The new Wigan railway passing through Burscough Bridge

Southport Visiter,

Apr 19th 1855

The new Wigan railway

After passing through Burscough Bridge, this line is a very pleasant one. The country is well cultivated, and the railway passes on the higher side of the canal, affording views like the winding of a river.

The soil seems of a rich and productive kind. Newburg is the first station at present beyond Burscough and is prettily situated. On the north side is Hunter’s Hill and a ramble to its summit will repay the pedestrian. It is not far from Harrock Hall and there is good scenery in the direction of the Ribble and the Mersey.

On the south side of Newburg station is the village with its brook, windmill and rural cottages. It is celebrated for its cakes called after its name --- Newburg cakes. They resemble in taste the best Eccles cakes, but are made in a square form and generally sold for 2d each.

Picnic parties from Southport may be supplied with these luxuries, and the juveniles will be delighted with the treat. Eventually there may be a good traffic in these cakes, rivalling the Ormskirk business in gingerbread.

Ramblers on foot may pass along the township of Dalton once celebrated for the best cheese, but the railway will now carry off the milk to the markets in the large towns. One farm had 33 cows, but now the milk is sent off and paid for every Saturday, instead of being converted into cheese and kept for 12mths.

Ashurst’s Beacon is well worth seeing, it was built during the French War. Cobb’s Crow in Lathom is at the foot and is good looking with plenty of trees and water. From Newburg pedestrians may go to the north end of Lathom Park, and pass the windings of the Taud and the old lodge. Some deer are generally stalking along this side of the park adding to the interest of the scene. Lathom gardens are well worth seeing and a rose tree nearly 40yds long, called the Lathom Runner, is exhibited. Grapes, oranges etc are growing in the hot-houses. Lathom Chapel is beautifully neat and the school rooms and alm-houses are always in good order.

The dairy in the park should be visited, kept so neat and tidy, there is a large pond for ducks and geese, and all kinds of poultry are kept for the hall.


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