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William SEWELL, Rose Lane, Mossley Hill, late of the 13th Light Dragoons [light brigade], rode through the Balaclava charge and was severly wounded.

James BROWN of Barrow-in-Furness was at the seige of Sebastopol

Michael COLLINS, Gildart Gardens, Indian Mutiny veteran and Cameron Highlander was engaged in the storming of Lucklow

John O'HAGAN, Summerseat, Liverpool, 7th Royal Fusiliers, engaged in the storming of Redan and the suppression of the mutiny.

Martin MAINLEY, Liscard- medal and three clasps, Alma, Inkerman and Sebastopol, Turkish medal for attack on Redan.

William. S. McDONALD, Bromborough B'Head, two Indian medals, Mutiny and clasps, Capture of Lucklow.

John LARWAY, Tranmere, Crimea and Sebastopol

Sgt John SHIERSON, Walton, Indian Mutiny veteran

William J. F. COX, age 67 of Liverpool, Crimean veteran- powder monkey on board the St VINCENT

James PHILLIPS, Red Rock St, age 78 and blind, Crimean and Indian Mutiny, 4 medals, 5 clasps, Alma, Balaclava Inkerman and Sebastopol, Turkish Medal, Mutiny Medal and bar for Lucklow, good conduct medal.

Battery Sgt Major, Rees. H. PRICE of Hale, , Crimean and Turkish medals, clasp for Sebastopol

Sgt Charles HOWARD, Seacombe, Crimean veteran, 2 medals for Sebastopol and clasp.

Corporal William JEALOUS, Liverpool, Sebastopol, Crimean and Turkish medals

Sgt Edward HINDLEY, Woodcroft Rd, Liverpool, one of 2 survivors Liverpool in charge of the light brigade, , Alma, Balaclava, Inkerman, Sebastopol, Mutiny, present at Lucklow

Richard, PARKINSON, Paddington, Liverpool, Indian Mutiny, 2 medals

James BRADLEY, Hutton St, Liverpool, Crimean and Indian Mutiny

Alexander LINDSAY, Former Inspector of Police [Chester]. 21 yrs in the Black Watch, , Crimean medal, 3 clasps, Alma, Balaclava, Sebastopol, , Turkish and Indian Medal, good conduct medal and long service.

Thomas GRIFFITH, Chester, Crimea and India, took part under Sir Colin CAMPBELL in capture of Lucklow.

William GEE, Halton Brook nr Runcorn, Crimea and India, Crimean medal, Sebastopol bar, Turkish medal

Edwin TIPIER Crewe, Indian Mutiny medal late of the 10th foot

Names with no write up

John McMAHOM Liverpool

Thomas ELLIS, B'Head

Daniel PLUNKETT, Litherland

J. BARRETT, Formby

William BOGGIS, Liverpool

John LLOYD, Liverpool

Roland DANCE, Port Sunlight

Sgt James FINN, W. D. Village

Sgt John FLYNN, Liverpool

Garrett RONAYNE, Earlestown.

Sgt Henry GARDNER, Liverpool, volunteered for active service Crimean and Indian Mutiny.

William WILLIAMS, Bangor, served in the defence of residency of Lucknow at Cawnpore.

Thomas CLARK, Crimean and Indian Mutiny veteran.

John HARDMAN, Winsford, wounded 20th september at Alma, after Crimean went to India in 1857 and served there.

Corporal James FRIARS, Preston, Indian Mutiny.

James PORTER, Bootle, served in central India under Sir Hugh ROSE.

William STANDING, Liverpool, crimean and Turkish medals, clasp for Sebastopol.

Sgt Major P. CURRIVAN, Hoole, Chester, actively engaged in suppression of mutiny.

Edward TREGENZA, New Brighton, one of the first of the Naval Brigade to land at Balaclava, one of the crew of the Beagle Lancaster gun that fired the signal shot for the combined batteries to open fire on Sebastopol

James CHAMBERLAIN, Heswall, Crimean and Mutiny veteran.

Robert FULLERTON, Late Corporal 4th Dragoon Guards, Seacombe, served in Crimea and took part in the charge of the Heavy Brigade at Balaclava.

