Clyst St George, Deaths and Funerals

Trewmans Flying Post, other than stated

January 13, 1825

Died yesterday morning, aged 73, at St George's Clyst, Mr ELLARD, late of this city, late a PROCTOR, of Exeter, a gentleman highly respected both in his professional and private life, and deeply lamented by his family and friends

July 24, 1828

A verdict of Accidental death, was on Saturday returned at an inquest at the Hospital, on a boy named TROUT, of St George's Clyst, who 10 days before he had been struck on the head by a hammer, unintentionally hurled by another boy.

North Devon Journal 09 May 1833

Death, On Sunday last at Clyst St George Emma, youngest daughter of the late Robert PATCH Esq of this city.

Western Times 10 May 1834

Deaths, On the 25th April, after a few days illness at Oxford, Francis Rous ELLICOMBE, Commoner of Balliol College, only son of the Rev William Rous ELLICOMBE, Rector of Clyst St George

June 9, 1836

Death, June 1st, Mary wife of James LENDON of Clist St George after a short illness aged 60.

Western Times 13 February 1847

Deaths, Feb 8th, Clyst St George , Sarah Jenkins wife of Mr William BOYS, and eldest daughter of the late Richard TEED Esq of London.

Western Times 30 December 1848

Deaths, Dec 22nd, Clyst St George aged 64 years, after a long and painful illness borne with patience and Christian fortitude, deeply lamented by her family and friends, Mrs Mary ARUNDELL

August 30, 1849

Death, August 21st, at the Rectory Clist St George, aged 76, Rev William Rous ELLICOMBE, rector of that parish for 39yrs, sincerely lamented by all who knew him.

August 18, 1853

Death, August 10th, at the Rectory, Clist St George, Walter Bridges ELLICOMBE of Oriel College, Oxford, youngest son of the Rev Henry Thomas ELLICOMBE, aged 22

January 4, 1855

Death, December 27th, at the Rectory, Clyst St George, Jane Isabella, eldest daughter of the Rev Henry Thomas ELLACOMBE

March 13, 1856

Melancholy death of a young woman, by burning, An inquest was held at the Valiant Soldier Inn, on Friday last, before H. W. HOOPER Esq, coroner, on the body of Sarah Fanny PITFIELD, aged 24. The deceased was housekeeper to an old man named Daniel STONE at Clyst St George, by whom she had been brought up. On Tuesday last in the absence of Mr STONE, the poor woman's clothes caught fire by a lighted stick falling from the grate. Her screams were heard by a neighbour Sarah POTTER, who went for a blanket seeing the woman in flames, it was put round her but the deceased was severely burnt. Every attention was paid to her by Mrs POTTER, who applied linseed oil to the burns and put her to bed. Dr BRENT was sent for and she was immediately taken to the Devon and Exeter Hospital where she lingered until Thursday evening in great agony and died. Mr REED who attended her in the absence of Mr BIGGS, house surgeon, said the severe burns and shock caused her death. Verdict, "Accidental death."

March 27, 1856

Death, March 24th, at Manor Cottage, Clist St George, after a protracted illness, borne with calmest Christian fortitude, resignation and faith, deeply lamented and highly respected, William REED, aged 63, auctioneer and surveyor of the firm of REED and WARREN.

August 12, 1858

Death, August 2nd, Rose Cottage, Clist St George, after a painful illness, Charles Alexander WESTCOTT, artist and drawing master, aged 49.

December 16, 1858

Death, December 9th, at Marsh, Clyst St George, William Henry GIBBS. Esq, aged 67

September 1, 1859

Death, August 16th, James the youngest and beloved son of Mr H. PIDSLEY, of Court Farm, Clist St George, aged 8.

Western Times 05 May 1860 Deaths, On Saturday, 28th inst, Karsfield, Clyst St George Robert PINHEY, Esq, F. R. C. S, late surgeon General of the Bombay Army, aged 67. Western Times 23 September 1864


Sept 18th, Clyst St George, Grace GREENSLADE, aged 89

Sept 15th, Court Brook, Clyst St George, Eliza PIDSLEY aged 29.

Sept 13th, Clyst St George, Mary RUTTER, aged 66

January 11, 1865

Death, January 8th, the Rectory Clyst St George, Anne Frances Nicholson, 3rd surviving daughter of the Rev H. T. ELLACOMBE, rector, aged 39.

January 18, 1865

Death, January 8th, at Clist St George, Elizabeth the wife of John COOK, yeoman.

March 28, 1866

Death, March 25th, at Lympstone, Margery aged 86, relict of Thomas STOGDON, and youngest daughter of the late Robert SUXPITCH Esq, formerly of Clyst St George

May 9, 1866

Death, May 1st, Charity, relict of William REED, of Clist St George, aged 64

Western Times 08 February 1867

Deaths, BAKER, At Clyst St George , Mary relict of Mr George BAKER, aged 67.

October 28, 1868

Death, October 14th, at Clyst St George, Mr Thomas WARREN, aged 71

Western Times 04 March 1870

Deaths, PARR, Feb 24th, AT Brighton, William Samuel 2nd son of the late Samuel PARR, Esq of Knowle, Clyst St George aged 26.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 02 September 1870

Deaths, CORNISH, Aug 29th, Clyst St George Mary Ann widow of Mr William CORNISH, aged 65.

Western Times 12 June 1871

Deaths, June 3rd, at the Hospital, Exeter, M. W. SKINNER, eldest son of the late Capt SKINNER, Clyst St George

November 22, 1871

Death, November 19th, at the Rectory, Clyst St George, Charlotte the beloved wife of the Rev Henry Thomas ELLACOMBE, and last surviving daughter of the late Rev Robert Palk WELLAND, rector of Shillingford and Dunchidcock, aged 73.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 04 April 1873

Deaths, April 2nd, SIM, At Knowle, Clyst St George, Maria Rosalie, the beloved wife of William Clulow SIM Esq

February 18, 1874

Death, February 10th, at 3 Polsloe Villas, Exeter, Marian Ellen daughter of the late Mr C. A. WESTCOTT, Clyst St George

October 7, 1874

Death, October 2nd at Exmouth, Caroline Eliza Rous, 3rd daughter of the late Rev William Rous ELLICOMBE, rector of Clyst St George and of Esther Harriet, his wife.

March 10, 1875

Death, March 7th, Matilda, eldest daughter of Mr J. MAY, Holm Bush Farm, Clyst St George, aged 23

November 17, 1875

Death, November 9th, at Kenniford, Clist St George, John SHILES, aged 73, deeply lamented by a circle of friends and relatives.

January 3, 1877

Death, December 28th, Topsham, Harriett, relict of Henry PIDSLEY, Court Farm, Clyst St George, aged 73

Western Times 23 March 1877

Deaths, POTTER, March 12th, Cades Cottage, Clyst St George Sarah POTTER aged 86

May 2, 1877

Death, April 27th, the Rectory, Clyst St George, Maud, daughter of the Rev H. N. ELLACOMBE, Vicar of Bitton Gloucester, aged 13.

Western Times 03 January 1879

Deaths, GODBEER, Dec 26th, Three Horse Shoes, Clyst St George , Mary Ann, the wife of the late Henry GODBEER, of Barnstable, aged 69.

Western Times 02 May 1879

Deaths, POTTER, April 26th, Clyst St George , Mr Henry POTTER, aged 75.

May 28, 1879

Death, May 25th, Louisa, 2nd daughter of the late John HELLIER, of Marsh Barton, Clist St George

December 31, 1879

Death, December 26th, Violet Augusta De Burgh, daughter of the Rev A. Tyrrell LABATT, Clyst St George, aged 12.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 02 January 1880

Deaths, LABATT, Dec 26th, Violet Augusta de Burgh, daughter of the Rev A. Tyrell LABATT, Clyst St George aged 14.

Western Times 19 March 1880

Deaths, WALTERS, March 8th, drowned in Teignmouth Harbour, John WALTERS of Clyst St George, , aged 53, captain of the ship Benjamin Scott.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 14 October 1881

Deaths, ELLICOMBE, Oct 10th, 17 Beacon, Exmouth, Harriet the eldest surviving daughter of the late Rev William Rous ELLICOMBE, Rector of Clyst St George , aged 75.

