Wirral Wreckers
Hangings and the Executioners
Liver Bird
Liverpool's streets and corners
People and Places
Liverpool street names

Ancient History Tarbock

Ancient Toxteth


Richard Robert JONES, alias Dick Aberdaron "Dirty Dick"

Liverpool History by the Tatler

Leasowe Castle
Liverpool Castle
Trafalgar memorial

Adventures of a transported convict, Charles Adolphus KING

Liverpool in 1670

Memories of Liverpool, back to the early 1800's

Liverpool in the 1840's

James Taylor, engineer, Britannia Engine Works, Birkenhead, 1817-1894

Extracts from the Mercury 1819 in 1877

Buried alive 1821

Fort and Lighthouse Perch Rock, 1826-1827

Beginings of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway

The first railway accident, Huskisson, September 15th, 1830

Orange Riots at Liverpool, 1835

Terrible hurricane with loss of life January 1839

The Great Fire 1842

Leaving of Liverpool to United States 1848

Epidemics, history of the Cholera 1849

A walk round the cholera districts, 1849

A walk around the Workhouses 1849, West Derby and Brownlow Hill

A walk round the Fever Sheds, Brownlow Hill, 1849

A walk around the Docks 1849

A walk around the Markets coming up to Christmas 1849

A walk around the Ragged School, Soho St, 1850

Emigration to Australia, 1850, conditions for the female passengers

Fog on the Mersey, fatal accidents, 1851

Destructive fires at Rainford and Bickerstaff 1852

Third annual report of the Ragged School, Soho St, 1852

St Georges Hall, 8 pages of History 1854

Preparation for war, the Baltic Fleet, etc, 1854

Property Auction Liverpool and Everton, Nov 1854

Provision for the widow and child of the late Mr ELMES, 1854

Sanitary conditions in St Helens, 1854

Panic in Devonshire, mysterious creature Jan 1855

Historical outlines of Liverpool 1855

History of Liverpool Docks 1855

A visit to Vauxhall Foundry 1855

A visit to the Mersey Forge 1855

The new railway to Wigan and an excursion to Rivington Pike 1855

The new railway to Wigan and an excursion from Burscough Bridge 1855

Cruelty to a climbing-boy, April 1855

Laying the foundation stone of Toxteth Park General cemetery, July 1855 and consecration 1856

Police, prisoners, prisons Liverpool Life, 1857

Kirkdale Gaol, Liverpool Life, 1857

Hangings Kirkdale Jail

The Borough Gaol, Walton, Liverpool Life, 1857

A trip to Wigan 1858 including details of mines

Ancient Chapel Toxteth Park, legacy dispute, Jan 1860

Property sale, of shop in Bold St and other premises, Jan 1860

A visit to Liverpool's preserve manufactory, Jan 1860

Destruction of the Sailor's Home and loss of life, April 1860

Workhouse fire 1862, 23 lives lost

60 children poisoned, one death, 1864

Fire at the "Home" for fallen women, Edge Hill, 1864

Mr LYNN and the Waterloo Hotel 1870

St Joseph's catastrophe 1870

Charges of neglect by workhouse officials 1870

Prescot watchmakers and the "Truck System" 1871

Fracas between the police and the military, 1871

Police pay 1873

Terrific storms and flooding, Feb 1877

Conditions on the canals and the Canal Boats Act, 1877

Bazaar at St George Hall, in aid of St Bartholomews Church Roby 1877

Explosion Liverpool Town Hall, trial and conviction of culprits, 1881

Southport and West Lancashire Banking Co, Ltd, collapse and shareholders, 1881

The life of a Dock Labourer, by a Dock Labourer 1882

War in Egypt and Bombardment of Alexandria 1882

Storm 1883 loss of the barque Star of Hope

Birdseye view of Liverpool in 1885


Flogging Liverpool Walton Gaol 1893

The opening of Wavertree Playground, "The Mystery" 1895

Storm, wrecks and loss of life, 7th to 21st January 1899

Railway disaster 1907

Clothing the poor children of the city, [Police clothes] 1907

A visit to the Gordon SMITH Institute, January 12th 1907

The future of Liverpool Crematorium, 1907

Liverpool's 700th birthday pageant 1907

Channel Fleet in the Mersey Aug 1907

The donation of the Bowring Estate to the citizens of Liverpool by Alderman BOWRING, 100yrs ago in June 1907

Recollections of Mrs KAVANAGH, aged 102in 1908

Everton Barracks and history, 1908

A child of the abyss 1913, the match seller

A night in the municipal lodging-house 1913

A night in the girl's night shelter 1913

Gypsy babies and bairns 1913

Killed by German Bomb 1915

Mob law scenes 1919

Explosion on the submarine Deutschland in dry dock 1921

Christmas recipes WW11

Fire Brigade trials 1939

Air raid precautions for animals 1939

Tear-gas explosions, Liverpool cinemas 1939

Evacuation of children Sept 1939

Tram crash during the black out 1940

Brave Liverpool Boys 1940

WW11 bombing 12/14 March and May Blitz, 1941

May Blitz Liverpool 1941

Mystery of the Skeleton in a Cylinder, 1945

Battle of the Atlantic and link to Capt F. J. Walker

George SMITH of Coalville, "The children's friend"

Douglas, Isle of Man, War Memorial


Police Monument Toxteth Park cemetery, links to deaths etc

Information related to Merseyside shipping history


Liverpool as it was during the last quarter of the 18th C, Richard BROOKE

Old Liverpool, Rev R. POSTANCE. M.A

History of Everton, Robert SYERS 1830, DIRECTORY 1830 from pg 433

History of the Hundred of Wirral, William Williams Mortimer 1847

Liverpool Directory 1766

Liverpool Poll book 1833

Recollections of old Liverpool by a nonagenarian 1863


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