Births 1895

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 9th 1895


CALTHORP, Jan 7th, Briar Cottage, Formby, the wife of F. Cecil CALTHORP, a daughter

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 10th, 1895


BRADSHAW, Jan 8th, Stanley View, 97 Walton Lane, Kirkdale, the wife of Thomas BRADSHAW a daughter

HOUGHTON, Jan 8th, Holm Hill, West Kirby, the wife of Arthur HOUGHTON, a son

MITCHELL, Jan 9th, Weston House, Halewood, the wife of A. C. MITCHELL, a daughter

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 15th 1895


BRYDE, Jan 13th, Maywood, Fletcher Grove, Edge Lane, the wife of W. L. BRYDE a son

COURNAN, Jan 14th, 4 Swiss Rd, Fairfield, the wife of J. G, COURNAN, a daughter [stillborn]

DODD, Jan 11th, Lawton Rd, Waterloo, the wife of C. W. DODD a daughter.

WALKER, Jan 14th, 4 Albert Rd, Birkdale, the wife of W. H. WALKER, a son.

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 16th 1895


SLEGGS, Jan 13th, 44 Robson St, the wife of George Milner SLEGGS, a son

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 17th 1895


ROBERTSON, Jan 11th, Unicorn Hotel, Ambleside, the wife of William F. ROBERTSON, a daughter

SAWLE, Jan 15th, 32 Langdale Rd, Sefton Park, the wife of Captain Charles SAWLE, a daughter

SMITH, Jan 3rd, 5 Hardy St, the wife of B. V. SMITH [ship Andrina], a son

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 18th 1895


JAGO, Jan 16th, 23 Wordsworth St, the wife of T. B. JAGO, a daughter

SUMNER, Jan 16th, 16 Elizabeth St, the wife of Henry SUMNER of a son.

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 19th 1895


BUSSWEILER, Jan 18th, 13 Croxteth Grove, the wife of Alfred BUSSWEILER of a son

DITCHFIELD, Jan 18th, 81 Picton Rd, Wavertree, the wife of Thomas P. DITCHFIELD of a son.

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 21st 1895


M'FARLIN, Jan 17th, 22 Kinglake St, Edgehill, the wife of A. H. M'FARLIN of a daughter

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 22nd 1895


FOX, Jan 20th, 4 Hereford Rd, Seaforth the wife of Stuart M. FOX a daughter

GORDDARD, Jan 18th, 52 Tunstall St, Smithdown Rd, the wife of D. H. GORDDARD a son.

LEE, Jan 21st, 17 Wendover Ave, St Michael's, the wife of John M. LEE of twin sons [stillborn]

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 23rd 1895


EDWARDSON, Jan 22nd, 8 Worcester Drive, North, Clubmoor, the wife of Fred R. EDWARDSON, a son

RATHBONE, Jan 22nd, Otterspool Bank, Liverpool Mrs Hugh R. RATHBONE, a son

SUMNERS, Jan 21st, Abbey Hotel, Miles St, Toxteth, the wife of Albert J. SUMNERS, a son [stillborn]

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