Births 1852

Liverpool Mercury, March 9th 1852


March, 3rd, Mulberry St, Thomas MINSTER, a son

March 5th, Birkenhead, Mrs Edwin ROBERTS, a dau

March 5th, Birkenhead, Mrs John WARD, a dau

March 7th, Mrs Henry Bainbridge ROBERTS, a dau


Liverpool Mercury July 23rd, 1852


July 9th, Mrs Thomas EDWARDS, Pembroke Place, a son

July 12th, Heron-bridge nr Chester, the wife of C. W. POTTS Esq, a daughter

July 14th, Tranmere, the wife of William FRANCIS, solicitor, a son

July 17th, London, Viscountess SEAHAM of a son and heir

July 18th, Eldon Grove, Tranmere, Mrs J. A. RHODES, a son

July 19th, the wife of Robert BLACKIE Esq, Ford nr this town, a daughter

July 19th, the wife of Rev C. JONES, Rock Ferry, a daughter

July 20th, the wife of Mr LATHAM, Clare St, a son


Liverpool Mercury Nov 5th 1852


Oct 22nd, Ackham, Surrey, Mrs Ellen CRAFT, of her first free-born son

Oct 28th, Dale Park, Arundel Mrs J. C. JACK, a daughter

Oct 28th, Oakmount, Mrs Maitland Makgill CRICHTON of Rankeillor, a daughter

Oct 29th, Ealing, Middlesex, the wife of Samuel LOVER Esq, a daughter stillborn.

Oct 29th, Richmond Terrace, Whitehall, the lady of A. J. SUTHERLAND, M.D, a son

Nov 2nd, Falkner Crescent, Bootle, Mrs Walter Maberly CURTIS, a son


Liverpool Mercury Nov 30th 1852


Oct 7th, Plata, Peru, the wife of Gerard GARLAND Esq, a son

Nov 19th, The wife of William DUCKETT, architect and builder of Burnley, three children two girls and a boy, all of whom with their mother are doing well.

Nov 20th, Park House, Brough, Westmoreland, the wife of Augustus TURNER Esq, a daughter

Nov 24th, the wife of Richard WALKER, watch jeweller, Cazneau St, a daughter

Nov 25th, Mearns St, Greenock, the wife of Mr MACLEAN, a son

Nov 27th, St Thomas's Place, Stockton Heath, the wife of James WESTBROOK, a son

Nov 28th, Liscard Mount, the wife of James Glynne BATESON, a son

Nov 28th, the wife of James MUIR, of Wilderspool Rd, Warrington, a son


Liverpool Mercury Dec 10th, 1852


Last week in Mill Lane, Cardiff, Mrs BRYANT of three girls, who, with the mother are doing remarkably well. A similar addition to the population has occurred at Ponydarran.

Nov 26th, Hondon, the wife of P. G. P. NELSON Esq, a son

Dec 1st, Hintlesham Hall, Suffolk, the Hon Mrs L. ANSTRUTHER, twin sons

Dec 4th, Mrs J. WILLEY, Myrtle St, a son

Dec 5th, Woodside Terrace, Douglas, I.O.M, the wife of Ridgeway HARRISON, advocate, a daughter

Dec 6th, Peel Terrace, Falkner Square, the wife of E. STANISTREET Esq, of a stillborn son

Dec 6th, Birkenhead, the wife of T. H. GALLOWAY, a daughter

Dec 6th, the lady of Rev J. MACNAUGHT, Everton, a daughter

Dec 8th, the wife of W. M. MACKLIN, ironmonger, Communation Row, a son


Liverpool Mercury Dec 21st, 1852


Dec 11th, Lymes, Oswestry, the wife of George Harvey WILLIAMS, M.D, a son

Dec 14th, the wife of Mr HORROCKS, Canning Place, a son

Dec 15th, Bath, the wife of Rev J. H. MURRAY, a daughter

Dec 17th, Ivy St, Birkenhead, the wife of William DAVIES, painter, a son

Dec 17th, the wife of Thomas SMITH, glass merchant, Bold St, a daughter

Dec 18th, Oxton, Cheshire, the wife of Jesse COULTHURST, H.M. Customs, a daughter

Dec 19th, Mosslands, nr Wallasey, the wife of William CHAMBRES Esq, a daughter

Dec 19th, the wife of John E. JONES, grocer Holywell, a son

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