Egyptian riots

Liverpool Journal, June 17th, 1882

Egyptian riots

Cairo June 12th

Eye witness account

Arabs thronged the streets nearly all carried bludgeons and crowbars, from time to time brandishing them in the faces of inoffensive passers-by. We met people coming back with heads streaming with blood. Others knocked down before our eyes, including two Europeans, whom we took to be English naval officers in plain clothes.

A Greek was shot and killed by a soldier, two paces from us, others knocked down and stabbed.

The Carriage of the Greek Consular was suddenly stopped, the occupants dragged out and maltreated. The Greek Consul Mr COOKSON was beaten with sticks, his companions received blows on the head.

An attempt was made on our carriage, the coachman lashing his horse succeeded in getting off.

The Italian Consul at Alexandria was injured by a stone thrown at the commencement of the outbreak.

June 13th

The Khedive and Dervish Pasha have left Cairo for Alexandria, Arabi Pasha accompanied the Khedive to the station, sitting in the same carriage.

All the Consuls and Generals will start for Alexandria in the morning, except for Sir E. MALET, who will be staying here for the next few days

Constantinople June 13th

British, French, German, Austrian, Russian and Italian Ambassadors met to discuss the crisis.

Turkish ironclads are ready to embark troops for Egypt.

The Sultan invited Lord DUFFERIN to the palace and expressed his regret at the occurrences at Alexandria, the wounding of the British Consul and the death of the Engineer of H.M.S SUPERB

Cairo June 14th

Panic increasing, exodus of Europeans continues, several banking establishments and offices of European control closed.

Consuls have left when an Arab attacked a Syrian merchant

British subjects ordered by the Consul to quit Cairo instantly

Vienna June 14th

Austrian ironclad-frigate EANDON now at sea on her way to Alexandria.

Austrian Lloyds sent two large passengers steamers the ACHILLES and MINERVA to bring away Europeans.

France have sent seven steamers

Alexandria June 12th

The Italian Corvette CASTELFIDARDO arrived

All the ships in the harbour are crammed with panic-stricken families, one vessel have accommodation for 200 has been besieged by 600, the Captain has refused to go to sea.

The steamer ELPITHA, registered for 10 passengers has taken 300

The OSIUS, registered for 20, has taken 1,000

The ISIS, same size as above, taken 1,400, 10,000 persons are supposed to have left.

Families of poor frightened people are crowding down to the waterís edge, bargaining with, rapacious boatmen to be taken on any ship no matter what.

Orders have been sent by the Admiralty to the Commander-in-Chief of the Channel squadron to proceed to Malta at once. The Squadron left on Thursday morning and will embark troops on arrival at Malta, and thence proceed to Egypt

Troops stationed at Gibraltar

1st Lancashire Regt.

49th, 2nd Bat, Duke of Cornwall Light Inf

46th, 2nd Bat, Derby Regt

95th Regt

Troops stationed at Malta

1st Bat, South Staffordshire Regt

38th, 3rd Bat, Kings Royal Rifle Corps

1st Bat, Gordon Highlanders

75th, 2nd Bat, Manchester Regt

96th, Royal Malta Fencible Artillery

Casualties of the British Fleet as result of riots on Sunday.

Killed, Mr James PIBWORTH, engineer of the SUPERB, George STRACKETT, admiralís domestic, the HELICON, Alfred HOME/ HERN flag Lieutís servant, the HELICON.

Slightly wounded, Mr JOYCE, Surgeon of the SUPERB

John CABLE, wardroom steward of the MONARCH

British subjects killed and wounded as a result of the riots on Sunday

Killed, Dr HERBERT, P. RIBTON, John Robert DOBSON, Reginald John RICHARDSON.

Wounded, Consul COOKSON

Manchester Gentlemen killed

Robert James DOBSON, aged 23, and Reginald John RICHARDSON, aged 28, son of J. T. RICHARDSON, House decorator of Shude Hill, Manchester.

Reginald John RICHARDSON had been in Alexandria for 3 to 4 yrs as manager of Manchester House, Place Des Consuls a business belonging to Robert DOBSON of Manchester the younger DOBSON, acting as assistant.

Robert James DOBSON, proprietor of Gresham Shipping house.

A telegraph of the deaths was sent to the families by mutual friend, Mr P. H.WHITTAKER manager of the Alexandria business Messers John PEEL and Co. Mr DOBSON Snr had requested his son and RICHARDSON to suspend the business and leave Alexandria.


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