Fire Brigade trials 1939

Air raid shelters being built

Liverpool Daily Post, Feb 24h 1939

Auxiliary Fire Service volunteers undergoing training at Hatton Garden headquarters of the Liverpool Fire Brigade. Left, a squad in protective clothing carrying a Home Office light fire pump, which has been detached from its trolley. Right, volunteers being instructed in methods of directing and controlling jets, fed through a Home Office heavy pump, for use in zones where the fire risk is greater.

Liverpool Daily Post, Mar 17th 1939

Members of the Liverpool Auxiliary Fire Brigade in their new uniforms during practice last night with the trailer pumps at St Anne Instruction Centre Liverpool

Liverpool Daily Post, April 18th 1939

Members of the Liverpool Auxiliary Fire Brigade at practise last night on two burning houses in the evacuation area of South Chester St Liverpool

Liverpool Daily Post, June 30th 1939

Members of the Liverpool Auxiliary Fire Brigade who are attending the National Service Rally in Hyde Park on Sunday. Commandant W. H. PIERCE is on the left with Chief Officer OAKES, of the Liverpool Fire Brigade

Liverpool Daily Post, Nov 6th 1939

The Liverpool Fire Brigade quelling an imaginary fire at the Town Hall, caused by incendiary bombs, during the A.R.P trials yesterday

Trial by the fire service, fighting incendiaries at Sheil Park

Fire floats on the Leeds Liverpool Canal

Evening Express April 20h, 1943

Firemen at practise on one of the Mersey fire boats which patrol the docks, and are as important a part of British Fire Services today, as the fire engine. They are known as, Water Rats, equipped with four powerful pumps, the fire boat can throw a 150 feet jet of water at the rate of 100 gallons a minute.


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