February 22, 1882

Deaths, February 7th, Clyst St George, Edward MITCHELL, aged 66, February 17th, at the same place, Sarah wife of the above aged 64.

Western Times 12 May 1882

Deaths, GLASS, May 9th, Clyst St George Mr William GLASS aged 62.

July 5, 1882

Death, July 3rd, Clyst St George, Robert SKINNER, aged 76, 50yrs Parish Clerk and Master of Lady Seaward's School.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 20 July 1883

Deaths, SIM, At Knowle, Clyst St George, after a lingering illness borne with Christian patience and resignation, Katherine Rosalie, the dearly loved daughter of William SIM, aged 24.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 03 August 1883

Deaths, MORTIMORE, July 30th, at Clyst St George William MORTIMORE [late of the Royal Horse Artillery] aged 43.

January 23rd 1884

Devon and Exeter Gazette, Dec 17th 1943, Mr John DAW

The late Mr John DAW

Exeter has lost one of her oldest and most respected citizens by the death of Mr John DAW, which took place on Wednesday last, at his residence Fonthill Villa, Mount Radford. Owing to increasing years and infirmities Mr DAW a few months since retired from all active pursuits, and has since been rapidly failing. The deceased was born in East Budleigh in 1802, educated at Honiton Grammar School, and was admitted as Attorney of the Kings Court at Westminster in 1823. During his long and eventful life he occupied many public and prominent positions. He filled the office of Mayor of Exeter during the years 1853-4 and 1854-6, and was for a lengthy period Recorder of Braduinch. His wise counsel has been of great benefit in the management of several of our city charities, and as late as the year before last he acted as President of the Devon and Exeter Hospital. One of the recreations of his active life was turned to practical account in his fondness of agriculture. This much-engaged lawyer farmed up to the time of his death an estate of 120 acres at Clyst St George, and probably took more pride in producing the crops of wheat than in winning law suits. His agricultural knowledge was placed at the disposal of the Bath and West of England Society, of which he was Vice-President. For many years he was sole clerk to the Trustees of St John's Hospital and the Church Charity Trustees, and since 1859 has been joint clerk to those bodies in association with his son, Mr R. R. M. DAW. He was the clerk of the old Court of Requests, and afterwards Registrar of the County Court, which office he resigned in 1865, on his son, Mr R. R. M. DAW, being appointed by Judge TYRRELL in his stead. When Judge TYRRELL was incapacitated by illness Mr DAW presided for him, and in his judicial capacity won golden opinions. His political services were principally displayed as an election-agent, in which position he was singularly successful. He acted for the late Sir Ralph LOPES in his contest for South Devon and received from the hon baronet a handsome gift of plate in recognition of his devotion and ability. He was also agent for Lord COURTENAY and Sir Lawrence PALK in stoutly-contested fights for East Devon, and conducted the last election for the Eastern Division in 1880, on behalf of the sitting members, Sir John KENNAWAY and Colonel WALROND. Last year he resigned the post of election-agent, receiving a cordial vote of thanks from the party for his past exertions.

At the meetings held during the past week the great esteem in which Mr John DAW was held has been made the subject of public testimony by Sir Stafford NORTHCOTE, Sir John KENNAWAY, and Sir John WALROND, by Mr W. J. FRIEND, as representing the solicitors practising in the County Court, and by the Judge of that Court, and the Governors of the Devon and Exeter Hospital at their weekly meeting on Thursday entered in the minute book a resolution expressing "their deep sense of the advantages which this hospital derived during many years from the care and counsel of the late Mr John DAW, and their sincere sympathy with his family in the loss which they have sustained."

Mr DAW married Miss LEWIS, the daughter of his schoolmaster, and he leaves three sons and four daughters. His eldest son, Mr John DAW, is the Registrar of the County Court at Southampton, his second son Mr R. R. M. DAW, is the Registrar of the Exeter Court, and his third son Mr George DAW, is a barrister at the Equity Bar. Of his daughters, two are unmarried, one is the widow of the late Mr H. S. ELLIS, and the other is the wife of Mr John KENDALL, solicitor, of London.

The Funeral

Took place on Saturday, when the remains of the deceased were laid to rest in the tomb of his parents at East Budleigh in the presence of a numerous and representative assemblage both from city and county. The funeral cortege, punctual at half past twelve, left the residence of the deceased, Fonthill Villa, Mount Radford, and passing through Topsham and Clyst St George, reached East Budleigh at 3pm in the following order :-

The hearse, 1st carriage, Mr John DAW, R. R. M. DAW, and Mr G. DAW, [sons], 2nd carriage, Mr John KENDALL [nephew], Rev G. LEWIS, [brother-in-law], Mr H. D. ELLIS, Mr J. E. DAW [grandsons], 3rd carriage, Mr G. PITT-LEWIS [nephew], Mr Arthur ELLIS, Mr George ELLIS, [grandsons], Rev G. PORTER, [Rector of St Leonard's] 4th carriage, Mr Reginald ELLIS, Mr Montague ELLIS [grandsons], Mr C. R. COLLINS, J.P, [Mayor of Bradninch], Mr W. Horton ELLIS, J.P. 5th carriage, Mr Alderman ANDREW, Mr Alderman HUXTABLE, Rev T. G. MARSHALL, [Clyst St George], Mr GILLARD. Private carriage of Mrs Osborne SMITH, Pennsylvania. Amongst those who joined the procession at East Budleigh were, the Mayor of Exeter [Mr Alderman WILKINSON], the Sheriff of Exeter [Mr C. T. K. ROBERTS], Mr W. BUCKINGHAM, J.P, [President of the Devon and Exeter Law Association] Mr B. C. GIDLEY, [Town Clerk], Mr W. G. ROGERS [City Treasurer], Mr T. E. DRAKE, [County Magistrate's Clerk], Mr G. A. TOWNSEND [Secretary Devon and Exeter Hospital], Mr J. HARDING, Mr S. R. FORCE, Mr H. BAKER [Newton Abbot] Mr H. D. THOMAS, J.P, Mr Arthur BURCH, Mr H. WILCOCKS, J.P, Mr J. OPE, Mr R. T. CAMPION, Mr G. F. TRUSCOTT, Mr F. TOWNSEND, Mr W. E. GRAY, Mr and Mrs J. SURRIDGE, Mr and Mrs J. M. TEMPLEMEN, Mr F. ORCHARD, Mr J. JERMAN, Mr John DREW, Mr H. T. DREW, Mr R. H. LIPSCOMB [East Budleigh], Mr W. SMITH [Whimple], Mr J. L. THOMAS, Mr A. STAMP, [Honiton], Mr R. TAPLEY, Mr H. M. JAMES, Mr A. E. WARD, Mr R. SOUTHCOTT, Mr E. TOZER, Mr MATTHEWS, Mr W. J. BATTISHILL, Mr C. ASHFORD, Mr W. MORGAN, Mr E. OSMOND [Pynes], Mr W. HELLIER [Clyst St George], Mr W. LAURENCE [East Budleigh], Mr J. C. PALMER, [East Budleigh], Mr J. D. PRATT [Littleham], Mr J. N. PRATT, Mr UGLAR [East Budleigh], Mr W. LAURENCE [East Budleigh], Mr H. J. BARNES, etc.

The coffin which was of polished oak, with massive brass mountings bore the inscription ;- "John DAW, born Jan 3rd 1803, Died Jan 16th, 1884." It was covered with wreaths of choice flowers [as was also the vault] Amongst those who carried the coffin to its last resting place were the employees on the deceased gentleman's farm at Clyst St George. The service both at the church and the graveside was performed by Rev George PORTER, assisted by the Rev T. G. MARSHALL. The whole of the funeral arrangements were carried out under the superintendence of Mr HUXTABLE, and the open hears and private carriages in which the mourners were conveyed were supplied by Mr J. H. STRONG, of the Bampfylde Mews.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 15 February 1884

Deaths, FRAMPTON, At Dawlish, on the 8th, Ayliffe, 5th child and youngest daughter of the late Major H. Y. FRAMPTON, 50th Regt, and Mrs H. Y. FRAMPTON, Pytte, Clyst St George aged 21 years.

February 25, 1885

Death, February 19th, at the George and Dragon Inn, Clyst St George, James PRATT, aged 42

Western Times 12 May 1885

Deaths, PALMER, May 3rd, Clyst St George James PALMER, aged 77.

