Births 1869

Liverpool Mercury, Mar 22nd 1869


BAILEY, March, 18th, at Bunbury, Mr W, Headmaster of Aldersey Grammer School, a son

GREGORY, March 20th, 76 Elizabeth St, Mr E, a son

JOHNSON, March 19th, 1 Canning St, R. B. D. Esq, a dau

PARSONS, March 18th, 65 Hope St, W. D. Esq, a son

RAVENSHAW, March 19th, Dacre Mount, Tranmere, Thomas, a dau


Liverpool Mercury, April 24th, 1869


BEST, Apr 21st, 30 Derby St, Oxton Rd, Birkenhead, J. Carruthers, a son

COSTAIN, Apr 22nd, 27 Demean St, Seacombe, Thomas a son

HUGHES, Apr 18th, Plas Chambres, Henry a son

JONES, Apr 20th, Hibernia Terrace, Holyhead, Capt, Lloyd’s Agent, a son

MORRISON, Apr 16th, Isle of Whithorn, Wigtownshire, Peter a son

WHITFIELD, Nov 5th, St John’s P.Q, Sgt J., R.C.R.C, Canada, America, a daughter


Liverpool Mercury, May 4th, 1869


BRAIME, May 2nd, 3 Bedford St, North, the wife of Edward BRAIME, a son

BRETTEN, May 1st, 102 Upper Beau St, Everton, the wife of Thomas Edgar BRETTEN, a daughter

BRYANT, May 3rd, 215 Breck Rd, Everton, the wife of Robert E. BRYANT, a son

FORREST, April 28th, 128 Smithdown Lane, the wife of Richard FORREST, a son

FOSTER, April 28th, Walton-on-the-Hill, the wife of William H. FOSTER, a son

HOLDEN, May 2nd, Clubmoor, West Derby, the wife of George N. HOLDEN, a son

JOHNSON, April 28th, Willow Cottage, New Ferry, the wife of William JOHNSON, a daughter

JONES, May 2nd, the wife of D. H. JONES, Runcorn, a daughter

JONES, May 1st, Edgar St, Birkenhead, the wife of John JONES, a son

LEDERS, May 2nd, Rosa Villa, Cardwell St, Fairfield, the wife of Charles James LEDERS, a daughter

LYON, April 23rd, Brown Edge House, Sutton, the wife of John LYON, twins, a son and daughter [son stillborn]

POOLEY, May 1st, New Brighton, Mrs Frank POOLEY, a son

SMITH, May 1st, 36 Seldon St, Kensington, Mrs Thomas SMITH Jnr, a daughter stillborn

WALLEY, May 1st, Rose and Crown, Huyton, the wife of G. WALLEY, a daughter


Liverpool Mercury, May 8th 1869


BAKER, May 3rd, 38 Warwick St, Birkenhead, John a dau

DRURY, May 5th, North and South Wales Bank, Oswestry, Robert a dau

FORSHAW, May 4th, Huyton, Peter a dau

HALL, May 6th, Sunnyside, Princes Park, Robert C, a dau

HINGSTON, May 6th, 78 Falkner St, Andrew Holland, a son

KIRKUS, May 7th, 125 Vauxhall Rd, Robert W, a dau

LANGLEY, May 5th, Knotty Ash, Thomas a son

MC QUILTON, April 17th. Mossley Hill, Thomas a dau

PARRY, May 2nd, 366 Mill St, William Robert, a dau

SHARP, May 5th, Little Sutton, Cheshire, George a dau

SISE, May 7th, 8 Church Rd, Waterloo, C. F. Esq, a dau

WEBSTER, May 4th, 49 Eastbank St, Southport, W. a dau

WILLS, May 4th, Halton, Cheshire, widow of George Albert WILLS, late of the ship HERFORDSHIRE, of this port a dau.


Liverpool Mercury, July 6th 1869


BLEAKMAN, July 4th, Mrs Adolphus BLEAKMANM, 114 Upper Hill St, a son.

BOARDMAN, June 30th, Newton-le-Williows, the wife of Richard BOARDMAN, a son.

CHEGWIDDEN, July 4th, 147 Netherfield Rd, North, the wife of John CHEGWIDDEN, a son

COLVILE, July 4th, Elm House, Anfield, the wife of Charles COLVILE Esq, 54th Regiment, a daughter.

ELLIS, July 2nd, Halebank, the wife of Thomas ELLIS, a daughter.

HERD, July 5th, 5 Adelaide Terrace, Waterloo, the wife of John HERD, Jun, a daughter.

HUGHES, July 4th, 19 Edinburgh St, Everton, the wife of John HUGHES, a daughter

NICHOLSON, June 27th, the wife of James NICHOLSON Jnr, a daughter

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