,, diarrhoea

George EBELTHITE, 2nd Batt Rifle Brig, fever

William DOUSE, 1st Foot,, diarrhoea

Pri George ALLRIDGE, Grenadier Guards,, diarrhoea

Martin COGHLIN, 63rd Regt, diarrhoea

John JOY, Coldsteam Guards, amputation

Thomas LATTER, Grenadier Guards, febris

Nov 30th 1854

William PARKER, 95th Regt , diarrhoea

John SHARP, Scots Fusiliers, wounds

Joseph WHITE, Royal Artillery, , diarrhoea

David SCHOLER, 79th Regt, cholera

George BUDDEN, Royal Artillery,, diarrhoea

Gustavus BRADSTREET, 44th Regt, diarrhoea

Edward GOODMAN, Grenadier Guards, diarrhoea

George ELLIS, 95th Regt,, diarrhoea

John CORLEAVA, 49th Regt,, diarrhoea

George SHEPHERD, Royal Artillery, wounds

Deaths at Scutari Hospital, December 1854

Deaths at Scutari Hospital, January 1855

Deaths on passage at Crimea, December 1854 to January 1855


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