August 5, 1885

Death, July 30th, at the Rectory Clyst St George, the Rev Henry Thomas ELLACOMBE, aged 83,

Funeral etc

Western Times 25 February 1886

Deaths, PARR, Feb 19th, 58 Howell Rd, Exeter, Elizabeth widow of Henry PARR, formerly of Clyst St George, aged 74.

Western Times 22 March 1887

Deaths, SNOW, March 15th, Pound Living Farm, Clyst St George, Nellie Beatrice, daughter of Mr W. R. SNOW, aged 16mths.

Western Times 07 February 1888

Deaths, PALMER, Jan 31st, Clyst St George, Deborah, widow of the late Mr J. PALMER, aged 86.

January 29, 1889

The funeral of the late W. M. HELLIER of Marsh Burton Farm, took place in the pretty little churchyard of Clyst St George, yesterday afternoon, and was attended by a very large number of farmers and friends among whom was Colonel JACKSON, Mr A. H. A. HAMILTON, Mr W. SIMS and son, Messers J. JAMES [Exmoor], E. PIDSLEY and son [Broadclyst], W. LAKE [Ide], W. STOKES, W. STEER, J. BRADDON, R. ROW [Exeter], J. THORN, J. SHILES, W. HELLIER, J. HARRIS, and the following from Topsham, Messers, W. BAKER, J. LEAT, W. PIDSLEY, G. HURDLE, W. SERENA, J. TREE, W. PALFREY, G. PYNE, J. PYNE, J. SOW, J. BOWDEN, K. SYMONDS, J. COLES, W. COLES, Mrs SOW, Miss PYNE etc. The Rev J. GIBBS and the curate Mr CHOPE officiated. Mr J. EVELY of Clyst St George was the undertaker. The coffin was of polished oak, a number of very choice wreaths were sent by friends.

Western Times 04 July 1889

Deaths, PARR, July 1st, at Newnham on Severn, Charlotte Maria Rous, widow of Samuel PARR Esq, of Knowle, Clyst St George aged 82

November 30, 1889

Death, November 27th, at Willey, Sampford, Courteny, Mr J. PAGE, late of Manor Cottage, Clyst St George, aged 68

Western Times 27 August 1890

Deaths, BAKER, Aug 17th, at Clyst St George, Thomas Dart BAKER, aged 11.

March 28th, 1891

Funeral at Clyst St George

On Wednesday a large number of friends assembled at the churchyard of Clyst St George to witness the burial of the late Miss Emily J. EVELEIGH [the 3rd and youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs J. EVELEIGH of Ebford and to pay their last tribute of affection regard and esteem to which the deceased was held. The funeral cortege left the residence of the deceased at 2.30pm, the coffin, which was of polished oak, with massive silver mountings, being conveyed in an open hearse.

The brassplate bore the following inscription :- "Emily Jane EVELEIGH, born March 18th, 1867, died March 18th, 1891". The chief mourners were Mr and Mrs J. EVELEIGH, Miss L. EVELEIGH and Mrs STEER [sister of the deceased], Mr H. STEER [brother-in-law] Mr Charles HAINS, also Messers SNELL and EVELEIGH, [uncles], Mrs EMMETT, Mrs CORNISH, Mr EVELEIGH [aunts] and the Misses CORNISH, SNELL and EMETT [cousins].

On arriving at the church the procession was met by the Rector, Rev GIBBS, who after an impressive reading of the Burial Service, gave out the hymn, "Jesu, lover of my soul" which was sung in accordance with the wishes of the deceased. At the graveside the hymn, "Brief life is here our portion" was sung by the choir, of which the deceased was a member. Floral wreaths and crosses were sent by the following, The choir of Clyst St George Church, Mr W. C. SIM of Knowle, the Misses PENNELL, Ebford House, the Misses BALL, Mr and Mrs RANDALL, Mrs PRATT, Mrs BEVIS, Mr ABISHOP and family, Mr and Mrs ELLIS, Topsham. Many other wreaths and crosses by family and friends. The funeral arrangements carried out by Messers STEER, builders of Clyst St George and the hearse and carriages were provided by Mr J. GOULD of Topsham.

Western Times 02 April 1892

Deaths, SNOW, March 25th, at Pound Living Farm, Clyst St George, John Austin, son of Mr W. R. SNOW, aged 8mths.

Dundee Courier 06 April 1893

Deaths, SIM, at Monte Carlo on the 28th ult, Alexander Duncan SIM, captain Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders aged 35, eldest son of William Clulow SIM, Knowle, Clyst St George.

July 29, 1893

Death, July 25th, Topsham, Sarah widow of Henry POTTER, of Clyst St George, aged 85

April 14, 1894

Death, April, 10th, The Knowle, Clyst St George, William Clulow SIM. J.P, aged 61

Western Times 07 January 1899

Deaths, SHILES, Jan 4th, at Kenniford, Clyst St George, Annie daughter of the late Mr J. SHILES.

January 14, 1899

Death, January 8th, Marianne Powle, Clyst St George, Emily Cowd, the wife of J. L. STEER, aged 40. [see births]

January 14, 1899

Sad death near Exeter, On Wednesday Mr C. E. COX, coroner, held and inquest at Marianne Pool Farm, Clyst St George, on the body of Emily Cowd STEER, aged 40, wife of John Lewis STEER, Major TRACEY was the foreman of the jury. The evidence of the husband went to show that his wife had not been well of late, and was much worse on Sunday. As she was nearing her confinement he fetched Mr FROOD, surgeon of Topsham, who attended. After consultation it was decided that chloroform should be administered, an operation being found necessary. While under the effect of the anaesthetic Mrs STEER died. Evidence having been given by Mrs GLASS and Mrs Henry STEER as to being present when the chloroform was administered with Mr STEER'S consent. Mr FROOD said, upon his arrival at the house he found the deceased in a very weak condition. After giving his opinion to Mr STEER it was decided that an operation should be performed. During the time Mrs STEER was under the influence of chloroform she expired. The cause of death was sudden failure of the heart's action caused by shock and haemorrhage while under the partial influence of the anaesthetic. The Coroner characterised the case as a sad one, when emergencies arose medical men had to do the best they could. He considered there was no blame attachable to anyone in this instance. Verdict "Accidental death"

January 25, 1899

Death, February 19th, Bridge Mills, Clyst St George, John WARREN, aged 67

Exeter Flying Post 25 February 1899

Death, WARREN, Feb 19th, Bridge Mills, Clyst St George, Mr John WARREN aged 67.

April 22, 1899

Death, April 1?, at Rome, Georgianna P. B. ELLACOMBE, youngest daughter of the late H. T. ELLACOMBE, Rector of Clyst St George

Western Times 04 May 1900

STEER, At Addlepool Farm, Clyst St George, Ethel Laura the eldest daughter of Harry and Rosina STEER, aged 13 years.

December 22, 1900

Death, Dec 17th, at Clyst St George William Henry SMITH, aged 80 or 86 ?

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 06 November 1903.

Deaths, WILLIAMS, Nov 2nd, Ivy Cottage, Clyst St George, Ruth WILLIAMS, the wife of C. WILLIAMS, aged 43.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 09 November 1903.

Funeral at Clyst St George.

The funeral of Mrs A. C. WILLIAMS took place on Saturday amid many tokens of sorrow and respect. The Rev M. D. BUCKINGHAM vicar, officiated..


Residents and friends present at graveside, Mr and Mrs CORNISH, Mrs and Miss KIMBLE, Mrs W. HANNAFORD, Mrs SANDFORD, Miss RUSSELL, Mrs H. STEER, Mrs J. L. STEER, Mrs BRADFORD, Mrs SPILLER, Mrs and Miss PIDSLEY, Mr and Mrs H. GOULD, Miss PRATT, Mrs G. SANDFORD, Mr EDIE, Mr CLARKE, Mr J. RADFORD, Mr G. H. MAY, Mr J. TREMLETT, Mr F. UNDERHILL, EVELEIGH etc.

The following inscription was on the breastplate of the coffin, Ruth WILLIAMS died November 2nd, 1903, aged 43 years. Many beautiful wreaths were sent including one, In loving memory of my dear wife from her sorrowing husband. There was a spray of violets from their only child Violet.

Western Times 19 August 1907.

