Births 1850

Liverpool Mercury Jan 1st 1850


Dec 25th, 5 Mona St, Henry MANSTON, a daughter

Dec 13th, 26 Myrtle St South, Mrs C. JACKSON a daughter

Dec 28th, Eastham, John TORR Esq, a son.


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 11th 1850


Jan 3rd, Rockmount county Waterford, Mrs Thos HUNT, a son

Jan 4th, Cliffe, Broughton, the wife of Herbert SPRING Esq, Manchester, a son

Jan 6th, Clarence St, the wife of William HOPE, a son

Jan 7th, Aigburth, Mrs John SWAINSON, a daughter


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 15th 1850


Dec 25th, Maria the Grand Duchess of Nikolaynowa, daughter of the Emperor of Russia, of a prince, the infant immediately received the name Sargel Maximillianowitsch. The Emperor gave a large sum of money for the poor, and commanded the Court to go out of mourning, which they had put on for the late Queen Adelaide.

Jan 6th, the lady of William WINSTANLEY Jnr Esq, of Chaigley Manor, and West Cliff, Preston, of a son and heir

Jan 11th, Seacombe, Cheshire, Mrs R. T. MONTEITH, a daughter

Jan 13th, Mrs Leaton HUGHES, of a daughter


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 22nd 1850


Jan 16th, Sandling Park, Kent, the lady of William DEEDES, Esq, M.P, of a daughter

Jan 16th, Springfield, Everton, Mrs William MARSDEN, a son

Jan 19th, the wife of Rev C. M. BIRRELL, a son


Liverpool Mercury, Oct 15th 1850


July 3rd, Happy Valley, California, Mrs E. Le BRETON, a son

Sept 30th, Radcliffe St, the wife of Captain John BELL, a daughter

Oct 12th, 22 Exchange St, Toxteth Park, the wife of Samuel PART of H. M. Customs, a son

Oct 12th, Church Kirk House, nr Accrington, the wife of Rev J. BIRCHALL, M.A, a daughter

Oct 14th, 72 Upper Parliament St, Mrs R. A. MACFIE, a daughter

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