Births 1885

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 1st, 1885


FELL, Dec 17th, Oakleigh, Anerley, London, the wife of Frederick William FELL, a son stillborn

ROGERS, Dec 30th, Sussex Lodge, Huyton, the wife of T. Theodore ROGERS a daughter

WHITE, Dec 29th, Laurel Cottage, Old Chester Rd, Rock Ferry, the wife of Samuel Henry WHITE, a daughter


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 2nd, 1885


JUDD, Jan 1st, 3 Baveno Terrace, Wavertree, the wife of W. T. M. JUDD, a daughter

PARSONAGE, Dec 31st, Higher Tranmere, the wife of Noble PARSONAGE, a son.


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 3rd, 1885


HAWLEY, Jan 2nd, 39 Colart Rd, Princes Park, the wife of William E. HAWLEY, a son

KING, Jan 1st, 23 Tavistock St, the wife of Thomas James KING, a daughter

PEMBERTON, Jan 2nd, The Mowings, Little Neston, the wife of Joseph PEMBERTON, a daughter

POLLARD, Dec 30th, Rose Cottage, Roby, the wife of William H. POLLARD, a daughter.

RICHMOND, Jan 1st, 8 Mannering St, Sefton Park, the wife of Francis RICHMOND a son.

STOREY, Dec 29th, 9A Park St, the wife of Thomas STOREY Jnr, a daughter stillborn, prematurely.


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 5th, 1885


DAKEN, Jan 3rd, 26 Green Lawn, Rock Ferry, the wife of John DAKEN, a son

ELLIS, Dec 28th, 372 Beckwith St, Birkenhead, the wife of John L. ELLIS, a daughter

PICKARD, Jan 1st, 10 Rawson Rd, Seaforth, the wife of J. E. PICKARD, a son

WAGDIN, Jan 1st, 24 Hartley St, the wife of Samuel W. WAGDIN, a son


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 6th, 1885


CAVE, Dec 30th, 215 Falkner St, the wife of James H. CAVE, a son EVANS, Jan 5th, 22 Grinshill St, Toxteth Park, the wife of Willis R. EVANS, a daughter

REYNOLDS, Jan 5th, 8 Miriam Rd, Anfield, the wife of J. W. REYNOLDS, a son

ROBERTS, Jan 2nd, 104 Garfield Terrace, the wife of O. ROBERTS a son

STOKES, Jan 4th, 6 Beaumont St, Portland Place, London, the wife of J. W. STOKES, of Gwysaney, Mold, a daughter.

TOPPING, Jan 3rd, 44 Heriot St, Stanley Rd, Margaret wife of Robert TOPPING, a son.

WITHERS, Jan 3rd, 3 Laurel Rd, Tranmere-park, Birkenhead, the wife of George F. WITHERS a son.


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 7th, 1885


BURCH, Jan 5th, 43 Selborne St, Princes Rd, the wife of George BURCH, a son.

FORRESTER, Jan 4th, 5 St Edmond's Rd, Bootle, the wife of Capt John FORRESTER, a son.

McENTEGART, Jan 4th, 3 Tempest Hey, the wife of Laurence McENTEGART, a son

PILSON, Nov 19th, 6 Laurel Grove, Lodge Lane, the wife of John PILSON, a son

WILLIAMS, Dec 26th, 17 Daisy St, Stanley Rd, the wife of William R. WILLIAMS, a son.

WORSLEY, Jan 2nd, 40 Aughton Rd, Birkdale, the wife of R. L. WORSLEY, a son.


Kindly forwarded by Kathy of Hoylake

Liverpool Echo Tuesday, April 7 1885


LEE - April 7, at 72, Goldsmith-street, West Derby-road, the wife of William Lee, of a son.

STERN - April 6, at 50, Huskisson-street, the wife of David Stern, of a son.

Liverpool Echo Tuesday, April 7 1885


Liverpool Mercury, Aug 14th, 1885


DALE, Aug 11th, 6 Tuebrook Terrace, West Derby, the wife of Arthur Boswell DALE, a daughter

DORANCE, Aug 12th, 13 Hope Place, the wife of Robert DORANCE, a son

JONES, Aug 12th, Albert House, Llanrwst, the wife of T. Rogers JONES, a son

KIRKMAN, Aug 11th, 35 Woodville Terrace, the wife of John KIRKMAN, pilot, a son

SMITH, Aug 12th, 40 Kingsley Rd, the wife of John SMITH, a son

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