Funeral of the late Alderman W. POTTER.

The funeral took place at Taunton on Saturday afternoon of Alderman William POTTER, .J.P, a native of Devonshire having been born at Clyst St George 63 years ago. The deceased for the past 20 years had taken a prominent part in municipal affairs at Taunton, having been Alderman of the Town Council up to the time of his death, and had been Chairman of the Electric Light Committee ever since the undertaking had been taken over by the Corporation from a private company which was started by Mr H. G. MASSINGHAM of Exeter.

An impressive service was held at the Temple Wesleyan Chapel, Taunton were the deceased worshipped. The coffin was of polished oak with brass fittings, the inscription on the breastplate being, William POTTER, died August 14th, aged 63. The mourners were Mrs POTTER, widow, Mr Frank POTTER, only son, Misses Connie and Elsie POTTER, daughters, Mr and Mrs Herbert PENNY, daughter and son in law, Mrs and Miss WOODBURY of Taunton, Mr WEST, Mr J. BARTLETT of Stowmarket, Mr J. ROWE, of Wellington, and Mr SHEPHERD, Mr WARR and Mr GIBSON, employees of the deceased. The Rev S. J. P. DUNMAN and Rev R. A. ELLIS officiated. A procession afterwards formed to St Marys Cemetery.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 08 June 1908.

Deaths, CORNISH, June 6th, Courtbrook, Clyst St George, Charles Adams CORNISH, funeral Clyst St George, Wednesday, June 10th at 4pm.

Western Times 11 June 1908.

Funeral of the late Mr C. A. CORNISH of Clyst St George .

The Parish Church of Clyst St George was filled yesterday, when the funeral of the late Mr Charles Adams CORNISH, of Courtbrook a popular and respected inhabitant of the village took place, Mr CORNISH died on Saturday after a prolonged illness from haemorrhage.

The coffin was polished oak with brass mountings, the inscription on the breastplate was, Charles Adams CORNISH, died 6th June, 1908 aged 46 years.

The Rev T. SEARLE officiated, Mr E. W. VINNICOMBE played the organ.

The principal mourner were, Mrs CORNISH, widow, Misses Ethel, Edith, Violet and Winnie CORNISH, daughters, Mrs NEWBURY, sister, Mrs CHANNON, sister, Mr CHANNON brother in law, Mr James CORNISH, Mr George CORNISH, brothers, Mrs James CORNISH sister in law, Mr J. CHANNON and Miss Dora NEWBERRY, nephew and niece, Mr and Mrs PATTEN, nephew and niece, Mr and Mrs PARKER, nephew and niece, Mr PEARCE, Topsham, uncle, Mr and Mrs J. BURGOYNE, Ottery, uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs H. BURGOYNE, cousins.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 26 February 1909.

Death, BATTING, 19th Feb, Pound Living, Clyst St George, Martha the dearly beloved wife of John BATTING, aged 62.

Western Times 16 July 1909.

Deaths, STEER, July 8th, 1909, Mariannepool, Clyst St George, John Lewis STEER, aged 52.

Western Times 16 September 1909.

Deaths, Sept 14th, Manor House, Clyst St George, Mary Jane, widow of the late Thomas Ackland PIDSLEY, aged 61.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 22 September 1910.

Topsham Tragedy.

Dorothy HARRIS, aged 17, of Clyst St George employed as a servant to Mr W. ROBJOHNS, grocer of Fore St, was terribly burnt on Tuesday morning, while preparing breakfast over a gas stove. It appeared that the oven door was open and her clothes became ignited, with the result she was involved in flames. She was removed to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital where she died at 3am yesterday.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 02 December 1910.

The funeral of Mrs H. S. PIDSLEY, widow of Mr H. S. PIDSLEY, Sanitary Inspector, took place in the churchyard of Clyst St George. The deceased was 76 years of age and had lived at Topsham for many years, and held in affectionate regard by all. The coffin was of polished oak, with silver plated mountings.

The mourners were Mrs H. A. WEBB, and Miss E. K. P[IDSLEY, daughters, Messers William, Harry , Richard, Walter and Charles PIDSLEY, sons, Mrs T. ASH, sister, Mr C. PIDSLEY, brother, Messers R. H. PIDSLEY, R. H. UNDERHILL, W. HILL, and T. ASH. Mrs W. H. PIDSLEY, Mrs H. W. PIDSLEY, wife of Mr H. W. PIDSLEY, of Johannesburg, Mr E. STONE, Miss FARRANT, Mr and Mrs W. PALFREY, [Highfield], Miss F. PALFREY. At the graveside were gathered other friends, Miss RIPPON, Mrs C. A. CORNISH, Rev G. A. ARCHIE, Messers G. SHORLAND and Fleetwood MAY. Service conducted by Rev R. KNIGHT, Vicar of Topsham.

Western Times 03 May 1912.

Death, SANDFORD, April 26th, Brook Cottage, Clyst St George, Elizabeth SANDFORD..

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 06 March 1914.

Deaths, LLEWELLYN, 27th Feb, at Pytte, Clyst St George, the residence of his son in law, Evan Henry LLEWELLYN, of Langford Court, Somerset, son of the late Llewellyn LLEWELLYN of, Buckland, Filleigh.

Western Times 05 January 1915.

Funeral of Miss E. M. CORNISH at Clyst St George .

At Clyst St George churchyard on Saturday the funeral took place of Miss Edith Mary CORNISH, 2nd daughter of Mrs CORNISH and the late Mr C. CORNISH of Courtbrook Clyst St George . Deceased died on Wednesday aged 19 after a long illness.. The officiating ministers were Revs W. GIBBS and WEBER..

Chief mourners were Mrs CORNISH, mother, Mr CHICK, the Misses, Effie, Violet, Elsie Kitty and Connie CORNISH, sisters, Mr and Mrs CHANNON, Mr CHANNON Jnr, Mr and Mrs H. BURGOIN, Mr and Mrs PADDON, Mr PARKER and the nurse..

Western Times 10 May 1915.

Deaths, COURTNEY, April 28th, James the beloved husband of B. COURTNEY, Clyst St George, Killed in action, 1st, Devons, at Hill 60, aged 28.

Western Times 20 August 1915.

Death, CROSS, Aug 14th, Clyst St George, Samuel George CROSS, aged 68.

Western Times 20 August 1915.

The funeral took place at Clyst St George churchyard yesterday of Mr Samuel G. CROSS, who passed away on Saturday last after a long and painful illness. Rev E. P. WEBER officiated. The coffin was of polished elm with brass mountings, and the breastplate bore the inscription, Samuel George CROSS, died August 18th, 1915, aged 68 years. Deceased leaves a widow and seven children with whom the deepest sympathy is felt.

Western Times 07 November 1916.

The funeral of Miss B. E. GIBBINGS, aged 29, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs W. J. GIBBINGS, of the Bridge Inn, Topsham took place on Saturday at Clyst St George churchyard. Amid many manifestations of regret. The mourners were Mr and Mrs W. J. GIBBINGS, father and mother, Mrs CHEFFERS, sister, Mr W. GIBBINGS, brother, Mr and Mrs STONEMAN, uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs DOBIE, uncle and aunt, Mrs F. GIBBINGS, sister in law, Mrs DOBLE and Miss GIBBINGS AUNT, Miss P. GIBBINGS, cousin, Misses, BROOM, SELLEY, Mrs H. STONEMAN, Miss MUGFORD, Mr and Mrs MILTON, Mrs PARSONS, Mrs G. AUTTON, and Mr and Mrs F. EVELEIGH.


Western Times 16 February 1917.

Deaths, COX, Feb 8th, Court Farm, Clyst St George J. COX late of the Travellers Rest, Whitestone.

Western Times 15 March 1918.

Death of Rev Cobham GIBBS, M.A.

