Affiliation Orders

Liverpool Mercury 5th December 1845

Prescot Petty Sessions

John HALEWOOD of Widnes, flatman, was summoned for the maintenance of a bastard child, child affiliated, order made.

Liverpool Mercury 20th July 1847

In the Court of Ohio county, U.S, recently an affiliation order was made against Silas DEXTER, an old sinner, 110 years of age.

Liverpool Mercury 13th July 1849

At Runcorn Petty Sessions

Mary Ann THOMASON sought to affiliate her bastard child on the defendant Peter CHARLES, affiliation order granted

Liverpool Mercury 22nd December 1854

Liverpool County Court


Richard HECKLES a shipwright, appeared on a fraud summons for the non-payment of 47s-6d for the support of his illegitimate child, in accordance with an affiliation order made by the magistrates in 1850. Defendant said he would never pay without a warrant, His Honour committed him to gaol for 10 days, if he did not pay then another 20 days, and if still obstinate another 40 days.

Liverpool Mercury 31st March 1854

St Helens Petty Session

Affiliation orders

Against James RIMMER, Rainford, shoemaker for payment of 2s per week to Mary ROTHWELL

Against John HURST, Parr, collier for 1s-6d per week to Sarah EDEN.

Liverpool Mercury 2nd March 1855

St Helens Petty Session

Affiliation order

Against John FAIRCLOUGH for payment of 2s per week to Jane CRITCHLEY of Duke St.

Liverpool Mercury 11th May 1855

St Helens Petty Session

Affiliation order

Against James LANCASTER for payment of 1s-9d per week to Esther MATHER of Parr

Liverpool Mercury 29th June 1855

St Helens Petty Session

Affiliation orders

Against James HORNBY, of Prescot, toolmaker, for payment of 1s-9p per week to Mary DUNVABAND, St Helens

Against James TAYLOR, of Rainford, labourer, for payment of 1s-6d per week to Ann MILLS of Rainford

Liverpool Mercury 13th July 1855

St Helens Petty Session

Affiliation orders

Against John LONG of Ashton, shoemaker, for the payment of 1s-9d per week to Elizabeth INGHAM, of St Helens.

Against John MEYRICK, of Windle, shoemaker, for payment of 1s-9d per week to Bridget CLARE of St Helens.

Liverpool Mercury 17th August 1855

St Helens Petty Session

Affiliation orders

Against James GREGSON of Preston, engineer, for payment of 2s per week to Jane PYE of Sutton.

Against Robert GEE of Moss Bank, engineer, for payments of 1s-6d per week to Sarah ASHALL of Moss Bank widow.

Liverpool Mercury 31st August 1855

St Helens Petty Session

Affiliation orders

Against David FLYNN of Windle, labourer for 2s-6d per week to Catherine WALSH of Pocket Nook

Against Robert CARR of Parr, collier for 2s per week to Mary SMITH of Parr

Liverpool Mercury 3rd May 1856

Liverpool Magistrates Court

Application for an order in bastardly against an under graduate at Oxford

Sarah DAVIES, at present residing in Salisbury St, applied for an order upon Theophilus John FENTON, an under graduate at Oxford, and son of the Rev Nr FENTON, incumbent, St Marys, Sandown Park, Wavertree, for the maintenance of an illegitimate child born on the 31st January last. Three weeks ago the plaintiff applied to the justices of the county of Flint at the petty sessions at Mold, for a similar order, her application was dismissed on the merits. The defendant admitted the connection with the woman, and the connection had taken place on frequent occasions, but the rebutting testimony was that the applicant was a woman of vicious habits and that she had been a prostitute in Liverpool, she had promiscuous intercourse with other men previous to and during the time of gestation., the application was therefore dismissed.

The applicant was in a place in Southport up to the end of January 1855, at the end of that month she came to Liverpool and on the 2nd February when walking down Church St, met the defendant, he took her to a public house and treated her to drink, and afterwards took her to the house of Margaret THOMPSON, in Albion St, a house of ill fame, he kept her there for a fortnight having continual intercourse with her. She afterwards went home to her father who was very ill.

