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December 22nd, 1849

Christmas around the markets

Christmas approaches as jollily as ever, heralded by his seasonal attendance, Frost, and in his train, Plenty, from her lap pours forth a more than usual supply of, “Life’s good things.”

From the dealer in raisins to the slaughterer of fat oxen.

The importation of beasts and poultry from, Ireland and Scotland has been larger than any other occasion hitherto.

The supply of poultry to St John’s market for the last few days has averaged, 60 crates per day, each crate containing 200 birds.

We took our ramble through the markets beginning South and proceeding North, but prior to our walk we took a look at the opposition Butchers in James St.

1stly that of Mr JONES, who originated the fuvor for, “Cheap meat,” here the display of beef and mutton was very good, and from the crowded attendance, if, “quick returns and small profits,” be a good system, he is making a good thing of it.

Leaving, Mr JONES, we stepped into the, “leviathan opposition.” The establishment, a joint proprietorship of a body of butchers under the control of Albert SMITH. The shop is large and commodious with an array of shopmen, hard at work, there were plenty customers, the business done must be great. A better stored shop, or finer display of meat has rarely ever been seen. I stood surrounded by, 70 sheep, 27 oxen and 2 calves. Beef and mutton ranged from 31/2 to 5d a lb, veal 41/2 to 5d a lb.

St James Market.

The display here was good and plentiful consisting mainly of beef and mutton. The market was tastefully decorated with evergreens. Mr Robert LAWSON and Mr Charles SILLITOE exhibited some fine beef and mutton, also some veal. At the shop of Mr John BROMILOW Jnr, amongst an excellent supply of meat was a beautiful pig of 19 score and 15lbs in weight, fed by Job SHUFFLEBOTTOM Esq of Halewood.

At the shop of Timothy WEBSTER, a beautiful sheep, weighing 7 score, bred at Brook Farm, Garston and 2 lambs offered at 7d a lb.

Some excellent beef and mutton were also seen at the shops of, Mr OUTRAM, Mr CROWTHER, Mr MEESON, Mrs ELLISON and Mrs Margaret EDWARDS. The price of beef and mutton ranging from 4 to 61/2d a lb.

At the stall of Mr Edward TOBIN, No 7, were 3 extremely large pigs, one not inappropriately termed, “the monster pig.”

This animal 19 mths and 5 days old was bred by Mr Job SHUFFLEBOTTOM and fed by Mr LAFFOON, and weighed 10cwt 1qr 10lb, the second largest 7cwt 3qr 10lb, and least 10 mths old, 3cwt.

St Johns Market

This great central, “mart for things perishable,” beggars description especially viewed as we viewed it by gaslight.

It presented all gaiety of aspect, by the appliances of decorated evergreens and illuminated devices. Nothing could surpass the gratifying appearance of the shop of Mr T. TOMLINSON, mutton and beef of first rate quality, fed by J. ROGERSON Esq, Gregsland, Dumfries, J. HEWITT Esq, Woodsike Cumberland, A. POLLOCK Esq, Mountains Town, Ireland, the Hon E. C. DOUGLAS, Penryhn Castle and J. P. GARNETT Esq

The shop of Mr Robert DENTITH also stood conspicuously to view for its quality of mutton and beef, and more especially for a fat calf fed by Lady PEGENA of Pulford, Cheshire, only 10 weeks old, weighing 20 score.

The shop of Thomas FLETCHER should not go unnoticed. Here a beautiful Durham Ox fed by Thomas FULLARD Esq of Thornley Abbey near Peterborough was exhibited and some excellent lambs.

Mr Thomas LOWTHEAN exhibited excellent beef and mutton, fed by Lord GROSVENOR and Lord STRATHALLAN and the Duke of BUCCLEUCH, and a fine pig by the Earl of DERBY

The shops of Mrs Elizabeth HINTON and Mr Edward LOWCOCK were conspicuous.

The price of lamb throughout the market ranged from 16s to 9 guineas per quarter.

The, “cheap movement,” has not yet reached this market, and a placard has been issued by the joint body of butchers, announcing meat can be bought here as cheap as in any other town and cautioned the public against the, “ticketed,” low priced meat which it stated was of the lowest quality. The assertion should be left for the public to judge.

The pork stalls were excellently supplied, Mr Thomas CROWLY exhibited a pig fed by the, Marguis of WATERFORD, weighing 41 stone 5lbs and another fine specimen fed by Mr WOODS, Licensed victullar, Shaws Brow. Another fine hog was fed by W. FAGAN Esq. M.P.

Mr James BREADLEY’S stall had a specimen fed by Mr B. DOUGHERTY of Londonderry, weighing 45 stone 13lbs. The sides and hams were stated to have been bought by Mr H HARDING, sausage manufacturer, Rose Place. 5 pigs fed by Neal MC DERMOT, of Londonderry part of which had been bought by Mr CLEGG, 32 Canning Place, were also exhibited.

The average market price of game and poultry:-

Partridges, 3s per brace

Pheasants, 6s-6d to 7s-6d

Hares, 2s-3p each

Rabbits, 1s to 2s per couple

Capons, from 5s to 7s

Woodcocks, 6s per brace

Snipes, 1s-4d per brace

Turkeys, from 3s-6d to 15s

Geese, from 3s-6d to 8s

Mr John JOHNSON’S shop in Queens Square is well worth a visit for game and poultry, his usual large supply being greatly increased.

Gill St and Scotland Rd markets

At these markets nothing like a general Christmas display was attempted but in both places much good meat was offered.

In Scotland Rd, market Joseph DARLINGTON’S shop displayed an attractive appearance. A large number of fat sheep of the, Duke of ATHOL’S breed the beef fed by the Marquis of TAVISTOCK were exhibited.

Mr NATION of Commutation Row, exhibited a prize ox fed by Sir G. R. PHILLIPS and a beautiful, Devon heifer, bred and fed by J. GERRARD Esq. Mr MOSFORD of Islington has 4 beautiful fat beasts, 18 sheep and 2 calves and a fat pig weighing 35 score, fed by, T. B. HORSFALL. Esq, West Derby.

The display at Mr LAWCOCK’S of London Rd was excellent, it embraced a 4 yr old heifer, fed and bred by, J. SINGLESBURY Esq of Farnell Hall, Yorkshire and cheviot wether mutton. Fed and bred by J. SINGLESBURY Esq.

In the presence of such abundance the humane need not be reminded that at this season there are many, shut out by poverty from the enjoyment of Christmas.

Traders, St John's Mkt 1892

St John's

Traders, St Martin's Mkt 1892

St Martin's


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