Colour Sgt H. B. BOWERS, Late 64th Regiment Warrington, medal and clasps for Persia, Mutiny medal, clasp for Lucknow long service and good conduct medals.

Henry BRETHERTON, Kirkdale, Indian Mutiny served in Bengal Cavalry under CAMPBELL in relief of Lucknow and Cawnpore.

W. GOODE, Liverpool, Ex sergeant 8th the Kings, Foot Liverpool Regiment. served through Mutiny, now aged 80yrs.

Robert PORTEOUS, Liverpool, Indian Mutiny, rose to Sergeant, Mutiny medal for service in Bengal.

J. HOLDIE, 34 Goldie St off Walton Lane, Liverpool, present at Alma, Inkerman and Sebastopol.

William DALY, 48 Oxford St, Liverpool, took part in the scenes connected with the Mutiny and its suppression.

Corporal Andrew McCONVILLE, 93rd Highlanders went through Mutiny then Afghan war, was one of those who went through Umbeyla Pass also served in Maori War 1866.

John ANDERSON, 71 Bold St, Fleetwood, at Alma, Inkerman and Sebastopol.

J. NORRIS, Twthill Hotel, Carnarvon, one of the buglers who sounded the first alarm at Meerut, May 10th 1857, now sacristan of Christ Church, Carnarvon, Mutiny, long service and good conduct medals.

Patrick CALLAGHAN, 9 Bent St, Liverpool, Indian Mutiny veteran.

Edward OAKES, 40 Viaduct St, West bank, Widnes, present at seige and capture of Delhi.

James FARLOW, 16 North Dingle, Kirkdale, Crimean medal for services on H.M. TRAFALGAR at Sebastopol.


Mr Francis CUTTER, 16 Albert St, Wrexham veteran, 2nd Battalion Rifle Brigade, Crmea 1855, when peace negotiations were in progress, stopped at Malta , on Arrival in India sent to Cawnpore, present at capture of Lucknow.

Mr Henry COOLEY, 38 Nelson St, Wrexham veteran, 14,1/2 yrs in India , Shubkurdr, Mutiny, long service and good conduct medals, and clasps.

John EVANS Age 72yrs Dolgelly, Indian Mutiny veteran late Corporal 1st Bengal Fusiliers wounded at Lucknow

Joseph HARDMAN, St Helens, landed in India in 1857 marched up country to Gwalior and helped capture the city.

Robert Mc CABE, Bootle, 4 medals, 3 bars, star for life saving.

James BARRETT, Liverpool, joined Royal Navy in 1847, present at Sebastopol, 5 medals.

Alfred HARTLEY, Liverpool, Indian Mutiny veteran.

T. McDONALD, Blackpool, served in forces before Sebastopol.

Thomas TAYLOR, Morecambe, Through whole of Crimea, Crimean medal, 3 bars, Alma, Inkerman, Sebastopol, distinguished conduct medal Inkerman, Turkish medal, recommended for V.C.

James WILLIAMS, born Prescot, 75yrs ago, resides there still, Crimean medal, Sebastopol clasp, Turkish and Indian Mutiny medal, clasp for Umbala.

J. LOGUE, Portmadoc, Indian Mutiny medal, clasp for Lucknow.

Thomas HENRY, Prescot, served Crimea proceeded to South Africa then India, Crimean and Indian Mutiny medals.

Michael MEADE, Warrington, At and has clasps for Alma, Inkerman, Sebastopol and Balaclava, Medals Turkish and Indian Mutiny.

John FITZGERALD, Higher Tranmere, Crimean medal, clasps for Alma, Inkerman and Sebastopol, Turkish medal.

Sgt BECKENHAM, Ulverston 2 Crimean medals, Sebastopol clasp, Medal and clasp for Lucknow.

Mr TYSON, St Helens, Indian Mutiny and good conduct, long service medals also the Meritorious medal.

Patrick GAFFNEY, Parr, age 75, in 1851 his regiment was ordered to India where he took part in all the impotant operations.

Thomas KARR, 31A Scarsbrick, New Rd, Southport, Alderman of Southport Town Council, served through mutiny and continued service in Royal Horse Artillery was one of a guard of honour at Queen Alexandria's wedding, Indian Mutiny, good conduct and long service medals.

