Births 1867

Liverpool Mercury, March 26th 1867


CAREY, March 11th, London, Thomas Augustus, coal merchant, a son

CLARKSON, March 18th, 126 Walton Rd, John, a dau

DAVIES , March 23rd, 4 North View Terrace, Egremomt, James W. a son

EVANS, March 22nd, Tros-y-Parc, nr Denbigh, Thomas Esq, a dau

GARDNER, March 19th, 231 Netherfield Rd, North Everton, T. R, a son

HARDIKER, March 9th, 123 Park Lane, George, a dau

HOLT, March 21st, West Kirby, Cheshire, Charles, a dau

HUNTER, March 21st, 211 Boundary St, G, a dau

LYNN, March 20th, 7 Russell Terrace, Lomond Rd, H. V. a son

MC MASTER, March 20th, 28 Pluto St, Kirkdale, William, a son

MORGAN, March 19th, at Cork, Private John, 2nd battalion 60th rifles, twin sons, one stillborn.

MUSPRATT, March 23rd, Embdon House, Childwall, Frederic Esq, a son

PAYNTER, March 15th, 55 Thomaston St, Everton, George, a son

SLATER, March 17th, Commercial Hotel, Rainhill, D, a dau

STOKES, March 21st, Hemer Terrace, Bootle, George, a dau

WALLEY, March 22nd, 95 Great Howard St, George, a son

WOODS, March 16th, Rainhill Stoops, J, a son


Liverpool Mercury, June 4th 1867


AINSLIE, May 29th, St Mary's Mount, Ulverston, the wife of Aymer AINSLIE, Esq, a son

CALDERWOOD, May 30th, 68 Thomaston St, the wife of Robert CALDERWOOD, chief engineer of the Spanish screw-steamer TAJO, a daughter

FITZMAURICE, May 24th, Plas Linyon, Llanfair, Anglesea, the Hon Mrs FITZMAURICE, a son

HARRISON, May 30th, 10 Lomond Rd, Edge Lane, the wife of Swainston HARRISON, a son

HARVEY, May 27th, 50 St Domingo Rd, the wife of John HARVEY, a son

HEFFER, May 31st, 54 Grove St, the wife of Edward A. HEFFER Esq, architect, a son

HOGG, June 2nd, 14 Ramage St, Toxteth Park, the wife of J. HOGG, a daughter

JONES, May 19th, Mrs R. W. JONES, a son

KINGSTON, May 29th, 102 Westbourne St, the wife of D. KINGSTON, a son

LEVEAUX, May 31st, Kensington, Liverpool, the wife of Montague LEVEAUX, a son

M'WHAE, May 29th, Onslow Rd, Fairfield, the wife of . B. M'WHAE, a son

PERKINS, May 28th, Fulwood Park, Mrs Hugh PERKINS, a daughter

PHEYSEY, May 30th, the wife of Mr PHEYSEY, Waterloo and Seaforth, a son

ROBBINS, June 1st, Tweed St, West Derby Rd, the wife of Captain ROBBINS, of the ship Royal Adelaide, a daughter

SYMES, May 31st, 98 Oxton Rd, Birkenhead, the wife of Charles SYMES, a daughter

TYACK, May 29th, 3 Windsor St, Oxton Rd, Birkenhead, the wife of James TYACK Esq, a daughter

VICKERS, May 31st, 8 Edge Lane, the wife of John VICKERS Esq, a son

WILLCOCK, May 29th, 24 Albion St, Everton, the wife of Captain Edgar WILLCOCK, a son

WILLIAMS, May 27th, 5 Ogwen St, the wife of T. L. WILLIAMS a son

WOODWARD, May 29th, 37 Richmond Row, the wife of W. WOODWARD, a daughter


Liverpool Mercury, Oct 28th 1867


AYRTON, Oct 24th, Chatham St, Dr, a dau

BROWSE, Oct 25th, 64 Aubrey St, Everton, Capt Frederick, a dau

HILL, Oct 24th, Melling, Robert a son

JONES, Oct 25th, 49 Opie St, Everton, James, a son

LONG, Oct 21st, Southport, Joseph, a son

MAWSON, Oct 26th, 5 Ranelagh Place, M, a dau

PIERCE, Oct 25th, Albert Villa, Elm Grove, Tranmere, Ellis, a son

RENSBURG, Oct 26th, 248 Upper Parliament St, Henry R, a dau

WILSON, Oct 25th, 100 Huskisson St, Falkner Square, Joseph Esq, a son


Liverpool Mercury, Nov 13th 1867


BANKHEAD, Nov 12th, 52 Cresswell St, Everton Rd, Frederick James, a dau

ELLIS, Nov 11th, 386 Great Howard St, George F, a dau

OWENS, Nov 10th, 8 Stanley St, Holyhead, E, a dau

SMITH, Nov 12th, Springfield, Egremont, Capt Henry, 7th Royal, Lancashire Militia, a dau

SWENGLEY, Nov 11th, 74 Alma St, Everton, Joseph, a dau

WILLIAMS, Nov 9th, 3 Derby Place, Moor Park, Chester, Venables, a dau

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