Hangings Kirkdale Jail

Murder at Lawford Hall

Misc Murders

Devon murder mystery 1810

Felo de Se, the case at Liverpool 1815 of Thomas COSGROVE

The murder of Inspector W. H. ROSS, police-inspector No 317, 1838

The murder of David BAILEY, police-officer, 1839

The Comb Shopbrow murder St Helens 1842

The murder of Richard FAIRCLOUGH, police-officer No 78, 1844

Death of Capt HALSEY of the THOMAS BENNETT, 1844

Alleged murder, of a Kirkdale grocer, 1845

Cholera and infanticide 1849

Leveson St, murder 1849

Murder of James BIRCHALL at Huyton 1852

Attempted murder at Kirkdale 1852

The murder of Richard SUNDERLAND, police-officer No 732, 1853

Liverpool man executed in New York 1853

Murder of police-constable John MATTHEWS, at Oxton, 1854

Dreadful deaths from starvation 1855

Execution of Baranellli 1855

Murder and suicide Nantwich 1855

Murder of police-constable William VAUGHAN, at Birkenhead, 1856

3 murders, Liverpool assizes, 1858

Manslaughter on the BOGOTA 1859

Extraordinary case of child murder 1859

Trial for the murder of the Capt and Chief Officer of the ACCRINGTON, March, 1860

Burying a child alive 1860

Murder in Oldhall St, 1863

Murder of James BARTON, at the Button Pit, Haigh, 1863

Execution of Thomas GRIME for the Button Pit murder, 1866

Attempted murder of an aunt, 1866

The murder of Adam Mather at St Helens, 1867

The murder of Phillis Heyes at St Helens, 1868

Shocking child murder at Tuebrook, and Penrith, 1877

Suspected murder, 1879

The Tranmere baby farmers, 1879

Murder of Capt BROWNRIGG of H.M.S LONDON 1882

Blackstone Street, murder 1884

Alleged child murder, West Derby, 1888

The trial of Florence MAYBRICK for the murder of her husband James MAYBRICK

Manslaughter, 1890

Baby Farming, 1890

Wavertree Tragedy, 1890

Sack murder, 1891

Re-interment of Emily MATHER, 1892

The murder of James GORDON, St Helens, police-constable, 1893

Suicide and attempted murder at St Helens, 1894

Sefton Tragedy 1896

St Helens mystery death of Miss M'Levey 1897

The murder and outrage of Sarah FLAHERTY at St Helens, 1898

Mysterious death of a woman, Jan 21st 1899

Attempted murder at Upholland, Jan 21st 1899

St Helens drowning, mother charged with murder 1900

An unsolved Liverpool tragedy 1908, The Madge KIRBY murder 1908

Everton murderer executed 1911

Hopwood and Williams executed 1913

St Helen's tragedy 1913

Murder of Miriam Annie NAPIER, suicide of soldier husband 1917

Murder of Mary DRURY, 1920

Attempted murder by a mother at Birkdale, 1922

Margaret HEYES of St Helens charged with child murder at Southport, 1924

Murder of Mary HAGAN, 1940


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