Emigrant statue, Albert Dock

Adventures of a transported convict, Charles Adolphus KING

Horrors of Transportation

Leaving of Liverpool, Letter from a young man on a voyage to United states 1848

Loss of the emigrant ship FLORIDIAN and 171 lives, mainly German agricultural labourers 1849

Letter home from the "diggins" California 1849

Steerage passengers, The Graphic

Conditions for female emigrants to Australia 1850

Protection of emigrants from the "Land sharks"1850

Fat lady in trouble at sea, 1852

Letter home from Port Philip, 1852

Voyage of the RATTLESNAKE and rescue of a Scottish woman emigrant, March, 1852

Accident to the steamer Nimrod and plight of emigrants 1853

Plague ships 1853

Journal of the voyage from Liverpool to New York on the emigrant ship CONSTELLATION 1853

Letter home from an emigrant on the Star of the East to Melbourne 1853

Dreadful mortality on emigrant ships, 1849 / 1854

Conditions on the Australian ships 1854/1855

Departure of the TORNADO to New Zealand, June 1859

Letter home from a soldiers wife on a voyage to India, Jan 1860

Emigration of Jewish refugees from Liverpool, 1882

Dr BARNARDO, Judgement at the House of Lords 1892

On board an emigrant ship, The Graphic, embarkation.

Applications for Naturalisation 1939



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