Births 1883

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 20th, 1883


BEECHAM, Jan 16th, 5 Arrow St, the wife of R. BEECHAM, a daughter

COOK, Jan 18th, 103 Nevill St, Southport, the wife of G. H. COOK, a son

JONES, Jan 18th, 83 Roscommon St, the wife of Robert JONES, a daughter

LITTLE, Jan 18th, 6 Clarke Terrace, New Ferry Lane, New Ferry, the wife of Robert LITTLE, a daughter.

MARSHALL, Dec 18th, The Poplars, Formby, the wife of J. MARSHALL, prematurely of a son.

OPENSHAW, Jan 19th, Clarendon Villas, New Ferry, the wife of Mr OPENSHAW a son

PARKER, Jan 10th, 51 Church St, Birkenhead, the wife of Hugh PARKER a daughter.

STERLING, Jan 18th, 5 Sefton Dr, the wife of Hugh A. STERLING a son

THOMAS, the wife of John Richard THOMAS, Board Schools, Abergynolwyn, Towyn, R. S. O, a son

WARING, Jan 19th, 7 Trafalgar, Lower Bebington, the wife of John S. WARING, a son

WILLIAMS, Jan 14th, 29 Iris St, the wife of Moses WILLIAMS a son


Liverpool Mercury, Feb 2nd 1883


BIRD, Jan 10th, 61 Upper Pitt St, the wife of George Henry BIRD, a son

BURGESS, Jan 31st, 31 Bold St, Warrington, the wife of Charles Sawkins BURGESS, a son

DOWBIGGIN, Jan 28th, 29 Aspin Grove, Lodge Lane, the wife of Edward DOWBIGGIN, a son [see deaths]

FRASER, Jan 28th, 4 Selbourne Terrace, South Woodside Rd, Glasgow, the wife of Daniel FRASER, a son

GROSS, Jan 29th, Philadelphia, U.S.A, Emily wife of H. B. GROSS, a son

LATIMER, Jan 31st, 72 Nutall St, the wife of William LATIMER, a son

PARRY, Jan 30th, 7 Lightwood St, Edgehill, the wife of Henry E. PARRY, a daughter

PRITCHARD, Jan 30th, 54 Lavan St, the wife of William PRITCHARD, a daughter

QUICK, Jan 31st, 20 Vipond St, the wife of Percy QUICK, a son

ROGERS, Jan 31st, Blundellsands, the wife of J. Kenyon ROGERS, a son


Liverpool Mercury June 26th, 1883


DOYLE, June 23rd, 8 Beaconsfield Terrace, Seacombe, Daniel a daughter

HOLT, June 25th, Fern Lea, Croxteth Grove, the wife of James S, prematurely of a son, stillborn

KING, June 3rd, Detroit, U.S.A, Richard a daughter, late of 72 Rodney St

MATHER, June 24th, Landudno, Ellis, of Finch House, nr Liverpool, a daughter

MOSS, June 24th, 10 Albert Rd, Tuebrook, Henry a daughter

SHEPHERD, June 25th, 8 St Domingo Vale, G. R, a son

TAYLOR, June 22nd, Woodhey Rock Ferry, Mrs Chas T, prematurely of a son, who survived his birth but an hour.

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