Much regret will be felt in church circles at the death at the age of 72 of Rev W. Cobham GIBBS, M.A, formerly rector of Exwick and Clyst St George respectively who retired to East Budleigh about 8 years since becoming a licenses preacher, frequently heard at the Cathedral and other churches in the district. Educated at Marlborough and Jesus College, Cambridge, winning university fame as an athlete by breaking the grass record for the mile.. His uncle Mr W. GIBBS of Tinsfield, Somerset, who had an hereditary connection with Clyst St George and St Thomas, Exeter was the donor of the handsome church of St Michael at Mount Dinham, Exeter, as a chapel of ease to St Davids. He also provided Exwick Church the ecclesiastical parish of which formed out of the parish of St Thomas. Rev J. S. GIBBS the eldest son of the deceased clergyman has recently been appointed chaplain to the forces. The third son Colonel W. B. GIBBS, Worcester Regiments was killed in the battle of the Somme, Commander G. L. D. GIBBS, R.N, the fourth son has won the D.S.O, in the present war, and the youngest son Major A. J. GIBBS, R.A, has won the M.C and D.S.O, Miss M. K. GIBBS, the remaining member of the family has served as V.A. nurse at Budleigh Salerton.

Western Times 16 October 1918.

Deaths, Clyst St George, Oct 13th, Blanche Rose Ann the beloved youngest daughter of Mr S. CROSS, died of double pneumonia aged 29.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 08 September 1919.

Deaths, HANNAFORD, September 5th, at Marsh Barton, Clyst St George, John HANNAFORD aged 64.

Western Times 31 August 1920.

Funeral of Miss WARE of Clyst St George.

The funeral of Miss Emily Florence WARE of Clyst St George, took place on Wednesday, the vicar Rev E. P. WEBER officiated. The deceased was respected in the neighbourhood and there was a large attendance of friends..

The family mourners were Mrs J. COX and Mrs TOWNSEND, sisters, Mr and Mrs H. WARE, brother and sister in law, Miss K. WARE, Mr and Mrs H. TOWNSEND, nephew and nieces. Mrs HOOD and Mrs TUCKER, aunts, Mr and Mrs W. COX and Mrs G. COX.

Western Times 27 April 1923.

Funeral at Clyst St George.

Amidst manifestations of deep regret the funeral of Mrs H. COSWAY, aged 36 years, of Topsham, took place on Wednesday at Clyst St George churchyard. Rev E. WEBER, performed the last rites. Mourners were Mr H. COSWAY, husband, Mrs CROSS, Mother, Mrs GOODING, sister, Messers George, Tom and Harry CROSS, brothers, Mr M. COSWAY, father in law, Messers Jim, Will, Dick Fred and Mark COSWAY, Mr GOODING and Mr HEALE brothers in law, Mesdames, H. CROSS, W. CROSWAY and F. CROSWAY sisters in law, Mr and Mrs R. D. MILLS, uncle and aunt, Mrs REDMAN, aunt, Misses GOODING and ROBERTS nieces, Others present at the grave Mesdames R. SHEARS, J. MARTIN, H. PARKER, T. GALE, W. GLIDDON, W. GOODIER, W. WEST, W. MAY, G. MATTHEWS, W. GIBBINGS, F. EVELEIGHT, A. KENNARD, G. AUTTON, H. TAYLOR, LANDSDOWNE, N. KERSWELL, G. MARCHANT, H. TOWELL, H. STEER, Misses V. HARRIS and Glass Bros, G. AUTTON, W. TAYLOR, F. MAY, A. J. MILLS, W. GLIDDON, and W. LAWRENCE. Topsham Lodge A.O.B, Messers W. WEST and C. GIBBINGS, the Oddfellows Society, W. ABBOTT, G. BELLAMY, M. NORTHCOTT [broadly] E. ASHFORD [Honiton Clyst] E. OSBORNE, R. BYE, and Capt R. C. A. CUMMINGS representing Topsham Territorials.

Western Times 19 December 1924.

Funeral of Mrs GIBBS at Clyst St George.

The funeral of Mrs GIBBS, widow of the Rev W. GIBBS, who was Vicar of Clyst St George from 1903 to 1911, took place at Clyst St George Parish Church on Monday. Deceased who was the daughter of the late Archdeacon of Totnes, died at Temple Hill, Budleigh Salterton. The service was conducted by Rev J. S. GIBBS, M.C, vicar of Badminton, son of the deceased, who was assisted by the Vicar, the Rev E. P. WEBER.

The interment took place in a grave next to that of the husband of the deceased who died in 1918. The bearers to the grave were Messers A. RICE, W. GLASS, C. GLASS and E. TUCKER. Principal mourners were, Commander G. L. D. GIBBS, D.S.O, Major J. GIBBS, D.S.O, M.C, and the Rev J. S. GIBBS, M.C, sons, Miss Katherine GIBBS, daughter, Mr Lauriston BATTEN, K.C, and Mrs BATTEN, niece, Lady Hallam PARR, niece, Lt Col and Mrs W. O. GIBBS, Major and Mrs A. H. GIBBS, Misses Elaine and Betty GIBBS, Mr Evan GIBBS, Mrs SANDERS, Lyme Regis, Canon R. H. BOLES, Newton St Cyres, Col and Mrs NICHOLSON, East Budleigh, Mr S. POTT. Many sympathisers were present.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 23 September 1927.

Death, COLES, 20th inst, at Elmfield, Ebford, Faith COLES, widow aged 97, funeral Clyst St George, on Monday next.

Western Times 28 October 1927.

Funeral at Clyst St George.

The funeral took place at Clyst St George of Mr Thomas William CROSS, who passed away peacefully after a long illness. Rev E. P. B. WEBER officiated. The coffin was of polished elm, with brass fittings and bore the inscription, Thomas William CROSS, aged 48, died Oct 21st 1927. The immediate mourners were the mother, Messers G and H. CROSS, brothers, Mrs E. GRIFFITH and Mrs B. GOODING, sisters., Mrs G. CROSS, sister in law, Messers F. GOODING and H. COSWAY, brothers in law. Messers M. GOODING and C. GRIFFITHS, nephews, Miss GOODING, niece, Mrs MILLS, aunt. The bearers were old friends of the deceased, Messers J and T. GIBBINGS, A. RICE, H. MAY, W. HANFORD and W. MARKS.

Western Times 13 April 1928.

Funeral of Miss M. M. LOCK at Clyst St George.

The Funeral took place on Wednesday at Clyst St George of Margaret Mary, 2nd daughter of Lieut and Mrs R. LOCK, School Cottage, Rev E. P. B. WEBER officiated. The deceased was 34 years old and had been a patient sufferer for the past 15 months.

The bearers were Messers W., J.C, and J. HANDFORD, S. COLLACOTT, cousins and A. RICE, friend.

The immediate mourners were Lieut and Mrs LOCK, father and mother Misses G and A. LOCK, sisters, Mr and Mrs J. COLLACOTT, uncle and aunt, Mr T. HANDFORD, uncle, Mrs E. COLLACOTT, Misses B. COLLACOTT, F and M. HANFORD, Mrs GUY, Mrs VENN and Mrs C. HANDFORD cousins, Mr and Mrs E. NORTHWOOD, and Mr and Mrs S. NORTHWOOD, Bideford, and Mr E. MANNING, friends. Mrs T. HANFORD, aunt was absent owing to ill health.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 20 August 1929.

Deaths, HANNAFORD, August 16th, Place Farm, Catsfield, Sussex, Annie Maud, beloved wife of William H. HANNAFORD, late of Clyst St George.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 16 October 1929.

Topsham death, Mr H. PIDSLEY.

The sudden death yesterday morning of Mr Harry PIDSLEY of the Bonbon, Topsham, occasioned deep regret. Deceased who had been ill for some time was born at Sowton in 1867 and was the 2nd son of the late Henry Skinner PIDSLEY of Clyst St George. He was a keen churchman and staunch conservative, being a prominent member of the Constitutional Club.

Western Times 31 January 1930.

Funeral of Mr W. J. GIBBINGS at Clyst St George.

The Funeral took place on Wednesday at Clyst St George churchyard of Mr William John GIBBINGS, for 30 years landlord of the Bridge Inn, Topsham. Deceased who was 72 years of age was formerly head gardener at Clyst St George Rectory for 21 years, when he retired owing to ill health. He was father of the Topsham Parish Council a member of the Ruridecanal Conference of Aylesbeare and parish clerk for Clyst St George for 46 years, and treasurer of the Accidental Club and secretary of the Rational Club. He was also a member of the Devon and Exeter Horticultural Society and judged at many shows.