She met the defendant on her way thither, he wrote to her father, saying he was trying to reclaim her, and he would go over to Mold and restore her to her father. Instead of going to her father, he slept with her for several nights at a public house in Mold, and then returned with her to Liverpool. He took lodgings for her at the house of Mrs MADDOX, who keeps a registry office for servants in Mount Pleasant, and whom he asked to get her a place.

Afterwards he paid for lodgings for her at the house of Mrs HARTLEY, this was about the 16th March. After that period she got a place at Birkenhead as a servant to Mr EDWARDS, where she remained a month, during which time the defendant visited her twice. On the 18th April he had intercourse with her at a house on the Islington Flags. Towards the end of April she was at the house of Mrs THOMPSON again, intercourse took place frequently there. She afterwards took lodgings at the house of Mrs BLACKWELL 26 Great Newton St, and the defendant took lodgings in the same house. The defendant was asked on oath whether he could swear that he was not the father of the child, the defendant would not venture to say so and under these circumstances Mr EYTON would ask the magistrates to make an order upon him. An order upon the defendant of 2s-6d per week was made.

Liverpool Mercury 15th June 1858

Kirkdale Petty Sessions

Affiliation order

Elizabeth SCOTT, aged 21, the daughter of a labourer, late employed as servant at Greenfield Cottages West Derby, obtained an order for 1s-6d per week from Nicholas DENDUYTS, a merchant and vice consul for Belgium at this port, to support her illegitimate child born on the 22nd August 1854, of which he is the father.

Liverpool Mercury 13th January 1863

William Amos WILSON, veterinary surgeon, Lime St, appeal against affiliation order made by the borough magistrates on 29th November last, for the support of his illegitimate child of Jane DIXON, waistcoat maker living with her parents in No 8 court, Cable St. She was 16 at the time of occurrence in January 1862, child born 25th October last. Affiliation order confirmed.

Liverpool Mercury 22nd July 1863

Liverpool Police Court

Mary MACAVOY applied for an affiliation order against William OLIVER, master joiner, Old Swan, who she alleged was the father of her illegitimate child. An order was made upon the defendant for 5s for the first six weeks and 2s-6d afterwards with 25s-6d expenses.

Liverpool Mercury 15th July 1864

Liverpool Police Court

Affiliation order against Patrick Henry SHARKIE, provision dealer, Dennison St, for the payment of 2s-6d per week, with costs 37s, and 5s per week for the first six weeks, to a young woman, Mary Ann SMITH

Liverpool Mercury 30th August 1865

Appeal case by Richard SKILLICORN against an affiliation order, 16th July made by the borough magistrates in favour of Margaret CLEMINGS respondent. She became acquainted with appellant two years ago and on the 19th May last she gave birth to a child, of which she alleged the appellant, a married man, was the father. For the appellant evidence was given with the view of showing that respondent had admitted he was not the father, Mr LITTLER urged the slight reliance be placed on her statement. The Recorder was clearly of the opinion that the order must be confirmed with costs.

Liverpool Mercury 2nd October 1865

Some weeks ago a middle aged woman, Dorothy SEDGWICK, of Independent means, appeared before the magistrates at the Police Court, Dale St, to obtain an affiliation order against a young man, John KIRKUP, assistant to Dr FRYER of Hawes, in the North Riding of Yorkshire. She had known him for five years, they resided at Hawes, they had kept company, he had promised her marriage, he had given her laudanum and brandy and seduced her, and he was the father of her child. After he knew she was pregnant he wanted her to go to the surgery of his master to allow him to procure an abortion. KIRKUP denied the allegations against him and the case was adjourned. The magistrates made an order of 2s-6d per week

Liverpool Daily Post 4th October 1867

Birkenhead County Court

Robert STITT, a blacksmith employed at Messers Hamiltons Foundry, Windsor, Liverpool, was brought up on a warrant on a charge of having failed to contribute to the support of his illegitimate child. Margaret DUGDALE a young woman of prepossessing exterior stated that the prisoner was the father of her child, she had obtained an affiliation order against him but he had not paid her anything for the past twelve months. The prisoner said he had nothing to say, and the fact of the matter is I will not pay it. He was given three months gaol and when released if he persisted in refusing to pay, he would be committed again and again. He replied, Thank you sir, I am very much obliged to you.

