Births 1851

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 3rd 1851


Oct 9th, Shanghai, China, Mrs William LOCKHART, a son

Dec 23rd, Southwark, the wife of John BIRKETT Esq, a son

Dec 25th, Fairfield Terrace, Tranmere, the wife of Mr TONGE, a son

Dec 25th, Oxton Hall, Cheshire, Mrs BRADLEY, a daughter

Dec 25th, Elm Grove Paddington, Mrs Wm. H. MOON, a son

Dec 26th, the wife of Joseph ROBINSON, professor of singing, a son

Dec 27th, Clifton Park, Birkenhead, Mrs Robert LAMONT, a son

Dec 27th, the wife of Dr D. CRONIN, Bedford St, North, a son

Dec 28th, 24 Fairview Place, Toxteth Park, Mrs Charles MARSH, a daughter

Dec 28th, Stanmer, the Countess of Chichester, a son

Dec 28th, Hillfield, Hampstead, the wife of Rev W. Darwin FOX, of Delamere, a daughter

Dec 29th, Glyn, Dwygyfy-lehi, Mrs Henry CRAM, a son

Dec 29th, Liscard Mount, the lady of James Glynne BATESON Esq, a son

Dec 31st, Merton Rd, Bootle, Mrs John BOUCHAMP, a son

Dec 31st, London the wife of the Right Hon T. Milner GIBSON, M.P, a son

Jan 2nd, 24 Hill St, Toxteth Park, the wife of George PEARSON, a son


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 10th, 1851


Dec 29th, 12 Manchester St, Mrs R. R. MINTON of a daughter

Dec 30th, Margaret wife of Thomas LUNT, a daughter

Jan 4th, Claughton Vale, Birkenhead, Mrs Christopher BELL, a daughter

Jan 4th, Thelwall, Cheshire, the lady of Henry STANTON Esq, a son

Jan 4th, Coddrington Cottage, Rock Ferry, the wife of Captain James HILL of the ship Hartley, a daughter

Jan 8th, Roscommon St, the wife of Henry A. AYNSDEY a daughter

Jan 8th, the Priory Abbots Leigh, Somersetshire, the lady of John Johnson BROWN, Esq, a daughter

Jan 9th, Rock Ferry, Mrs Robert GIRVIN, a daughter


Liverpool Mercury, Dec 12th 1851


Nov 27th, Finchett House, Prince's Park, the wife of Adam BAIRD, Esq, a son

Nov 30th, Aldworth Rectory, Berkshire, the wife of Rev G. BULLOCK of a son, who only survived a few hours

Dec 4th, the wife of Joseph MEGINN, painter, Soho St, a son

Dec 7th, Errwood Hall, Cheshire, the lady of Samuel GRIMSHAWE Esq, a daughter

Dec 8th, Highfield, the wife of Thomas LITTLEDALE Esq, the mayor, of a son

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