Births 1864

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 4th, 1864


ACKERLERY, Jan 1st, the wife of Richard ACKERLEY, Birkenhead, a son

CHESTER, Jan 2nd, the wife of W. H. CHESTER of a son

CURRAN, Recently at Porteferry, county Down, the widow of Captain CURRAN, of the unfortunate ship Lord Raglan, of twins, a son and daughter

FILDES, Dec 29th, Old Trafford Hall, Manchester the wife of James FILDES, a son

FORREST, Jan 2nd, Avila Villa, Greenheys Rd, Princes Park, the wife of Jacob FORREST Esq, of a son

OATES, Dec 30th, Lamb Hotel, Nantwich, the wife of William OATES, a daughter

WALTER, Dec 31st, 17 Hardwick St, the wife of George H. WALTER, a son


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 15th 1864


CAULFIELD, Jan 11th, 11 Holt St, Edge Hill, wife of John CAULFIELD, a daughter

PHILLIPS, Jan 10th, 169 Grafton St, the wife of William PHILLIPS, a son

PHYTHIAN, 89 Clare St, recently the wife of Richard PHYTHIAN, a son


Liverpool Mercury Jan 16th 1864


BIRD, Jan 11th, 43 Egerton St, the wife of Charles BIRD, a daughter

FINNEY, Jan 12th, Great Richmond St, the wife of John FINNEY, Primitive Methodist, home missionary, a daughter.

FOX, Jan 8th, 86 Tetlow St, the wife of Robert M. FOX , a son

HUNT, Jan 13th, 10 Abram St, Everton, the wife of Reuben HUNT, labourer of twins, two boys, mother and children doing well.


Liverpool Mercury, March 22nd 1864


ANTHONY, Mar 16th, Somerford, Brewood, Staffordshire, Henry, a son

BURROWES, Mar 19th, 6 Gibson St, George F, a son

CURPHEY, Mar 14th, Church St, Ramsey, I.O.M, John a daughter

GODBOLD, Mar 17th, 8 Havelock St, Seacombe, Cheshire, John late of the 23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers, twins, a son and daughter.

GREY, Mar 16th, Darcy Lever Hall, nr Bolton, Lieut Col GREY. M.P, a son

ROBERTS, Mar 5th, 27 Clare St, William a daughter

ROWE, Mar 13th, Laxey, I.O.M, Captain a son

WINSTANLEY, Mar 16th, Peterborough, George a son


Liverpool Mercury June 3rd 1864


COX, June 1st, at Waterloo, Henry a daughter

COPE, May 31st, 4 Jubilee St, North, Mrs David, a daughter

HUGHES, May 30th, A. C. Hughes Esq, a daughter

IREMONGER, May 26th, Lime Grove, Carnarvonshire, Capt P. A, a son

LEWIS, May 29th, Bedford Rd, Rock Ferry, Mrs S. Lewis Jnr, a daughter

LLOYD, May 20th, Spekeland Hall, Thomas, a daughter

McANDREW, May 31st, 1 Landowne Terrace, Chester, Robert Alexander, a son

PICKERING, May 30th, 37 Guilford St, Everton, James, a son

SEMPLE, May 29th, 35 Falkner St, Charles, a son


Liverpool Mercury, Dec 6th 1864


BISHOP, Dec 5th, at Henderton Villas, W. J. a son

DUNLOP, Oct 1st, at Shanghae, Capt James of the ship Southern Empire, a dau

ELLISON, Dec 4th, Wellington Rd, John F, a dau

REAN, Dec 1st, Scotland Rd, W, Licensed Victualler, a son

SCOTT, Dec 4th, Sefton Terrace, Litherland, Mrs R. C, a dau

SINCLAIR, Dec 1st, 69 Thomaston St, wife Capt James, a son

WATSON, Nov 30th, Lower Malshaw, nr Bury, P. Esq. a son

WRIGHT, Dec 2nd, 16 Milk St, Edge Hill, Joseph a dau

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