Liverpool Daily Post 17th September 1869

Mr Lawrence FOGG, pawnbroker, 49 Richmond Row, Liverpool was summoned by Hannah BUTTERWORTH a young woman now a cook in the employ of George LEE, Egerton Park, Rock Ferry, on an affiliation order for the support of her illegitimate child. The prosecutor had been twice in service for the defendant as a general servant, her two sisters one an invalid also lived in the house. Improper intimacy commenced on the 15th October 1867 and continued until September 1868, when her condition being discovered by Miss Martha FOGG, she was discharged, with a good character from that lady. The defendant promised to stand by her and if the child lived to pay 10s a week. Which he did so sending money in postage stamps by arrangement, the letters were produced. The payments stopped and prosecutor went to defendants shop demanding money, upon which he sent for a policeman and had her ejected. The magistrates made an order on the defendant for 2s-6d per week and costs.

Liverpool Courier and Commercial Advertiser 14th February 1870

Child desertion

Mr M NERNEY lodged a complaint against a young woman named Maria FLYNN, for deserting her illegitimate child on Friday evening. It appears the father is Edward KELLY a cab driver, and the woman went to the stand at the Woodside Ferry, and placed the child in the cab of KELLY. Instead of taking charge of the child KELLY called a police officer who took it to Mr M,NERNEY, by whom a nurse was provided for the night. The mother returned to the cabstand the same evening at 9pm, she did not intend to desert the child, she put it in the cab, KELLY was there and she expected he would take it to his mother. After an admonition from his worship and a warning that if she attempted to abandon the child again, she would be taken into custody, the child was handed to the woman. An affiliation order had been passed against KELLY, he had paid what was due up until a week ago.

Liverpool Mercury 9th July 1873

At the Menai Bridge petty sessions on Monday, an affiliation order against the Rev John WILLIAMS, Rector of Beaumaris, was granted for the fullest amount allowed by the act, at the suit of Elizabeth JONES. The facts deposed to were of the most extraordinary manner.

Prescot Reporter, and St. Helens General Advertiser 23rd January 1875

Prescot Petty Sessions

Affiliation order

Mary MASON, Rainhill, obtained an affiliation order for 2s-6d per week against Henry MATHER for the support of her illegitimate child of which he is the father, he did not appear

Prescot Reporter, and St. Helens General Advertiser 7th August 1875

Prescot Petty Sessions

Affiliation order

Ellen BROWN, obtained an order against Thomas APPLETON for 4s per week for the support of her illegitimate child of which he is the father

Prescot Reporter, and St. Helens General Advertiser 11th September 1875

Prescot Petty Sessions

Affiliation orders

John KILSHAW, Huyton, 2s-6d per week for the support of a child born of Elizabeth SMITH

Joseph FLEETWOOD, 3s per week for the support of a child born of Anne WELSBY

Thomas ATHERTON, Prescot, 4s per week for the support of a child born of Harriet HOWARD

Liverpool Mercury 24th April 1876

Liverpool Police Court

Affiliation order against a solicitor

Mary PARRY summoned Francis QUALCH, solicitor, in practice in Liverpool, to show cause why he should not contribute to the maintenance of her female child, of which he was the putative father. Mary PARRY was single the child was born on the 24th November last, she had, had no money from him for the past eight weeks. Complainant admitted paternity, and had paid complainant considerable sums of money but her calls came too frequently. She had, had a child previously but he was not the father of that. The magistrate made an order for 3s-6d per week, and costs.

