St Georges Hall, in aid of St Bartholomews Ch, Roby 1877

Liverpool Journal, Oct 20th 1877

Bazaar at St Georges Hall

St Bartholomews Church Roby

A grand bazaar was opened on Thursday by his worship the Mayor, Alderman A. B. WALKER, in St Georges Hall, in aid of funds for clearing off the debt upon St Bartholomews Church, Roby, The distinguished auspices under which the bazaar was held, the Earl of Derby and the Countess being among those who have given their patronage, as well as the largeness of the attendance on the opening day and the excellence of the object being promoted, all seem to promise the most successful and satisfactory results from the undertaking.

The stalls extending both sides of the hall were most tastefully got up, each surmounted by a trophy or flag, and laden with a rich profusion of articles, among which were some beautifully painted banner screens and exquisite feather work.

The ladies of the congregation were large contributors of attractive wares, displayed on some of the stalls, one stall contained a large and beautiful collection of plants, for the growth of which the neighbourhood of Roby has a special reputation. This stall was in the centre of the hall and the green foliage contrasted pleasingly with the white drapery of the surrounding stalls, with their brilliantly coloured articles of use and ornament displayed on them.

Amongst the attractions at the bazaar was a very pretty pony whose presence outside the building created a lot of interest amongst the juvenile members of the community.

List of the ladies presiding at the stalls:-

Mrs E. BANNER, Blacklow House, Roby

Mrs G. J. BANNER, The Vicarage, Roby

Mrs BEAN, Albion Villa, Roby

Mrs BRISTOW, Rock Hey, Wavertree

Mrs GREENE, Grant Rd, Knotty Ash

Mrs HIGGIN, Ethersall, Roby

Mrs IHLER, Huyton Hey House, Huyton

Mrs PILKINGTON, Roby Hall, Roby

Mrs ROYDEN, High Carrs, Roby

Mrs SEGAR, The Grove, Huyton

Mrs WILSON, Napier Terrace, 53 Canning St, Liverpool

There was an amply supplied refreshment stall, to which all the viands and beverages have been contributed. An unusual music attraction was secured by the presence of the Band of the Coldstream Guards, conducted by Mr Fred GODFREY.

Among those attending besides the Mayor and Mayoress were the Rev G. J. BANNER Vicar of Roby, Messers, G. F. IHLER, R. D. PEDDER, E. BANNER, J. WILSON, Joseph ROYDEN, W. SIMPSON.

The Rev G. J. BANNER called on the Mayor to declare the bazaar open, saying that there had been improvements connected with the church undertaken in 1856, 1866 and 1876 the cost of each amounting to 6,000 that had been defrayed with in the parish and they were now appealing outside the parish for assistance in raising 1.200 necessary to free the church from debt and to complete it according to the original design by the addition of a spire. The Mayor then responded by saying that it was a pleasing duty for him to attend an occasion when the undertaking was of a charitable nature, and he was especially gratified when the work at hand was the building of a school or enlargement of a church. He had known Rev Mr BANNER for many years having resided for a long time in the neighbourhood of Roby.

The Mayor concluded in declaring the bazaar open.


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