Thomas BOYD

Inscription Police Memorial Toxteth Park cemetery
1874, May 26th,

Alarming fire at a rice mill

A fireman severely injured

Yesterday between 1.30am and 2am, an alarm of fire was raised in Cherry Lane off Marybone. Communication was instantly made to Rose Hill, Bridewell, and thence to the other fire stations. The fire was discovered in the rice mills in Cherry Lane, a large four storey building, [or rather series of buildings] The reels from Rose Hill , the Main Bridewell, etc, the, Clint and Livingston, were quickly on the scene under the direction of Chief Supt HANCOX and Inspectors KERWIN, MOODY and GARDNER. Mr Benjamin RIDE, Dept Chief Constable was also in attendance. The Livingston which worked admirably, was engaged in supplying the reels from Marybone, driving the water directly into the building which at 2.30am was a burning mass, the flames threatening at one time to spread into Paul St, but the Clint, having been got into play, this danger was speedily averted.

At about 2.45 am whilst engaged in directing the hose through one of the windows of the building PC BOYD 403 fell from a ladder, pitching on his head, and when taken up he was quite insensible, the blood streaming from his ears. The injuries it is feared will prove fatal. PC 363 who was working near him at the time, narrowly escaped a similar fate, as it was he received a bruise or two and was able to return to duty. The unfortunate man BOYD was immediately removed and medical assistance promptly rendered to him.

The building was entirely gutted from floor to floor, and judging from the intensity of the fire contained a considerable amount of stock, nothing but the walls remain, and these look very dangerous. The origin of the fire is not known. The police arrangements were admirable, officers and men working to keep the flames from extending, which in this thickly populated neighbourhood was no easy task.

The premises, which belonged to Messers J and J. HOUGHTON, and were rented by Mr J. J. MC COMB, were stored with oilcake and cotton. The damage to the premises which were insured, but not fully insured in the Royal and Imperial Insurance Companies, is estimated at between 3,000 and 4,000 pounds. The Constable BOYD was considerably better last evening.


Courtesy MF&RS

Born in Ireland in 1826, joined the Borough Police, 23rd June 1854, aged 28, married Louisa FERGUSON, in 1864, had a daughter Louisa, born in 1865.

1874 May 26 02.45hrs - He fell from a ladder whilst working a branch fighting a fire in a former rice mill on Cherry Lane, Marybone occupied as a store for oil cake and cotton by J J McComb. He hit his head on the ground, he was found insensible with blood coming from his ears. After receiving first aid he was taken to the Northern Hospital where his condition was reported to be improved by the evening.

Jun 08 - Died of his injuries aged 47

Jun 12 - Buried in Toxteth Park cemetery


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