The officiating clergy were the Rector, Rev E. S. POWELL, and former Rector Rev E. P. WEBER. The principal mourners were Mrs H. GIBBINGS, widow, Mr F. GIBBINGS, Badminton, Mr W. J. GIBBINGS, sons, Mrs CHEFFERS, daughter, Mrs DOBLE, Exmouth, Mrs J. THOMAS, Torquay, and Miss A. GIBBINGS, Ebford, sisters, Mrs F. GIBBINGS, daughter in law, Mr S. G. CHEFFERS, son in law, Mr A. DOBLE, Exmouth, brother in law, Master CHEFFERS, grandson, Mr J. LAWSON, Penzance, nephew, Mr and Mrs J. STONEMAN, Paignton, brother in law, Miss P. GIBBINGS, Exmouth, cousin, Mr and Mrs SIMEONS, Exeter, cousins, Mr J. GIBBINGS cousin, Mrs STONEMAN, Exeter.

The bearers were Messers W. GIBBINGS and Ted GIBBINGS nephews, , G. DUNCOMBE and L. STEER.

Hundreds of friends and colleagues attended to pay their last respects..

Western Times 10 October 1930.

Death, HARTNOLL, Oct 4th, Clyst St George, Mary, aged 79.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 02 October 1931.


Sudden death at Clyst St George .

We greatly regret to record the death which occurred suddenly on Wednesday night shortly after 10 pm of Dr D. W. SAMWAYS, of Knowle, Clyst St George. He had been in cheerful spirits all day, and his sudden collapse from heart failure came as a severe shock to his family.

Dr SAMWAYS took a keen though somewhat detached interest in political affairs, and frequently expressed himself with much acuteness in letters to ourselves and other journals.

Dr SAMWAYS was buried on Saturday, 4th October at Clyst St George churchyard. The coffin was of unpolished panelled oak with brass furniture and bore the inscription, Daniel West SAMWAYS died Sept 30th 1931, aged 74 year.

The mourners were the widow, Mr Maurice REX, nephew, Miss REX, niece, Mr Oliver CHESTERTON, nephew, Miss FRANKLIN and Major and Mrs A. H. GIBBS.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 30 October 1931.

Lord WRAXALL Dead.

Lord WRAXALL of Tyntesfield, Somerset and of Clyst St George, who for 22 years represented Bristol West in Parliament, died yesterday in a London nursing home. As Colonel GIBBS he was from 1921 to 1924 Treasurer of the Household, and from 1924 to 1928 was Conservative Whip. He was raised to the Peerage in 1928. His heir is the Hon George Richard Lawley GIBBS, born 1928.

Western Times 08 January 1932.

Deaths, PEDLER, Alfred Edward, on the 5th inst at the George and Dragon Hotel, Clyst St George aged 55, after a short illness.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 10 February 1933.

Deaths, START, Feb 8th, Clyst St George. Mary Emaline, aged 71, Funeral Clyst St George. Church, tomorrow..

North Devon Journal 09 May 1833,

Death at Clyst St George Sunday last, Emma youngest daughter of the late Robert PATCH Esq, this city.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 17 November 1933.

Funeral at Clyst St George .

The Funeral took place on Wednesday at Clyst St George churchyard of Mrs Harriettt GIBBINGS, widow of Mr W. J. GIBBINGS who died at Bridge Inn Topsham, last Friday. She had lived at the Inn for 35 years.

The mourners were Mr F. GIBBINGS, son, Mrs CHEFFERS, daughter, Mr W. GIBBINGS, son, Mrs F. GIBBINGS, daughter in law, Mr S. CHEFFERSS, son in law, Norman CHEFFERS, grandson, Miss A. GIBBINGS, sister in law, Mrs H. STONEMAN, Mrs HARRIS, niece, Mr J. LAMSIN, nephew, Mrs DOBLE, Mrs HARBY, Mr and Mrs E. A. CHEFFERS, Mr and Mrs E. GREEN, Mrs L. STEER, Mr and Mrs SERCOMBE, Mrs COWLEY, Mrs W. W. BAKER and Mrs SIMEONS, Mrs John GIBBINGS, Mrs FARRANT, Mrs CLARKE, Mrs T. GIBBINGS, cousins..

Rev W. M. MITCHELL vicar of Clyst St George , officiated assisted by Rev E. P. H. WEBER, Lympstone, The coffin of unpolished oak was inscribed, Harriett GIBBINGS, died November 10th 1933. The bearers were Messers W., J, and T. GIBBINGS, cousins and L. STEER.

Western Times 31 August 1934.

Funeral at Clyst St George.

The Funeral took place on Saturday at Clyst St George churchyard of Mrs Vera Margery PIDSLEY, aged 44, who died at her home Pile Hayes, Woodbury, Salterton, she had only been ill a short while. The only daughter of Mr and Mrs A. F. LORAM of Silverlands, Alphington.

Chief mourners, Mr T. PIDSLEY, husband, Mrs A. F. LORAM, mother, Master Tommy PIDSLEY, son, Mr C. E. LORAM, brother, Mr G. H. C. LORAM, brother, Mrs V. J. LORAM sister in law, Mrs R. PIDSLEY, sister in law, Mr E. TILKE, brother in law, Miss H. LORAM, Mrs E. PASSMORE, cousins, and Miss Nellie MALLETT.

Mr A. F. LORAM, father, Mr Fred LORAM, brother, Mr V. J. LORAM, brother, Mr R. PIDSLEY, brother in law, Mrs G. FILDEW, of Exeter, sister in law, Mrs ABBOTT, Miss M. PIDSLEY sister in law, Mrs E. TILKE, sister in law, and Mrs C. E. LORAM, were unavoidable absent.

Western Morning News 11 May 1936.

Peer passes.

Lord ALDENHAM of the oldest merchant princes in Britain has died aged 90. For 14 years as Mr A. G. H. GIBBS, he was Member of Parliament for the City of London, but after being re elected in the sensational General Election of January 1906, he resigned to make room for Mr BALFOUR, the defeated Conservative Premier who had lost his seat at Manchester. He succeeded to the peerage in 1907.

He was senior partner in the firm of Antony GIBBS and Sons, merchants and bankers, of which his son and heir, the Hon Gerald Henry Beresford GIBBS is also partner. On Friday morning he was taken ill with acute bronchitis while staying at Barrow Court, Flax Bourton, Somerset and died on Saturday night. His home was at Clifton Hampden, near Abingdon..

He was a member of a very old Devonshire family at Clyst St George, his wife who died in 1896 was a Miss Beresford HOPE, whose mother Lady Mildred CECIL was sister of the great Lord SALISBURY and aunt of the Bishop of Exeter, Lord William CECIL.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 13 November 1936.

Funeral at Clyst St George.

There was a large attendance at Clyst St George parish church on Wednesday for the funeral of Mr Richard PIDSLEY of Manor House, who was well respected in the district where he had lived nearly all his life and had been a churchwarden for 26 years.

The mourners were, Mrs R. PIDSLEY, widow, Master G. PIDSLEY, son, Mr T. PIDSLEY, Miss M. PIDSLEY, Mr and Mrs E. TILKE, Mr and Mrs L. FILDEW, Miss N. TILKE, Master T. PIDSLEY, Mrs E. CORNISH, Mrs V. LORAM, Mr C. LORAM and Mr T. WALROND.

Among others present were Major and Mrs GIBBS, Major and Mrs LANG, Mr J. D. DREW, Mrs WORTH, Mrs J. PALMER, Miss THORNE, Mrs BROOM, Messers R. FURSE, G. TULLY, R. FISHER, N. PRATT, W. ALFORD, E. FISHER, H. FISHER, E. TUCKER, E. FISHER Jnr, A. FROOM, J. PYNE, H. STOKES, S. HEATH, S. HANNIFORD, W. HALLET, F. TAVERNER, F. MORTIMER, G. CANN, CRABB, G. FISHER Jnr, and J. COLLACOTT, Mr and Mrs C. SERCOMBE and son, Mrs BROOM, Mrs CHEFFERS, Mr and Mrs PARKER, Mrs FROOM, Mrs WILCOCKS, Mrs LEAR and several members of the Mothers Union Clyst St George. Mr J. CHANNON and Mr A. DOWN were unavoidably absent.

The bearers were Messers T. HOLLAND, E. TANCOCK, G. NEWTON, and B. PRINCE, employees of the deceased. After the interment a knell was rung for the departed.

Western Times 15 October 1937.

