Liverpool Mercury

Aug 17th 1907

Pageant snippets

Sequel to the Pageant

In connection to the Liverpool septcentenary celebrations was seen in the Coroner’s Court on Monday when the Dept Coroner held an inquest into the death of Catherine JENKINS infant daughter of William JENKINS, Master draper, Park Rd, Dingle. During the festivities the little girl was taken into the park in a go-cart, she had just been placed on the grass, when a runaway horse belonging to Richard CHAMPION, China merchant, Moses St, dashed up. The horse was attached to a lorry, the wheels of which passed over the head of the infant. The child was taken to a doctor’s house near the park, but died early on Saturday morning. The Dept Coroner said, he was glad to say that, that was the only case arising out of the festivities. - The jury returned a verdict of accidental death, but, thought the owner of the horse and cart should be censured for sending a small boy out in charge of it.

Pageant celebrations at Walton Workhouse.

The inmates of Walton workhouse had their pageant treat on Monday when the whole of the poor people, 2,448 in total, participated in the birthday entertainment arranged by Mrs MORRISON [Lady member of West Derby Guardians] and Mrs GOTTS the Matron of the workhouse. The programme included Morris dancers and drills performed by the boys of the Boy’s Refuge in St Annes St, who figured in the recent pageant, and musical items by Mrs Roland HUNEY, Miss Daisy SMITH, both of Wavertree and Mr WILLIAMS and a party of pageant choristers.

The Morris dance and drills took place in the grounds of the workhouse, witnessed with delight by all the able-bodied inmates, while the concert party entertained those unable to leave the wards. Extra fare was allowed by the guardians and was much appreciated. The Lady Mayoress addressed the gathering saying it gave her great pleasure to come and see them and that she hoped they had enjoyed themselves. Hearty cheers were given for the Lady Mayoress and Mrs MORRISON.

Decorated tram awards

In connection with the septcentenary celebrations the management of Liverpool Tramways promoted a competition amongst their servants for tramcar decorations

Prizes have been awarded to the following shed foremen :-

Night foremen, 1st prize, J. GRIFFITHS [Green Lane] £2-10s, 2nd prize, A. W. BEATTIE [Walton] £1-10s, 3rd prize, J. TEESE [Dingle] 15s.

Day foremen, 1st prize, H. CUNDALL [Dingle] £2-10s, 2nd prize, R. DINSDALE [Smithdown Rd] £1-10s, 3rd prize, J. DOWLING [Litherland] 15s.

20 cars were specially decorated, bunting was placed on the remainder of the cars in service. The decorations were very much appreciated by the public judging by the favourable comments. The illuminated car also came in for a share in the comments on the three principal nights of the pageant.

Last of the pageant

A supplementary performance of the Liverpool pageant was given on Saturday afternoon in the presence of a vast audience. As protest against the bungling arrangements for the pageant workers to visit Lord Charles BERESFORD flagship on Thursday, a number of pageanters absented themselves from the production, but their places were soon filled.

HMS JUNO in the Mersey

The cruiser JUNO which left the Mersey on Friday with other vessels of the Channel Fleet returned from Blackpool on Saturday and lay at anchor opposite the George’s landing stage till 8pm, when she set out to join the other vessels of the Fleet. Her object in returning to the Mersey was to pick up blue jackets who had been unable to rejoin their respective ships, for one reason or another, and had been left ashore.


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