Liverpool Mercury 1st September 1881

County Magistrates Court

Annie FERRIS, single, of Dumbarton St, Rice Lane, Walton, applied for an affiliation order against Frank GLENFLELD Junior, manufacturing chemist of 30 Brunswick St, Liverpool. Defendant admitted parentage of her four children. The day after summons had been issued the complainant accepted the sum of fifty pounds in settlement of the matter, the defendant undertaking to provide for the children, who were now in custody of the Rev Major LESTER. The defendant had seduced the woman under promise of marriage and had four children by her. Complainant said defendant had kept her for the last 8 years, he also seduced her sister. She said she would settle the matter for fifty pounds, but did not settle it altogether she thought she deserved more. She denied she was leading an immoral life, she received through the Rev Major LESTER, money provided by the defendant, a promise of 15s per week was made for 18 months, and she was to go into a respectable situation. She had not got a respectable situation and the money was stopped. The children were under the care of the matron of the girls home. Sergeant McMAHON and Sergeant DAVIES stated the complainant was keeping an immoral house, and owners of the property in the neighbourhood had complained of it as a nuisance.

Chairman, the bench think that sufficient, we make no order.

Liverpool Mercury 5th May 1892

Liverpool Police Court

Summons of Elizabeth Eleanor BAKER, barmaid [late Exchange Hotel Tithebarn St] against Ernest BRAGG, of Wallasey, produce broker, for an affiliation order was resumed. The bench gave judgement against Ernest BRAGG, and made an order for 5s per week including costs.

Liverpool Mercury 14th March 1895

Liverpool Assizes

Breach of promise action

Mary Jane SLATER, dressmaker, living with her parents at Macclesfield. who being under age brought the action by Cyrus SLATER, against William KIRK, cattle dealer Macclesfield. In 1891 plaintiff was 16, in September of that year she became acquainted with defendant, who was then 29 years of age. He asked her to marry him, she consulted her parents, and it was arranged they would be married. On the 13th August 1894 a child was born and an affiliation order was obtained KIRK was ordered to pay 5s a week towards the maintenance of the child. When this action was commenced he cast a slur on the character of the girl alleging she was not virtuous. These charges against the girl he did not substantiate them. The plaintiff awarded one hundred pounds damages.

Liverpool Mercury 26th June 1896

Libel by a Blackpool Architect

Yesterday at the Preston Sheriffs Court Edith BUTCHER daughter of a Blackpool tailor, was awarded 75 pounds damages for libel against Albert William LUNT, Architect of Blackpool. Plaintiff had been seduced by the defendant and obtained an affiliation order against him, the defendant caused a letter to be inserted in a Blackpool paper stating that he had been the victim of gross misrepresentation and false statements.

Liverpool Mercury 3rd October 1896

Sequel to an illegal marriage at St Helens

St Helens Police Court

George Smart WHARTON of Lodge Lane, Liverpool was summoned on three informations by Alice DAVIES his niece, who sort orders on in for the maintenance of her three children. The defendant was in court a week ago for wife desertion, but pleaded that the marriage was illegal as the complainant was his niece. In the meantime the parties had come to an agreement, the defendant consented to pay 5s per week for two children and 2s-6d per week for the third child the bench made affiliation orders accordingly.

Liverpool Echo 17th August 1917

Drew the higher allowance

A single woman named Florence MILLINGTON of 26 Higher Parr St, St Helens was sent to prison for 4 months today, for obtaining 5 pounds and 4 shillings by false pretences from the West Lancashire Territorial Association.

She obtained an affiliation order for 3s-6d per week against Sergeant E. TURNER of the Lancashire Hussars, and was paid that sum, later TURNER was reduced to private and the allowance to 2s-4d per week. The child died on August 18th 1916, but the woman continued to draw the allowance for 44 weeks, until Constable PERKINS, of the St Helens force, to whom the association was obliged, discovered the fraud.

Liverpool Daily Post 2nd January 1918

Warrant issued against ex soldier

At Bangor Mr S. R. DEW mentioned the case of Keturah JONES, Llanllechid, and J. H. JONES, a discharged soldier of St Helens now of Winsford. The plaintiff some time ago obtained an affiliation order against the defendant who fell into arrears, whereupon a warrant was issued and he was arrested. While under arrest he wrote to the plaintiff and asked her to marry him, if she would she was to come down and say so before the case came into court, otherwise he would be gaoled. On this the plaintiff came down and agreed to marry the defendant, who thereupon was set at liberty. JONES, went away and married another woman. On the application of Mr DEW a warrant for the arrest of JONES was authorised


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