Many tributes to Mrs R. E. MINGO.

East Budleigh Church was filled to capacity to attend the funeral on Saturday of Mrs Doris Kathleen MINGO, wife of Mr Redvers Edward MINGO, farmer of Tidwell Bart, East Budleigh. The only daughter of Mr W. H. STAMP a prominent cattle salesman and Mrs STAMP of Bushayes, Clyst St George. Mrs MUNGO passed away at the home of her parents last week on her 32nd birthday, she had suffered a long illness with great fortitude.

Express and Echo 21 January 1939.

Deaths, PARSONS, Thirza, aged 85, passed away peacefully, January 19th, 1939, Funeral Clyst St George Thursday.

Express and Echo 08 February 1939.

Deaths, February 6th, at Knowles Lodge, Clyst St George , Henry beloved husband of Matilda MOSS, Funeral Thursday.

Express and Echo 03 August 1939.

Mr J. RICKARD dies at Topsham.

Mr James RICKARD passed away yesterday at Topsham at his residence 33 Newcourt Rd, Topsham, aged 85 years. Highly respected he was schoolmaster at Aylesbeare and for about 30 years at Clyst St George , where he was also well known as a bell ringer and member of the church choir. Sympathy is extended to his sons and daughter.

Express and Echo 21 August 1939.

The funeral of Mrs Mary Elizabeth LOCK, widow of Lieut R. LOCK, R.N, was conducted at Clyst St George Church by Rev J. D. F. WOODHOUSE, D.S.O, Rector.

Mrs LOCK who died last Tuesday was 84 years of age and had lived in the parish for 20 years, she was well liked and respected by many friends. The family mourners were, Miss G. LOCK, and Mrs F. T. IRISH daughters, Mr F. T. IRISH, son in law, Mrs T. HANFORD, sister, Mr T. HANFORD, brother in law, Mr and Mrs J. COLLACOTT brother and sister in law, Misses F and M. HANFORD, nieces, Messers J. W. and C. HANDFORD, nephews, Mrs W. HANDFORD and Stanley, Mr and Mrs DELBRIDGE, Barnstable, friends, Mrs E. NORTHWOOD and Mr H. NORTHWOOD , Bideford, friends.

Express and Echo 07 December 1939.

Deaths, HUXTABLE, December 4th, at Highlands, Clyst St Mary, Clara widow of the late Edmund Thomas HUXTABLE, aged 78 years. Funeral at Clyst St George, Saturday 2.30.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 07 June 1940.

Killed in action.

Lieut E. L. GIBBS.

Lieut Evan Llewellyn GIBBS of Pytte , Clyst St George, has been killed while in command of his company at Dunkirk. Born on May 17th, 1906, he was educated at Eton, and then went to Sandhurst. He joined the Coldstream Guards in 1926 and saw service in Shanghai, in 1930 he resigned and became a member of the Stock Exchange with Messers David BEVAN and Co. He married Monica, youngest daughter of the late Sir Edmund and Lady WYLDBORE SMITH, the same year. He rejoined his regiment for training in June 1939. A service will be held at Clyst St George Church tomorrow.

Express and Echo 23 July 1940.

TROWBRIDGE, July 23rd 1940, at Pytte, Clyst St George, Maria Louisa, the devoted nurse of the children of Major and Mrs A. H. GIBBS, aged 78, Funeral Wednesday at 4pm..

Western Times 21 November 1941.

Death of Exonian.

Many members of the Southern Railway staff at the Central Station Exeter, will regret to learn of the passing of Mr William Henry STONEMAN, who until retirement three years ago was station foreman, earning the esteem of all by his geniality. Born at Clyst St George he entered the service of the Company at Lapford at the age of 21. Mr STONEMAN who resided at 10 Mansfield Rd, was 67 and had been in ill health for a number of years. One of a family of seven children of the late Mr W. H. STONEMAN, deceased leaves a widow who hails from Weston super Mare, there were three children.

Obituary, Mr L. H. DART, Clyst St George.

The funeral took place at Clyst St George Church on December 9th of Mr L. H. DART, of 5 Clystlands, Topsham. Deceased was for 12 years manager of the agricultural tractor department of Messers H. NORRINGTON and Son, and was well known and highly respected in the countryside. The Rector Rev C. B. ARMSTRONG officiated.

The principal mourners were, Mrs DART, widow, Mr L. S. DART, R.A.F, Mr D. C. DART, R.A.F, Mr J. B. DART, R.A.F, and Mr A. C. DART, sons. Mrs A. E. HOOKINS, daughter, Mr R. J. DART, brother, Mrs W. COLESWORTHY, sister, Mr L. B. COLESWORTHY, brother in law, Mr and Mrs A. E. EDWARDS, brother in law and sister, Mrs E. DIMOND, sister, Mr and Mrs H. J. COURTNEY, uncle and aunt, Mr A. B. TANNER, Mr F. EDWARDS and Mr KINGSLAND. Mr David BART R.A.F, son, and Mr A. E. HOOKINS, R.A, on active service and unavoidably absent.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 03 November 1944.

Obituary, Mr T. HANDFORD Clyst St George.

The funeral has taken place at Clyst St George of Mr Thomas HANDFORD, Cades Cottage, Clyst St George, who died on October 20th aged 86.

The service was conducted by the Rev C. B. ARMSTRONG. The immediate mourners were The Widow, Messers Jim Jack and Charlie HANDFORD, sons, Mrs B. JENNINGS, Miss M. HANDFORD and Miss F. HANDFORD, daughters, Mr R. HANDFORD, grandson, the Misses, J., G., W. and E. HANDFORD, Mrs F. DORMAN, Mrs W. HANDFORD, and Mrs H. HANDFORD, granddaughters. Mesdames, T., W., and J and C HANDFORD daughters in law. Mr and Mrs A. HARRIS, Mrs F. IRISH, Mrs B. GUY and Mrs B. VENN, nephew and nieces. Mrs D. FROST, Mrs A. HEDGETHORN, Mrs B. FARLEY, and Mrs R. ANDREWS. Unable to attend were Mrs E. COOK, daughter and some of the grandchildren serving in the Forces.

Bearers were Messers, S. HARTNOLL, E. TUCKER, G. WILLS and G. NEWTON.

Western Times 06 April 1945.

Former Chief Constable.

Death of Lieut Col Sir H. LLEWELLYN.

Lieut Col Sir Hoel LLEWELLYN, D.S.O, for 37 years Chief Constable of Wiltshire, whose death at his home, Caen Hill, Devizes, was brother of Mrs GIBBS, of Pytte, Clyst St George being the third son of the late Col Evan Henry LLEWELLYN, one time M.P, for North Somerset, aged 73 he was the senior Chief Constable in the country and he had an eventful and distinguished career in the Royal Navy and the Army, and in police forces in Africa, before taking up his Wiltshire post.

Sir Hoel came into some prominence last summer because of the issue of an order regarding saluting but in point of fact his instructions in this matter were based on a Home Office Order.

Western Morning News 22 December 1949.

Deaths EDWARDS, Dec 19th, Prince of Wales Hospital, Greenbank, Plymouth, Gladys nee FISHER, beloved wife of Gordon, and mother of Elizabeth of Basildon, Trelawney Rd, Plympton. Service Clyst St George today.

Western Morning News 23 December 1949.

Funeral of Mrs G. EDWARDS.

The funeral of Mrs Gladys F. EDWARDS wife of Mr G. EDWARDS, Plymouth manager of Messers HILL PALMER and EDWARDS of Basildon, Trelawney Rd, Plympton,. Took place at the Parish Church of Clyst St George yesterday. Rev A. T. RICH, Vicar of Topsham officiated.


In Memorial

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 17 May 1912

PARSONS, in loving memory of Edward Samuel PARSONS, who fell asleep, May 12th, 1911 aged 58 years. Gone but not forgotten. Interred at Clyst St George.

A light from our household gone,

A voice we loved is stilled.

A place is vacant in our home,

Which never can be filled.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 07 October 1938

MINGO, In ever loving memory of dear Doris who passed away at Bushayes, Clyst St George. October 6th 1937. From her sorrowing husband, father and mother.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 11 October 1940

MINGO, In ever loving memory of dear Doris who passed away at Bushayes, Clyst St George. October 6th 1937. From her loving husband, father and mother.



Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 27 July 1926

Mrs Jessie Louise WEBER of the Rectory, Clyst St George, left £5,571.

Western Daily Press 19 July 1932

Will of the late Baron WRAXALL

Secretary and others remembered

The Rt Hon, George Abraham Baron WRAXALL, P.C, D.L, J.P, of Clyst St George , Devon, of Tyntesfield, Somerset and S1, Eaton Square, S.W, Conservative M.P, for West Bristol, for 22 years and a former Treasurer of the Household, president of the Dolphin Society of Bristol and for 10 years of the Somerset Society, who saw service in the South African and the Great War, died on October 28th last, aged 58 years, eldest son of the late Antony GIBBS of Tyntesfield, Somerset, left unsettled property of the gross value of £248.975- 7s -1d, with net personalty £198.973-1s-2d.

Testator left £1.000 each to his secretary Henry W. J. STONE and his butler Frederick HEMMINGS, if respectively still in his service and not under notice. £100 each to his gamekeeper Thomas STACEY and his electrician Alfred BARBER



Western Times 04 May 1833.

On Tuesday last an inquest was held at Clyst St George by Rob H. ABERDEIN Esq, county coroner, on the body of Miss Emma PATCH, found drowned in a small stream of water in Winslade Park on the preceding Sunday, Verdict, Found drowned having for some time previously been of unsound mind.

Western Times 17 April 1900.

Suicide of a Clergyman.

An inquest was held on Thursday night on the body of Rev Edward George HILLMAN, Rector of Great Castenton, near Stamford, who was found in the library by his wife shot dead, resulting in a verdict of, Suicide when under the influence of Morphia. Deceased was grasping a revolver, three shots from which had been discharged, while a second revolver in his coat pocket was discovered fully loaded. Dr MIDDLEMIST said he had attended the deceased for three years for nervous debility. He was addicted to taking morphia in large quantities and appeared under the influence of this drug the day before his death. Deceased was 45 yrs of age and leaves a widow, a son and daughter. He was educated at Cambridge, ordained in 1875, and had been a curate at Holy Trinity, Taunton and Clyst St George.

. Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 11 June 1902.

Fatal accident near Topsham.

A man named Thomas GIBBINGS of Ebford, met with a fatal accident at Topsham yesterday. He was driving a waggon loaded with timber for Messers J. L. and H. STEER from Exeter to Clyst St George and at Topsham a chain becoming unfastened, he got off the waggon to put it right, and having done so attempted to jump on the vehicle while it was in motion. He struck his head against a piece of timber and fell to the ground, the wheels passing over his head and face. Help was at hand but before medical aid arrived the unfortunate man expired. The body was removed to the Bridge Inn and the Coroner has been communicated with.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 03 January 1903.

Yesterday Mr C. E. COX, County Coroner, held an inquest concerning the death of Harry STEER, 43, builder and farmer of Addlepool Farm, Clyst St George who was found in an allotment field with his face severely damaged on Wednesday.

Mr J. SHORT was elected foreman of the jury.

The brother of the deceased John Lewis STEER, said his brother had been part occupier of the farm with him for about 14 years. On Tuesday morning the deceased asked him to send a hogshead of cider, witness refused, he considered too much had been previously wasted. He offered to fill the firkins of the men and send a smaller cask for the deceased, the offer was refused. And deceased became very excited, roughly handling the witness. Deceased was afterwards kept in abeyance and the wife of the witness and her father pushed him into a bush. The deceased afterwards went into the pump shed. Deceased was of an excitable disposition and with the slightest provocation would fly into a terrible passion. Between 5 and 6 pm the same evening the son of the deceased son came to witness remarking that deceased had gone into the allotment field and done something to himself, there was always a gun in his house. Another of the sons of the deceased came to witness, sent by his mother to say deceased had gone out with a gun and threatened to do for himself. Witness went with the boy part of the way to the farm then told the lad if his father had a gun he did not like to go near him. Witness told the boy to go quietly and look round the premises, if he saw the gun take it away, and bring it to his house as quickly as possible.

Mr W. L. BROWN, Exeter, who represented the Scottish Employers Liability and General Insurance Company, stated the deceased had been depressed since the death of his daughter three years ago..

By the jury, he was subject to fits of excitement and sometimes scarcely responsible for his actions..

Miss Lucy Emma PIDSLEY, Manor House, Clyst St George said deceased came to her house and said he wanted to borrow a gun for an hour. She let him have it, as she did not notice anything strange in his condition, the gun was not loaded.

William John SPILLER, groom, Doddiscombsleigh, said he saw the deceased going across the allotment field towards the house of Miss PIDSLEY, he had no gun in his possession.

Charles RICE, Clyst St George said he was waling in the lane and heard groans, and on getting over the hedge found the deceased with part of his face blown away, the barrel of the gun was pointing towards him. With assistance the deceased was removed and a doctor was sent for.

P.C CHAMPION, Topsham, said he found the gun [produced] with two empty cartridges in it about a yard and a half from where the deceased was found. His cap was blown to pieces especially on the left side. Corresponding cartridges to those in the gun were found in the kitchen of the deceased.

Dr FROOD, Topsham, said deceased was a patient of his and seemed very much touched by the death of his daughter. He had always been perfectly reasonable whenever he saw him, he had no reason to suppose he would take his own life. When witness saw him the deceased was in no condition to make a statement. The face from the lower jaw to the eyebrows was blown away, and the barrel of the gun must have been put inside the mouth as the charge entered the roof of the mouth coming through the left eye. There was no shot in the brain. Death was due to shock and haemorrhage. The jury returned a verdict of Suicide while temporarily insane.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 29 May 1905.

Clyst St George Mystery.

The Clyst mystery has been cleared up to a certain point. Over a week ago William STADDON about 56 years of age, disappeared from his home at Farringdon, he left apparently to follow his occupation as a thatcher. Subsequently his bag in which he carried his food etc, was found on the bank of the Clyst, near the old rifle range, but dragging operations failed to provide a clue to the whereabouts of STADDON.

On Saturday the dead body of STADDON was recovered from the river Clyst close to the spot where it was first suspected it would be found. The remains were taken to the Half Moon Inn, Clyst St Mary, to await an inquest.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 05 November 1925.

Tragedy at Clyst St George.

Suicide of young man.

A verdict of suicide while temporary insane, was returned by the East Devon Coroner, Mr C. N. TWEED, at an inquest at Clyst St George yesterday concerning the death of Reginald STAMP, a farmer aged 28 of Bushayes Farm, Clyst St George deceased was found the day before with his throat cut.

Doris Kathleen STAMP identified the body as that of her brother, and said she last saw him alive on Tuesday at 2pm, when he went upstairs with the stated intention of obtaining a book. A short time afterwards she heard a bump, and thinking he had fainted called for assistance, and with two workmen proceeded to the bedroom. On the top of the landing she saw the deceased with his throat cut.

Thomas HANDFORD and Percy STAMP stated that on being summoned by Miss STAMP they went to the bedroom and found the deceased kneeling on the top of the stairs with a wound in his throat. When he aw them he rushed into the bathroom, breathed three times and expired. There was a blood stained razor by his side. Deceased had never threatened to take his life, he appeared normal but somewhat highly strung. He had no troubles financial or otherwise.

Medical evidence was given to the effect that the deceased had recently suffered from influenza and although he seemed better on Tuesday he was emotional and depressed, and liable to uncontrollable impulses.

Western Times 24 December 1931.

Clyst St George body of a labourer found in river.

An inquest was held by Mr C. N. TWEED, coroner of East Devon at Pound Living Farm, Clyst St George , Thursday on the body of William James HANFORD, farm labourer aged 48 years. Jane Ann HANDFORD, wife of the deceased, stated her husband got up as usual on Tuesday the 15th, and went to work about 6.50am. As he did not return to breakfast she sent her son to look for him, and he came back saying he could not find his father. Deceased as far as she knew had no worries and they were very comfortable.

William HANDFORD son of the deceased said when he could not find his father he informed the police and a search was made.

P.C HARDING said a search was made on Tuesday and continued the following day. Later dragging operations were commenced in the River Clyst, and the body of the deceased was eventually recovered, fully clothed from about 6 feet of water. A verdict of, Suicide whilst of unsound mind, was returned.


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