Births 1854

Northern Daily Times Sept 1854,


10th inst, Bank Cottage, Tuebrook, Mrs Henry LENNOX a son

19th inst, Balgrun, nr Edinburgh, W. H. LOWE Esq M.D, a dau

20th inst, 79 Mornington Rd, Regents Rd, London, George GRABBE Esq, a son

20th inst, Exhall, Warwickshire, Rev B. Brooke HULBERT a son

20th inst, Upton Hall, Cheshire, William INMAN Esq. A dau

21st inst, South Lambert, George BEAUFOY a son

21st inst, Hornsey, Thomas William EADY Esq. A dau

22nd inst, Gravesend Kent, William SAUNDERS Esq. M.D, a son

22nd, 392 Oxford St, London, John ROGERS a dau

22nd inst, Marlborough Rd, St Johns Wood, Rev H. W. MADDOCK a son

22nd inst, Worsley Old Hall, George LOCH Esq, a dau

22nd inst, 10 Rutland Sq, East Dublin, Lady Fanny LAMBERT a dau

23rd inst, 28 Hereford Sq, Brompton, Frederick PERIGAL a son

23rd inst, New End, Hampstead, Mrs George BONE a dau

25th inst, John CLOWES, Aigberth, a dau

27th inst, Great Garden St, London, T. WESTCOMBE a dau

28th inst, John G. JACOB a son

28th inst, Higham Hill, Walthams Town, James Bury CAPEL a dau stillborn

Northern Times, Sept / Oct 1854



19th Sept, Balgrun, nr Edinburgh, W. H. LOWE. M.D a dau

21st Sept, Horney, Thomas William EADY a dau

21st Sept, South Lambert George BEAUFOY a son

24th Sept, W. G. HERBERT, Renshaw St, a dau

25th Sept, Prematurely Henry CHAPMAN, Birkenhead twins survived a few hours

25th Sept at fatherís house, W. C. WILLIAMSON, Union St, the wife of Capt John DEAL of the ship PATPONILLA a dau

27th Sept, Great Garden St, London, T. WESCOMBE a dau

27th Sept Whittingham nr Litchfield, J. Delane GRIFFITH a dau

28th Sept Higham Hill, Walthamstow, James Bury CAPEL a daughter stillborn

28th Sept Joseph SMITH, Bright St, Everton a dau

28th Sept, 18 Cunningham Place, Maida Hill, F. W. KEYL a dau

29th Sept, Westbourne Grove, West Baywater, Henry J. BARKER a dau

29th Sept, Tunbridge Wells J. Boyd SAUNDERS, 9th Bengal Cavalry, a dau

29th Sept, nr Southampton, George WILDER a son

30th Sept, 20 Hawley Rd, Camden Town, Mr MARDON a dau

30th Sept, Loughborough Park, W. L. HARVEY a dau

30th Sept Oxton Cheshire, Joseph G. NASH a dau

30th Sept, Cambridge Terrace, Hyde Park, London, W. H. BORHAM a son


1st Oct, 7 De Beavoir Square, Kingsland, Archibald HUDSON a dau

1st Oct, 14 Rochester Terrace, Camden Town, G. L. WAKLING a dau

1st Oct, Nottinghill Square, Baywater, London, Richard Edward DENT a son

1st Oct, Westbourne Terrace Rd, Hyde Park, London, Harry GARDNER. M.D, a son

1st Oct, Steeplehill Castle, Isle of Wight, Albert J. HAMBROUGH a son

2nd Oct, Cheswick, John TURNER a dau

2nd Oct, Sutton Surrey, John SILVERLOCK a son

4th Oct, Acton Terrace, Rockferry, Richard GORST a son

4th Oct, Oaklands, Rockferry, G. KENDALL a son

5th 0ct, Rockferry, Robert PATERSON, Solicitor this town, a dau

Dec 21st 1854

From the Liverpool Courier

Yesterday morning the wife of Bernard TENENBAUM a native of Hungary, and the only Hungarian, as he says in this town, was safely delivered of three fine children, the first a girl stillborn, the two last, fine boys, with their mother doing well. They live at 26 St Andrews

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