Births 1853

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 18th 1853


Dec 24th, Milnthorpe, the wife of Henry MAYOR, weaver, of a son stillborn, also Jan 5th, a daughter stillborn, the poor woman lingers in a very weak state of health

Jan 2nd, Boundary Lane, Everton, the wife of D. JONES Esq, surgeon, a son

Jan 5th, Kirkby Parsonage, the wife of Rev R. H. GRAY, a son

Jan 7th, Edinburgh, the wife of Rev Dr CUNNINGHAM, a daughter

Jan 7th, Rutland Place, Govan Rd, Glasgow, the wife of the Rev Gilbert GLADSTONE, a daughter

Jan 9th, the Vicarage, St Ishmael's, Pembrokeshire, the wife of Rev T. W. SAUNDERS, a daughter

Jan 11th, Crown St, the wife of Robert ADAMSON, a son

Jan 11th, Rush Green, Lymm, nr Warrington, the wife of John CHORLEY, a daughter

Jan 13th, the wife of Ralph CAPPER, a son

Jan 14th, Elm Vale, Fairfield, the wife of Robert JONES Esq, a daughter

Jan 15th, St James St, the wife of Louis SAMUEL, a son

Jan 16th, Sydney Place, Tranmere, Mrs Daniel CUNNINGHAM, a daughter

Jan 16th, South Bedford St, the wife of Henry A. GREY Esq, a daughter

Jan 16th, St Paul's Square, the wife of Captain L. J. WHITING of the ship European, a daughter

Jan 16th, Everton, Mrs MONTGOMERY, a son


Liverpool Mercury, Feb 15th, 1853


Dec 6th, Valparaiso, Mary the wife of Capt J. Henry PEARSON, a daughter

Feb 9th, Creamore, Salop. Mrs UNSWORTH, a son

Feb 9th, Clare Terrace, Edge Hill, John SIMON, barrister at law, a daughter

Feb 11th, Princes Park, Charles Paul PHIPPS, a daughter


Liverpool Mercury, Feb 22nd, 1853


Feb 12th, St Helens, W. C. SEDDON, printer and stationer, a son

Feb 16th, Grove Park, J. CAMPBELL, a son

Feb 16th, sisterís residence, Upper Stanhope St, Mrs GREEN, widow of Mr GREEN, a daughter

Feb 16th, Trenchfield House, Aughton, Jas CULSHAW Esq, a daughter

Feb 17th, Greenbank, Upton, Edmund THOMPSON a daughter

Feb 17th, Norbry Hall, Cheshire, Samuel WOODHOUSE Esq. A daughter

Feb 17th, Upper Parliament St, Mrs John GARNISS, a female child, stillborn.

Feb 17th, Low Hill, William Watkin RIDEING, a son

Feb 18th, Spencer St, Everton, Philip COOBES Jnr, a daughter

Feb 19th, Milton Rd, Edge Lane, Samuel SUDLOW Esq, a daughter

Feb 20th, Windsor Terrace, Upper Parliament St, Mrs T. Bickerton EVANS a daughter

Feb 21st, The Grove, Oxton, Cheshire, A. D. ANDERSON a daughter


Liverpool Mercury March 1st 1853


Feb 11th, at her residence Bootle, the wife of Capt HILSLEY of the SARAH SANDS a daughter

Feb 21st, Corwar, Rigby WASON Esq, a daughter

Feb 21st, the Rectory, St Andrews Hill, Blackfriars, Rev C. F. CHASE, a son

Feb 24th, Norley Hall, Cheshire, Samuel WOODHOUSE Esq, a daughter

Feb 24th, Shaw St, John PARRATT, a daughter

Feb 25th, Oxford St, E. JARDINE, a son

Feb 25th, London Rd, William PARRY, twins

Feb 27th, Snowdon Terrace, Everton, George WEBSTER, a son


Liverpool Mercury, June 7th, 1853


Apr 22nd, At Callao, Capt Robert JOY, of the Pacific Companyís steamship SANTIAGO of twins

May 28th, Burslem, Staffordshire, George HARDING a daughter

May 29th, Upper Pitt St, T. MOYNAGH, a daughter

May 30th, Daulby St, R. M. EASTMAN, a son

June 2nd, Denbigh Terrace, Crown St, Andrew MC LAREN a daughter

June 2nd, South St, Henry WILLIAMS, timber merchant, twins

June 3rd, Grafton St, Toxteth Park, Thomas Ireland GORDON, mate of the ship WUZEER, a daughter

June 4th, Peter METGE, a daughter

June 5th, Montpellier Terrace, Charles ARENDS, a daughter


Liverpool Mercury, Aug 12th, 1853


Aug 5th, Mill St, Alfred HIGGINSON a son

Aug 7th, Claughton, J. W. BROWNE, Esq. A son

Aug 9th, Mount Pleasant, Richard W. BRYDGES, a son

Aug 10th, Rock Ferry, John STARTIN, a daughter

Aug 11th, Ambrose Archer STAULEY, a daughter.


Liverpool Mercury, Nov 4th, 1853

Births, Aug 22nd Graaff Reinet, South Africa, the lady of W. J. DIXON Esq, formerly of this town, a daughter

Oct 17th, Old Trafford Rd, Manchester, the wife of John M'KILLICK, a daughter

Oct 22nd, Parkfield, Woodside, Mrs C. B. PARIS, a son

Oct 27th, Prince's Park Terrace, the wife of O. BARCHARDT Esq, Prussian consul, a son

Oct 29th, the wife of T. BIGGINS, H.M Customs, a son

Oct 29th, Ashford Villa, Birkenhead, the wife of Capt William ELLIS, a daughter

Oct 30th, Bedford St, South, Mrs J. ALEXANDER, a son

Oct 30th, Mrs A. BOLSHAW, Mount Pleasant, a son

Oct 30th, Great Newton St, Mrs Robert ESSERY, a son

Oct 31st, the wife of Rev H. H. HIGGINS, Rainhill, a son

Oct 30th, Salisbury St, the wife of G. W. HUNTER, a son

Nov 1st, Richmond Terrace, Everton, Mrs Thomas ELFORD, a son

Nov 1st, Sydney Villa, Canonbury Park, Islington, London, Mrs William FIELD, a son

Nov 2nd, Hampton Villa, Oxton, the wife of John HUSSEY, a son

Nov 2nd, the Mount, Aigburth, Mrs Edgar GARSTON, a daughter


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