Saturday May 19th 1900




12th Lancers, Lt Col Earl of Airlie severly

Royal Horse Guards Cpl 382 E. J. KEARY


Royal Field Artillery

83rd Bty Gnr 34410. W. MOSS

84th Bty Gnr 35139. F. JUDON

3RD Grenadier Guards Pte 7377. F. JONES

Rimington’s Scouts Cpl Seton BURN missing at Sannas Post March 31st is unwounded prisoner at Petoria

Deaths from disease


3rd Grenadier Guards Sgt 2055. W. DAPPER [enteric] May 15th

Royal Field Artillery

82nd Bty Dvr 2209. J. PALMER [enteric] May 15th

85th Bty Dvr 610. W. J. BROOKER [enteric] May 15th

95th Bty, Bmbr 21802. J. PAYNE [enteric] May 15th

2nd Howitzer Bty Gnr 4764. A. HAMERTON [enteric] May 15th

2nd Lincoln Regt Pte 2507. F. SIZER [enteric] May 15th

2nd Norfolk Regt

Pte 2570. W. TOMPSET [enteric] May 15th

Dmr 4562 .S . W. HELPS [ enteric] May 16th

Welsh Regiment

Pte 2757. G. H. ROWAN [enteric] Apr 27th

Pte 646. W. WHEELER [enteric] Apr 21st

Pte 2332 . C. THORNE [enteric] May 15th

8th Hussars Pte 3967. J. DUNN [enteric] May 15th

10th Hussars Pte 3321. T. KETCHELL [enteric] May 15th

2nd Bedford Regt

Pte 1476 . T. SWALES [enteric] May 15th

Pte 6506 W. SAVAGE [enteric] May 13th

Sgt 5669. W NICHOLLS [enteric] Apr 27th

Pte 2834 A. W. PARKER [enteric] Apr 14th

2nd Wiltshire Regt

Pte 3141 G. J. P. GALE [enteric] Apr 18th

Pte 4532 W. B. PERRITT [enteric] May 12th

2nd Bn Pte 1711 RUDMAN [enteric] May 13th

Pte 3324 H. SWINDLE [enteric] May 11th

Sgt Volunteer Corps 6574 HARDING [enteric] May 13th

2nd Worcester Regt

Pte 3726 T. HARPER [enteric] May 14th

Pte 3517 T. WESTWOOD [enteric] May 14th

Pte 4805 S. STYLE [enteric] May 16th

1st Oxford Light Infantry

Pte 3230 R. WILSON [Dysentery] May 14th

Cpl 5588 A. W HALL [enteric] May 12th

Sussex Regt Pte 5058 R. KETTLE [enteric] May 15th

38th Co Royal Engineers Dvr 24221 S. GILL [enteric] May 13th

1st London Volunteer Royal Engineers [attatched 38th Co Royal Engineers]

Spr 6070 S. CORNISH [enteric] May 15th

1st Royal Irish Regt Sgt Dmr 2264 T. MOREY [enteric] May 12th

9th Lancers Pte 3603 C. DEVER [enteric] May 15th

42nd Co Army Service Corps Pte 1226 F. BLACKWELL [enteric] May 15th

2nd Shropshire Light Infantry Pte 3687 D. ROWLANDS [enteric] May 16th

1ST Kings Own Scottish Borders Lance Cpl 2789 J. HUNTER [enteric] May 16th

1st Gordon Highlanders

Pte 3658 F. SHINNICK [enteric] Apr 28th

Pte 4797 H. McCABE [enteric] Apr 15th


2nd Royal Scots Fusiliers Pte 6037 T. SHEPPARD [enteric] May 12th

Mtd By R.F.A, Gnr 998 W MACKNIGHT [enteric] May 13th

1st Munster Fusiliers Pte 2823 T. MADEN [enteric] May 13th

1st Border Regt Lce Cpl 2464 T. SWALES [pneumonia] May 14th

4th Scottish Rifles Lce Cpl 5026 J. MURPHY [enteric] May 15th

Somerset Light Inf Sgt 929 B. DAVIES [enteric] May 16th



Army Service Corps 25th Co Staff Sgt 939 F. R. CLEMANS [enteric] May 16th

31st Co Army Service Corps Staff Sgt 10298 F. TYSON [enteric] May 17th

1st Rifle Brigade Pte 2458 H. DEWEY [enteric] May 16th


East Surrey Regt Pte 4394 H. COLLINS [enteric] May 17th

1st Royal Dragoons

Pte 3503 T. WARREN [enteric] May 17th

Pte 4356 H. TAYLOR [enteric] May 17th

1st Inniskilling Fusiliers Pte 1540 J. HYNDSMAN [enteric] May 17th


4TH Bat Cheshire Regt Pte 3245 Henry HIGGINBOTTOM [enteric] May 13th

Escourt 4th Mn By Royal Art Gnr 25661 W. HOLDING [dysentery] May 16th

2nd East Surrey Rog Pte 3472 H. FREAKLEY [enteric] May 17th


2nd Duke Cornwalls Lt Inf Pte 2255 J. COTTERELL[enteric] May 15th


35th Co Middlesex Imp Yeo Leiut G. Baillie GUTHRIE [enteric] May 16th

Royal Army Med Corps Pte 10757 H. C. CLODE [enteric May 16th


76TH By Roy Field Art Gnr 29492 FAX [enteric] May 9th


76th By Royal Field Art Gnr 26131 H. McNUFF [enteric] May 16th


2nd Shrop Light Inf Pte 5673 W. HALLIWELL [ENTERIC] May 14th

Marshall’s Horse Troup H. L CAIRNS [enteric] May 13th


9TH Co Roy Eng Spr 24979 E. WILLIAMS [ heart disease] May 16th

St John’s Amb Brig Pte 119 H. CLARKSON [enteic] May 14th


2nd Dublin Fus Pte 5847 T. O’CARROLL [dysentery] May 15th


Qu By Roy Art Bbr 24138 T. J. MARRINGTON [enteric] May 16th


Cornwall and Devon Miners Art Lt THOMPSON,

Imp Lte Inf Lt HOGG,

1st L’Pool Rgt Lt PRINCE


K Ri Rifle Corps Capt ALLGOOD [enteric]

They shall not grow old

as we that are left grow old,

age shall not wither them

nor the years condemn;

At the going down of the sun

and in the morning,

we shall remember them ...

Laurence Binyon


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