Air Raid precautions for Animals 1939

Daily Post 7th October 1939

Air raid Precautions for Animals

In order to protect the animals of the country against war risks the Home Office has appointed the National Air Raid Precautions Animals Committee [N.A.R.P.A.C.] which includes representatives of the R.S.P.C.A., Our Dumb Friends League, as well as the National Veterinary Medical Association. All are co-operating under Mr Henry SUMNER and Mr N. M. CLAYTON

Full list:-

Veterinary Establishments

BERRY. W.A, 11 Hougomont Ave, Waterloo

BERRY. W. G, 80 Gardner Ave, Bootle

CLAYTON. N. M, 9 Hamilton Square, Birkenhead and Woodside Lairage

COCKBURN. W. L, 156 Princes Rd and 63 Jamaica St, Park Lane.

DOBIE Alexander, 27 Shewsbury Rd, Birkenhead

DOBIE Thomas, 3 St Andrews Rd, Birkenhead.

ELAM Charles W, 8 Roscommon St and 22 Weldon St, Walton

LILBURNE J. F. W, 172 Seaview Rd, Wallasey.

LINDSAY P. T, 58 High St, Woolton.

MICHIE N. G, 32 Low Hill.

ROGERS H. G, 2 Balliol Rd, Bootle and 8 Beaumaris St, Bootle

SHALLCROSS E. P, 98 Mill Lane, West Derby.

SOMMERVILLE T. G, 1A Wembley Rd, Mossley Hill.

SUMNER Henry, Chapel Court, Vauxhall Rd, and 64 Litherland Rd, Bootle

THOMPSON Miss Phyllis E, 141 Market St, Hoylake and 27 Stanley Ave, Wallasey.

WALKER Arthur, Greenfield, Town Row, West Derby.

WHITE James H, 53-55 Arundel St

WHITE Ronald S, 127 Liverpool Rd, Great Crosby.

WOOD T. G, 323 Claughton Rd, Birkenhead and 65 Seaview Rd, Wallasey

YATES Miss Muriel E, 6 Mayville Rd, Mossley Hill and 29 Dalmeny St, Toxteth Park.

Animal Depots

Liverpool Cats Shelters, 11 Mount Vernon Rd, Edge Hill, 90 Smith St, Kirkdale and 230 Mill St.

Liverpool Animal Clinics, Larch Lea, Everton and 230 Mill St

Liverpool Horses Rest, Higher Rd, Halewood.

Liverpool Dogs Home, Edge Lane.

MORRIS Mrs, 6 Water St, Waterloo.

Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals of the poor, 187 Stanley Rd, Bootle and St Johns Rd, Waterloo.

Birkenhead Cats Home and Animal Clinic, 163 Livingstone St, Birkenhead

Wallasey Cat and Dog Shelter, 56 Longland Rd, Wallasey.

Wallasey Council for Animals, Welfare dispensary, 56 Poulton Rd, Wallasey.

R.S.P.C.A Officers

Inspector H. L. DEE, 6 Wavertree Nook Rd

Inspector E. H. BUCKLAND, 17 Goodacre Rd, Walton

Inspector W. OXLEY, 41 Loretto Drive, Upton, Wirral.




Regional organisers.


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