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Misc Prominent people and famous places

Jeremiah HORROX

Freehold estates and tithes, in Kirkdale, Fazakerley, Walton, Great and Little Crosby, Lydiate, Maghull, Melling, Tarbock, Liverpool etc, 1800

Leasowe Castle

Fort and Lighthouse Perch Rock, 1826-1827

Richard Robert JONES, alias Dick Aberdaron "Dirty Dick"

Death of Sarah BIFFIN minature painter, 1850


Property Auction Liverpool and Everton, Nov 1854

Edge Lane Hall

Murder at Lawford Hall

Newsham House

Mersey Docks Institute, Jan 1860

Mr LYNN and the Waterloo Hotel 1870

George SMITH of Coalville, "The children's friend"

Molly Bushell's legacy, Everton Toffee

Death of Mr John Hays WILSON, 1881

Re-interment of Emily MATHER, 1892

Dr BARNARDO, Judgement at the House of Lords 1892

The opening of Wavertree Playground, "The Mystery" 1895

Death of Sir David GAMBLE, Bart, K.C.B, Feb 1907

A visit to the Gordon SMITH Institute, January 12th 1907

Roosevelt links to Merseyside April 1941

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