Births 1880

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 2nd 1880


BENYON, Dec 28th, 8 Leison St, Kirkdale, the wife of Joseph BENYON, a daughter

EASON, Dec 31st, 11 Ward St, the wife of James EASON, a daughter

FAIRLEY, Jan 1st, 136 Huskisson St, the wife of Joseph Smith FAIRLEY, a son

LLOYD, Jan 1st, Sefton Hotel, 49 Upper Warwick St, Toxteth Park, the wife of John F. LLOYD, a daughter

NORRIS, Dec 30th, 23 Grange Rd, Birkenhead, the wife of James NORRIS, a son

ODDY, Dec 31st, 80 Great Howard St, the wife of Benjamin ODDY, a son

PENN, Jan 1st, 37 Bishop Rd, Anfield, the wife of James PENN, a daughter

PHILLIPS, Jan 1st, 49 Lime St, the wife of J. PHILLIPS a daughter

RICHARDSON, Jan 1st, 54 The Crescent, Cambrian View, Chester, the wife of Rev J. RICHARDSON , a son

ROBINSON, Jan 1st, 5 Arthur Terrace, Wellington Rd, Egremont, the wife of John ROBINSON a son

SWYNY, Dec 31st, 289 Westminster Rd, the wife of R. J. SWYNY a son

THOMPSON, Dec 30th, 33 Northcote St, Everton, the wife of Richard THOMPSON of twin daughters


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 5th, 1880


CAMPION, Dec 20th, 5 Olive St, the wife of C. CAMPION, a daughter

CARVER, Jan 4th, 84 Tweed St, West Derby Rd, the wife of J. H. CARVER a son

FREEMAN, Dec 30th, 25 Lombard St, the wife of Josiah FREEMAN, a son

HOOD, Jan 2nd, the wife of Thomas W. HOOD, a daughter

HUGHES, Jan 2nd, Tan'rallt Hall, Llanddulas, the wife of Rev T. HUGHES, a daughter

JONES, Jan 3rd, 7? Dorothy St, Edge Lane, the wife of D. JONES, a son

MARTIN, Dec 31st, 72 Kremlin Drive, West Derby, the wife of Thomas G. MARTIN, a son

METCALFE, Dec 28th, 7 Bedford Place, Seaforth, the wife of the late Joseph S. METCALFE, a son

NICKSON, Dec 31st, Magazine Park, New Brighton, the wife of J. J. NICKSON, a daughter

PARTINGTON, Jan 2nd, 6 Ogwen St, the wife of W. W. PARINGTON, a daughter

PATON, Jan 2nd, 95 Easby Rd, Kirkdale, the wife of Thomas G. PATON, a son

SAVAGE, Dec 31st, the wife of the Rev Ernest Bickerseth SAVAGE, vicar of Michael I.O.M, a daughter

SMALLEY, Jan 1st, Bath St, Rhyl, the wife of William Edward SMALLEY, twin sons

WILLIAMS-MEYRICK, Jan 1st, The Hermitage, Beaumaris the wife of the Rev J. WILLIAMS-MEYRICK, rector of Beaumaris, a son

WILSON, Dec 28thHooton Hotel, Cheshire, the wife of T. WILSON, a son stillborn


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 8th 1880


DAVIDSON, Jan 2nd, 16 Beresford Rd, Toxteth Park, the wife of Robert DAVIDSON, a daughter

GOUGH, Jan 6th, 54 Cresswell St, Everton, the wife of Edward GOUGH, a daughter

HILL, Jan 5th, Oakfield House, Conway St, Birkenhead, the wife of W. HILL, a daughter

JOHNSON, Jan 5th, 7 Dumfries St, Barrow-in-Furness, the wife of Edwin JOHNSON, a daughter

JONES, Dec 30th, Parkside, Liscard, the wife of William Humphrey JONES, a daughter

LEADSOM, Jan 7th, 45 Hyslop St, Toxteth Park, the wife of Richard LEADSOM, a son

M'DONALD, Dec 31st, 20 Fonthill Rd, Kirkdale, the wife of James B. M'DONALD, a son

MACLEOD, Jan 6th, 11 Eardsley Crescent, South Kensington, London, the wife of Norman MACLEOD, a daughter

WAKEFIELD, Jan 6th, Oakfield Rd, Anfield, the wife of Arthur WAKEFIELD, a son


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 14th, 1880


BASSNETT, Jan 10th, 29 Juvenal St, the wife of James BASSNETTT, a son

COOPER, Jan 11th, 47 Catherine St, the wife of S. COOPER, a son

CURR, Jan 12th, 81 Farnworth St, the wife of William H. CURR, a son

DUNNING, Jan 7th, 9 Warden St, the wife of Robert DUNNING , a daughter

GRIFFITHS, Jan 13th, Sandringham Rd, Tuebrook, the wife of Arthur GRIFFITHS, a daughter

HAYDOCK, Jan 12th, 58 Bridge St Birkenhead, the wife of Alfred H. HAYDOCK, a daughter [see deaths]

JACKSON, Dec 28th, 47 Slater St, Oldham Rd, Manchester, the wife of James JACKSON a son

JONES, Jan 9th, 38 Spekefield Cottages, Edgehill the wife of John JONES, a son

JONES, Jan 13th, the wife of Samuel JONES, 17 Holt Rd, Tranmere, a son

LEARY, Jan 11th, 87 Rupert Lane, the wife of John LEARY a son

SMITH, Jan 12th, Riverslie, Crosby Rd, Seaforth, the wife of Charles SMITH, a daughter

STONE, Jan 6th, 36 Lyell St, Breckfield Rd, North the wife of J. A. STONE a daughter

VENN, Jan 11th, Mount House, Wrexham, the wife of William VENN a son

WILLIS, Jan 7th, the wife of George WILLIS, Oxford St, Barrow-in-Furness a daughter


Liverpool Mercury, Feb 20th 1880


BALMER, Feb 19th, the wife of John James BALMER, Street Farm, Kelsall, nr Chester, a son

BATTARBEE, Feb 4th, Franklin, Louisiana, the wife of R. BATTARBEE a son

EDWARDS, Feb 17th, Brynhyfryd, Conway, the wife of John EDWARDS, twin daughters.

KINLOCH, Feb 12th, Greenock, the wife of John KINLOCH a son

SELLARS, Feb 9th, 52 Bridge St, Birkenhead, the wife of J. C. SELLARS, a daughter

WALCOT, Feb 14th, Erwy, nr Ellesmere, Shropshire, the wife of Owen WALCOT, a daughter

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