Liverpool Mercury Feb 5th, 1875


BURGESS, Feb 5th, The Atlantic Hotel, Capt Alexander, a daughter

GELLING, Feb 2nd, 133 Prescot Rd, Fairfield, Thomas, a daughter

GOODWIN, Jan 27th, 19 Leeds St, John Henry, a daughter

HESCROFT, Feb 3rd, 16 Peel St, Tranmere, Robert a son

HIMSWORTH, Feb 3rd, 2 Walnut St, Mount Pleasant, W. a daughter

HODSON, Feb 4th, 101 St Johns Rd, James J, a son

JONES Feb 1st, 42 Woodside St, Edge Hill, Thomas a daughter

JONES Feb 1st, 47 Fernhill St, William a son

ROBERTS, Feb 2nd, St Davids School, Pentre, Flint, wife of Mr, a daughter

STEELE, 44 Hemans St, Princes Rd, D. A, a daughter

TIPLADY, Jan 6th, Bahia Brazil, Richard Esq, C.E, Bahia and San Francisco Railway Co, a son

WARING, Feb 4th, 9 Dukes Cottages, Whetstone Lane, Tranmere, Capt William, a son


Liverpool Mercury, Feb 17th, 1875


ABBOTT, Feb 12th, 21 Hamilton Rd, the wife of W. H. ABBOTT, a daughter

BROWN, Feb 13th, Swan Villas, Old Swan, the wife of E. BROWN, a daughter

DALTON, Feb 14th, 77 Great George St, Leeds, the wife of G. W. DALTON, a daughter

JOHNSON, Feb 16th, 143 Park Rd, the wife of John W. JOHNSON, a son

KEENS, Feb 15th, 6 Lothair St, Manchester, the wife of W. H. KEENS, a daughter.

LEATHERBARROW, Feb 14th, Roper's Farm, Whiston, nr Prescot, the wife of John LEATHERBARROW Jnr, a son.

PHILLIPS, Feb 13th, 149 Vine St, the wife of William H. PHILLIPS, a son

REASON, Feb 14th, 28 Venmore St, Everton, the wife of Thomas REASON, a daughter

WILLIAMS, Feb 15th, the wife of Robert WILLIAMS, 41 Cne-llepa, Bangor, a son


Liverpool Mercury, Oct 1st, 1875


BARWISE, Sept 27th, 180 Vauxhall Rd, the wife of Joseph BARWISE, a son

BROOKES, Sept 29th, 90 Park St, Bootle, the wife of William B. BROOKER, a son

DAVIES, Sept 28th, 21 Richmond Terrace, Bootle, the wife of W. O. DAVIES, a daughter

ENGLISH, Aug 12th, Manilla, Philippine Islands, the wife of Capt James ENGLISH, of the ship Villafranca, a son

LITTLER, Sept 28th, 29 Dorset Rd, Tuebrook, the wife of Samuel LITTLER a daughter.

LOWE, Sept 26th, 3 Cathedral Rd, the wife of Capt John R. LOWE, of a daughter

LOWE, Sept 30th, Olive Mount, nr Seaforth, the wife of William Edward LOWE, a daughter

MANGER, Sept 28th, 5 Edith Terrace, West Brompton, London S.W, the wife of J. B. MANGER Esq, [late of Hong Kong] a son.

ROBB, Sept 29th, 16 Victoria Rd, Tranmere, the wife of Thomas ROBB, a son.

TALBOT, Sept 25th, Rhysment Hall, Llanymynach, Mrs Harvey TALBOT, a daughter.

THOMPSON, Sept 29th, 127 Price St, Birkenhead, the wife of Charles THOMPSON, a son.

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