Joseph BRITT, 21 Grovenor Rd, New Brighton, served in the navy for 40yrs, 4 medals, Crimea, Turkish, Baltic and long service, clasps for Sebastopol and Inkerman.

W. JOHNSON, 10 Norway St, Waterloo Liverpool, enlisted Medical staff Corps duty at Balaclava.

William DAVIS, age76 of Owestry, served in the 1st, 14th Foot Regiment at Sebastopol possesses medal clasp and Turkish medal.

James CRUMMY [Cromie], 35 Birchdale Rd, Waterloo, Liverpool. Indian Mutiny veteran formerly Senior Suprintendant Bombay City Police, at whole of Lucknow has medal and clasp. In 1866 joined Bombay police rose to Deputy Commissioner and gazetted a Justice of the Peace, retired on a pension 31st March 1903.

Charles W. PURDUE, 57 Margaret Rd, Walton, Joined Royal Navy in 1849 served on H.M.S. Queen during Crimean War, fought in the naval brigade in the batteries before Sebastopol, long service and good conduct medals after 29yrs service.

Private C. W. ROBERTS, 67 Pecksniff St, Toxteth Pk, joined 90th light infantry served in Crimean and Indian Campaigns, crimean, Turkish and Mutiny medals and clasps.

John JONES, 22 Derby Rd, Higher Tranmere joined navy in 1852 in Crimea, Crimea, Turkish and Royal Humane Society Medals.

David James JONES, Crown Hotel, Llanfechell, Angelsey, joined 23rd Royal Welsh Fusillers at Chester. At Alma, Balaclava and Sebastopol, assisted Miss Florence NIGHTINGALE and was present at the death of Lord RAGLAN.

Thomas RAGLAN, 41 Chaucer St Bootle, Crimean and Mutiny veteran served in the 97th Foot.

George HARDING, Rockey Lane Broadgreen, attatched to H.M.S. Steam Frigate VULCAN, at bombardment of Sebastopol, Crimean and Turkish medals, Sebastopol bar.

Edward CLOUGH 30 Kelvin Rd, Seacombe in 1855 joined 89th Regiment Royal Irish Fusillers at Liverpool, Crimean and Turkish medals left service before Mutiny medals were distributed.

Griffith ROBERTS, 25 Oxford Rd Liscard, joined H.M.S PEARL, Royal Naval Brigade at Calcutta aged 16yrs. took part in over 20 engagements recieved Indian Mutiny medal.

William MALONEY, 7 Harcourt St, Kirkdale 24yrs in army service in Crimean and Indian Mutiny.

Joseph JONES 52 Wavertree Vale, Liverpool, enlisted 30th Light Dragoons in 1855 served in Crimea and India at Lucknow, Mutiny Medal and bar.

Thomas FRAIN, 15 Charlotte St, Chester, Lucknow, Indian Mutiny medal, clasp for Lucknow

Sydney Stephen BROWN, 57 Granby St, Princes Pk, through Crimea with 4th Kings Own [Royal Lancasters] served in India , South Africa, 2 medals 3 clasps, long service and good conduct, Discharged Band Sgt 2nd Battalion 5th Northumberland Fusiliers

Henry Owen MORRIS, 10 Derby St B'Head, relief and capture of Lucknow, fought against Nana Sahib at Bithoor, medal and 2 bars

Sgt W. H. LAW Late 56th or 2nd Essex Reg, 79 Blake St Barrow-in-Furness. Crimean and Mutiny veteran, Discharged as Sergeant on a small pension after 23 yrs service now in Corps of Commissionaires Liverpool Division

Thomas KELLAHER, 322 Westminster Rd, Kirkdale Crimea Mutiny and China medals, long service and good conduct

Henry TITHERINGTON, 6 Ebor St, Prince Edwin St, Netherfield Rd Liverpool, engaged in the suppression of the mutiny in Bengal, 1857-1858, present at capture of Lucknow, medal and clasp for Lucknow.

