Arrival of the HIMALYA from the Black Sea Jan 1855

Arrival of the HIMALYA from the Black Sea Jan 1855

Northern Times Jan 4th 1855

Arrival of the HIMALAYA, Screw steamship

Capt RUSSELL arrived at Spithead at 3pm from the Black Sea, she left Malta on the 20th Dec 1854, calling at Gibraltar.


One Lady, 10 military officers, 3 naval officers, 48 wounded soldiers, 88 sick soldiers, 225 women and 300 children - 763

Naval Officers, Capt GRAHAM C.B, [brother of Sir James GRAHAM] from the VENGEANCE, 84 invalided, Lieut W. H. BRIDGE of the same ship.

Mr INGLIS, 2nd Master of the SIDON.

Military Officers

Col C. A. FITZ, H. BERKELEY, Scots Fusiliers wounded.

Col HUME, 95th Foot, wounded

Capt KNOLLYS invalided

Capt PHILLIPS and wife, 47th Regt, wounded

Capt WHITE, 17th Lancers, wounded

Capt STONER, 68th Regt, invalided

Lieut GERRARD, 95th Regt, wounded

Lieut SANDERSON, 62nd Regt, invalided

Staff Surgeons MANIFOLD and CARR.

One death occurred on board of a Private in the Royal Artillery.

There were 6 births on board one this morning, chiefly to the wives of soldiers from Malta and Gibraltar at the seat of war who have died from disease or killed in battle. These poor women and their children appear in a very destitute condition, having no homes to go to or money to buy food when they land.

The state of the HIMALAYA was not very clean, on the lower deck was a stench that was sickening. On this deck was where women, children and troops where berthed.

There was stalled some ten horses belonging to Gen Sir De Lacy EVANS and General TORRENS. Theses horses were sickly, one or two in a diseased state. The effluvium caused by them in their confined stalls was considerable.

The HIMALAYA came up to Spithead with Yellow Flag flying and it was feared there existed illness of a severe form on board, but soon after she anchored the flag was lowered, she had obtained pratique.

The HIMALAYA is to go for repairs. The SPRIGHTLY steamer went our to the vessel as soon as she anchored and brought the sick and wounded ashore.


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