Jeremiah HORROX

Liverpool Mercury, December 26th 1826

Monument to the memory of Jeremiah HORROX, the Toxteth Park Astronomer

Our readers have been apprized by Mr HOLDEN, during the course of lectures on astronomy, in this town devoted the receipts of one evening to erecting a monument to the memory of Jeremiah HORROX. The tablet has been neatly erected by Messers FRANCEYS and SPENCE of Liverpool, and is now placed in St Michael's church, Toxteth Park. The annexed engraving represents the tablet, consisting of a statutory scroll, on a brown, black ground, with a representation of Venus passing the sun's disc. The horizontal rude lines represent the inscription, a copy of which we here subjoin, as it could not have been given so as to be legible on a small scale on the engraving.

In "Memorials of Liverpool" HORROX is spoken of as a young man, whose brilliant genius has shed lustre on his place of birth, and whose untimely removal was a heavy loss to the cause of scientific inquiry" HORROX was the son of a small farmer occupying a house that was called the "Lower Lodge" It was situated near the embouchure of Otterspool Brook into the Mersey. When the Runcorn Railway was constructed the house was pulled down, and its site is now occupied by Otterspool Station. He was born either in the year 1619 or 1617, there being some doubt as to the exact year, and it is believed he was buried in the grounds of the Ancient Chapel, Toxteth, his death taking place on January 3rd 1641, when he was 24 years of age.


The Lancaster Gazette and General Advertiser, December 30, 1826

In the course of Astronomical Lectures which Mr HOLDEN delivered in this town some time ago, his allusion to the Rev J. HORROX, the celebrated Astronomer, to whose talents and research the whole of the professors of that sublime science who have flourished since his death, both in England and the Continent, are in no small degree indebted, even Sir Isaac NEWTON himself may be said to have built his superstructure upon the foundation laid by that genius, and to the disgrace of the country Mr H, observed there was not even so much as a stone to mark the place where his remains were laid! and expressed his intention on his return to that part of the country, of giving the receipt of a course of lectures to erect a monument to perpetuate his memory. This promise, much to his credit, we find from the last Liverpool papers has been fulfilled, and a monument, neatly executed by Messers FRANCEYS and SPENCE, of Liverpool, has been placed in St Michael's Church, Toxteth Park, of which place Mr HORROX was a native. It consists of a brown mural tablet, bearing a statuary scroll, with the presentation on Venus passing the Sun's disc, below which is the following inscription:-


In Memory of


One of the greatest Astronomers this Kingdom ever produced.

Born in Toxteth Park, in 1619:

Died in 1641, aged 22.

His observations were made at Hoole,

Eight miles from Preston,

Where he predicted, and was the first person who saw

The transit of Venus over the Sun.

This Memorial was erected by M. HOLDEN, Astronomer,



The Preston Guardian, Saturday, May 30, 1857

Monument to Jeremiah HORROX

The Rev R. BRICKEL, rector of Hoole, is anxious to erect in his parish church some memorial of Jeremiah HORROX, who, when discharging the duties of minister of that parish in the year 1639, was the first person to observe a transit of Venus over the sun. Towards this object he is now appealing to astronomers and others who take an interest in scientific pursuits throughout the country. It is not as yet decided what form the memorial will take, but it has been suggested that a clock be placed in the tower of the venerable church. There is reason to believe that the sun dial which is so prominent an object in the old tower was placed there by HORROX. We may add that about 30 years ago, a monument was erected through the instrumentality of our townsman Mr Moses HOLDEN, in the church of St Michael at Toxteth Park, near Liverpool, to the memory of HORROX, he having been born in Toxteth. Mr HOLDEN feeling that there ought to be some memorial of the young astronomer, who had done so much for his favourite science, delivered a lecture in Liverpool in aid of the object of erecting a monument to him, and with the proceeds the monument in Toxteth Church was placed there. As HOOLE was the scene of HORROX'S observations and of his ministry, we doubt not that Mr BICKEL'S object of having a memorial of him there will meet with general support.

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