John WILLIAMS age 75 residing with sister in Cyfie Farm, nr Llanfyllin, Crimea Turkish and Mutiny medals Before joining the army served 3yrs with Salop Militia

Peter JONES, 65 Brassey St, B'Head, late gunner 13th Field Brigade Royal Field Artillery, in mutiny and China War 1860, twice wounded at taking of the Taku Forts and Pekin

William BLOOMFIELD 63A Winwick St, Warrington, Colour and Hospital Sergt 95th Foot enlisted 1846, served through Crimea, 4 medals Crimea, 3 clasps, Alma, Sebastopol, Inkerman, Turkish Medal, Central India Medal, good conduct with clasp, now 80yrs old.

Patrick McCARTHY, Sergt Master Tailor, in Crimean campaign recieved a blow to mouth from spent shell necessitating removal of jawbone, Crimean, Turkish, good conduct and long service medals, Sebastopol clasp.

Thomas DONNELLY 163 Hampton Rd, Southport, served in mutiny retired from regular army after 21yrs, 5 in the militia, 2 in recruiting staff , Mutiny, good conduct and long service medals.

Joseph FOWLER, Sager Fold Myston Whalley, Blackburn, Crimea and Mutiny Veteran 82 yrs old, 55th Westmoreland Regiment, in Crimea was wounded at Redan served with Gordon Highlanders in India

Henry ANDREWS, 101 Albion St, St Helens, served through Indian Mutiny as a gunner in Bengal Horse Artillery, native of St Helens born 1836, With his battery between Cawnpore and Meerut when mutiny broke out they marched on Delhi which was bombarded, after fall of Delhi battery returned to Meerut [the Woolwich of India] and afterwards marched to Lucknow.

Richard YEARSLEY, 21 Addison St, Manchester enlisted 1st Battalion Rifle Brigade at 15yrs old served in Crimea, Alma, Balaclava, Inkerman and Sebastopol, Crimean medal, 4 clasps Turkish medal.

Troop Sergt Major RYAN Wellington St, Shotton-in-Hawarden, enlisted 17th lancers at Alma, Balaclava, Inkerman and Sebastopol, Crimea medal, 4 bars, Turkish medal. At the charge of the light brigade at Balaclava he rode as Sergeant in D Troop of the famous, "Death or Glory Boys." his Capt being Hon Godfrey MORGAN [Lord TREDEGAR]. Sgt RYAN had 3 horeses killed under him in the charge and his 4th mount was so badly wounded that it dropped on his return to our lines.

Last of the Veterans published through March 1908

Charles CASSITY, Liverpool, service in the Punjab has Mutiny medal.

George McGEE, Daulby St, Liverpool, at storming of Redan lost a hand above the wrist, incapacitated him for further service, has Crimean medal.Alma, Inkerman and Sebastopol bars.

Thomas KELLY, Kirkdale, a native of Liverpool during mutiny engaged in Central India,

Michael J. WHITE, 488 New Chester Rd, Rockferry, assisted in carrying off the dead on the field at Alma. see, Michael WHITE, shipmate of Lord BERESFORD Aug 1907

Tully HORAN an inmate at the Foredan Workhouse, Montgomeryshire, enlisted with Connaught Rangers at Bury in 1854, shot in the arm at the storming of Redan, speaks of the tender care given to him by Miss Florence NIGHTINGALE, to him and others wounded.

James RONNAY, 10 Lincoln St, Liverpool, went through the Mutiny.

W. WALLACE, New Ferry, Cheshire, present at attack and final assault at Redan, went into Sebastopol after the fall where the 48th Foot blew up the docks, fort and barracks.

Peter PARKER, Rockferry holds Crimea, China, Turkish and Mutiny medals

William GELL, Church Rd, Lonan, Laxey, I.O.M, served on steamship ONEIDA transporting troups to Crimea, volunteered for land forces assisted in capture of Sebastopol.

James DAVIES, late Bandsmaster 6th, V.B. Kings Regiment Liverpool went through Mutiny with 95th Derbyshire Regiment in Central India field force under Sir Hugh ROSE [Lord STRATHNAIRN] recieved medal with clasp for Central India.

James ATKINSON, Liverpool, engaged in the suppression of mutiny under Sir Colin CAMPBELL, holds Mutiny medal.

George COLLINGS, Liverpool, good conduct, Crimean, Turkish, China and New Zealand medals, Sebastopol and Canton clasps. left the Navy in 1873, seved in H.M.Customs, 50yrs service under the government.


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