Births 1855

Liverpool Mercury Jan 5th 1855

Births Lately the wife of John SPRY Esq collector of inland revenue, Dublin, of three sons, being the 2nd time this lady has given birth to three children

Oct 28th, Hong Kong, the wife of the Lord Bishop of Victoria, a daughter

Dec 24th, the wife of W. M. BOSTOCK a daughter

Dec 24th, Mrs J. WALMSLEY of Carnaarvon, a daughter Dec 27th, Kintuck, Westmeath, the wife of W. P. URQUHART, Esq, late M. P, a daughter

Dec 27th, the wife of Joseph WILLIAMS, Hyson Place, Sydney St, East, a daughter

Dec 28th, the lady of Major Caledon EGERTON, 89th Regiment, a son

Dec 30th, the wife of Mr CUZNER, Abbey St, Chester, a son

Dec 30th, the wife of E. F. GOUTHWAITE Esq, a daughter

Dec 31st, the wife of William BAXTER, Grosvenor St, Rock Ferry, twin sons, one stillborn.

Jan 2nd, Mile end-terrace, Canal Rd, London, the wife of William ALLISON, a daughter

Jan 2nd Mrs William MARTIN, Anfield Terrace, Sixty Lane, Claughton, a son

Extraordinary births, on Tuesday evening the wife of Samuel HAWKINS, of this town, gave birth to four living female children, all, "eyes right and limbs straight" She was attended by John DERRY Esq, surgeon, who was perfectly astounded at this extraordinary increase to the population. Two of the babies soon died, and one more only lived to the next day. The fourth however was alive on Thursday morning. The mother is about 35 yrs of age and is doing, "as well as can be expected." The father of the children is foreman of the Totnes gasworks. A great many mothers have seen these wonderful babies - Western Flying Post.


Northern Daily Times

March 1855


10th inst, Burdett Ave, Kingstown, Lieut H. FOSTER. R.N, three daughters

12th inst, Wavertree, Walter W. STABLES, a son

17th inst, Parsonage, Walton Le Dale, Rev John BROOKS, a daughter

19th inst, Glasgow, Charles W. COLLARD, a second son

19th inst, Edmund DUFTON, a son [see deaths wife died 24th inst]

21st inst, South Rd, Waterloo, J. Laurence BUTLER, a son

21st inst, George WEBSTER, Scripture reader, North Egremont, a daughter

21st inst, Carlton Gardens, Hon Mrs J. STUART WORTLEY, a daughter

22nd inst, Wavertree, Mrs A. M. DAWSON, a daughter

23rd inst, Edge Hill, Mrs John R. SHERLOCK, a son

24th inst, Rev T. B. BANNER, a daughter

24th inst, Highfield Park, Rock Ferry, Mrs John B. SPENCE, a daughter

24th inst, Ickleford House, nr Hitchen, Herts, the Hon Mrs F. D. RYDER, a daughter

24th inst, Lansdowne House, Countess of Shelburne, a daughter

26th inst, Samuel HORN, Teacher, a son


Liverpool Mercury May 4th 1855


April 26th, at Bath, the wife of Rev H. C. MINCHIN, a son.

April 27th, Broughton, the wife of A. FOMBLANQUE Esq, barrister, Manchester, a daughter

April 28th, London, the Countess of Enniskillen, a daughter

April 30th, Holt Hill, the wife of Mr E. BROOMHALL, of twin boys.

May 1st, Peel Terrace, Canning St, Mrs Edward STANISTREET, a daughter

May 1st, Holt Hill, Mrs Archibald BAXTER, a son

May 1st, the wife of Dr LANGLEY, staff-surgeon, 1st class, a son.

May 1st, the wife of Capt William HARRISON of the royal mail steamer Africa, a son.

May 1st, the wife of J. W. WHARTON, of Kirby School, Kirby, nr Prescot, a daughter.

May 2nd, the Hollies, Rochdale, Mrs John P. PAGAN, a daughter.

May 2nd, Faulkner Square, the wife of William G. BATESON, Esq, a son

May 3rd, the wife of Thomas B. GIBBONS, Fulwood Park, a son

May 3rd, the wife of G. H. HOPE Esq, M.D, Seaforth, a daughter.


Liverpool Mercury Oct 13th 1855


June 4th, Sydney, N.S.W, the wife of James FISHER, conductor of the Sydney Choral Society, formerly of this town, a daughter

Aug 13th, Kurracha, Lower Scinde, Mrs R. F. CUMMING, a son

Oct 1st, the wife of Thomas IBBOTSON, cutler, Whitechapel, a daughter

Oct 3rd, the wife of Captain HICKMAN, a daughter

Oct 3rd, Bebington, Mrs J. P. TOMLINSON, a son

Oct 3rd, Mrs George HOLT, a son

Oct 4th, Grove Park, Mrs R. W. DAGLISH, a son

Oct 4th, St Domingo Vale, Mrs Johnson G. WELSBY, a daughter

Oct 4th, Clarence Grove, Everton, Mrs George PECK, a son

Oct 5th, Oxford Villas, Canonbury Park, London, the wife of William BARNETT Esq, a daughter

Oct 5th, Tay Lodge, County Waterford, Mrs Charles LANGLEY, a daughter

Oct 5th, Low Moor House, Mrs L. W. WICKHAM, a son

Oct 6th, Littlethorpe, nr Ripon, the wife of the Rev A. RAMSAY, of West Derby, a son

Oct 8th, the wife of W. B. CAMP, a daughter

Oct 9th, Musselburgh, the wife of Mr Samuel PART, principal coast officer, a son

Oct 11th, Somerville Place, Birkenhead, the wife of W. G. JOHNSTON, a son


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