Police and Fire Brigade

Mersey River Police

Brave River Policeman William PEGLER

St Michaels, Toxteth Park, Clergy

Misc Trades and Occupations

Queen's Nurses

Publicans and Beersellers

Bankrupts and insolvancies

Increase in cotton manufacture, 1852

Select Vestry Gratuities paid to medical staff, Brownlow Hill etc for extra services during the choleric epidemic, Jan 1855

A visit to Vauxhall Foundry 1855

A visit to the Mersey Forge 1855

Cruelty to a climbing-boy, April 1855

Police, prisoners, prisons Liverpool Life, 1857

Preston Banking Company persons of whom the company or partnerships consist 1858

Southport and Ormskirk Agricultural show 1858, Farmers etc

Church and Clergy 1859

A visit to Liverpool's preserve manufactory, Jan 1860

Prescot watchmakers and the "Truck System" 1871

The life of a Dock Labourer, by a Dock Labourer 1882

Letter from a Corporation watchman, 1887

Traders St John's Mkt 1892

Traders, St Martin's Mkt 1892

James Taylor, engineer, Britannia Engine Works, Birkenhead, 1817-1894

James Taylor COCHRAN, engineer, Cochran and Co, Britannia Engine Works, Birkenhead

Certified Plumbers 1897

Boy Labour at St Helens 1899

Step girls 1913

Match seller 1913

Patents and Trade marks

Police Monument Toxteth Park cemetery, links to deaths etc

Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society Awards to Police and Fire Brigade


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