Jan 20th 1849



H. MARSLAND Silk thrower Bosden Cheshire

S. NEWTON Port Dealer Burnley


W. MARTIN Innkeeper B'Head

M. SIBSON Cattle dealer The Grove nr Wrexham

Partnerships dissolved

MARGRETTS and HUGHES Commission agents Liverpool

W. F. CLARKE and Co Sailmakers Liverpool

J. MARTIN and Co Cornmerchants Liverpool

KIRKWOOD and Co Drysalters Manchester

J. BAMFORD and AW . HILTON Manfacturers Manchester

J. MOON and J. CRAWSHAW Farmers Eccleston Lancs

J. SCHOLEFIELD and Sons Wine merchants Oldham

Bankrupts Jan 16th

William Adam MASSEY Woodturner Liverpool

Zebulon LEIGH Tea and coffee dealers Liverpool

Declaration on dividends

T. BROWN Draper Manchester

W. CRANKSHAW Cotton Spinner Preston

S. DETHICK and T. R. KAY Common Brewers Newton Heath

J. WILLIS and T. J. SWAINSON Merchants Liverpool

J. F and H. FLETCHER Cotton Manufacturers Over Darwen

W. HIGHNETT Tobacconist Liverpool

J. S. MANBY Ironmonger Burnley

J. ROBERTS Ironmonger Liverpool

R. ROBERTS Innkeeper Denbigh

Partnerships dissolved

W. T. ADCOCK and T. THOMPSON Manchester

J. DAVIS and E. F. HURRY Orgrave Powka Lancs

H. E. DAVY and H. ESSERY Liverpool

G. FORSTER, M. FOURACRE and J. BARLOW Standish with Langtree Lancs



Liverpool Journal, Jan 1849

Bankrupts etc

Grelis Francis HENRY and Henry John CHAMBERS, Vinegar brewers Liverpool

Alex MC COMB, Tailor Liverpool

Joseph HOLT, Provision dealer, Eccleston

Samuel BROWNETT, Fruit merchant Liverpool

Declaration of dividends

W. DRINKWATER, Draper Liverpool

J. W. BURTON, G. COTMAN and W. SMITH, Manufacturers Manchester and Leeds

J. LORD, Cotton Manufacturer, Crawshaw, Booth, Lancashire


J. ORME, Hotel keeper, Bootle-cum-Linacre

T. COOKE, Warehouse Keeper, Liverpool

W. MANRY, Merchant Liverpool

W. FLINT, Builder, Manchester

S. L. GASKELL, Clock maker, Congleton Cheshire

W. REES and E. ROBERTS, Joiners Liverpool

J. HUGHES, Paper maker, Walmersley-cum-Shuttleworth, Lancashire

Partnerships dissolved

J. SCHOLFIELD. J. SCHOFIELD and J. FRY, Woollen manufacturers Henroyd Lancs

H. GOUGH and J. BUTTERY, Patent cotton wipings manufacturers Hulme Manchester

K. WAIT and J.WAIT, Filemakers Manchester

W. BROWN, J. KAY and W. WALKER, Manufacturing Chemists, Droysden Lancs

W. KENDAL, R. RIDDEL and J. BRUNANT, Merchants Manchester

J. BRUNDRIT , T. Q. WELLS and P. HAYES, Grocers St Helens

J. BURTON and T. WOOD, Bread bakers Manchester

T. NEILSON, T. BROWN Commission merchants Manchester and Glasgow

J. BETTELEY and Co, Iron founders, Liverpool

R. N. JONES and Co, General brokers, Liverpool and Cazenove

TAUTON and MOLYNEUX, Stockbrokers Liverpool

WILLIAMS, AKROYD and Co, Contractors, Liverpool

FORSTER and MCGREGOR and Co, Merchants, Liverpool

J. HOLGATE and G. SMITH, Liverpool

E. ROBINSON and P. DONALDSON, Ale merchants, Preston

Randal HIBBERT and Son, Cotton spinners, Manchester

J. PRESTON and Son, Spindle makers, Ardwick, Manchester

A and T. JONES, Linen drapers, Liverpool

J. BECKETT and Sons, passenger agents, Liverpool

Liverpool Journal through February 1849



Richard Myddleton LLOYD, Banker, Wrexham

Thomas THOMPSON, Merchant, Manchester

James Wilson JEFFRYES and John MEEK, Merchants, Liverpool

Henry DEAN, Wine merchant, Chester

Alfred John SWIFT, Iron-founder, Liverpool

Isaac BOOTH, Linen draper, Crewe, Cheshire

Thomas HUGHES, Woollen Draper, Liverpool

Alexander DURANTY Merchant, Liverpool

Maria MORGAN, Woollen Draper, Liverpool

Bartholomew DOWD, Tailor, Liverpool

John MOULTON, Timber merchant, Liverpool

John HITCHEN, Joiner, Builder, Beeston, Cheshire

William MINTON, Linen Draper, Liverpool

Francis, O�NEILL, Corn merchant, Liverpool

John Daniel VERLY, Watchmaker, Liverpool

Ann VERNON, Shopkeeper, Ashton-in-Makerfield

Frederick COX, Straw plait dealer, Liverpool

William GREEN, Auctioneer, Birkenhead

James Bairnsfather SCOTT, Calico printer, Denholm Springs, Lancashire

John SWINDELL, Plumber, Ardwick, Lancashire

Robert Wilson SMILES, Book-seller, Blackburn

George LATHAM, Hotel-keeper, Wine merchant, Liverpool

Francis George HARBORD, Wine merchant, Liverpool

Augustus MONGREDIEN, Merchant, Liverpool

John Edward CHRISTIAN, Shipbroker, Liverpool

David EVANS, Coach builder, Liverpool

Joseph CLEGG, Licensed Victullar, Manchester

Bankruptcy annulled

Thomas LIVESLEY, Hotel Keeper, Liverpool

Declaration of Dividends

R. MACHELL, Merchant, Liverpool

D. HARDIE, Merchant, Liverpool

J. HENDERSON, Major in the Army, Parkgate, Cheshire

S. NEWTON, Porter Dealer, Burnley Lancashire

T. STOLL, Laceman, Liverpool

J. OGDEN, Cotton spinner, Reddish, Lancashire

R. C. BRAND, Linen draper, Wigan Lancashire

G. DOUGLAS, Draper, Bury Lancashire

G. CALLAM, Shawl manufacturer, Manchester

H. HOLLIS, Tea dealer, Liverpool

D. JONES, Haberdasher, Liverpool


G. ATKINS, Brewer, Liverpool

J. COOP, Timber Merchant, Radcliffe, Lancashire

W. CROUDSON, Iron merchant, Wigan

R. ELLERBECK, Cotton spinner, Pilkington, Lancashire

M. S. SYNOT, Merchant, Liverpool

E. CHRISTIAN, Shipsmith, Liverpool

W. BLAIN, Corn merchant, Liverpool

J. BECKETT, Ironmonger, Liverpool

W. M. HIGNETT, Tobacconist, Liverpool

James ROBERTS, Ironmonger, Liverpool

Robert ROBERTS, Innkeeper, Denbigh

J. LLOYD, Cotton manufacturer, Crawshaw, Booth, Lancashire

H. MARSLAND, Silk thrower, Bosden, Cheshire

F. DELFINNE, Check and gingham Manufacturer, Manchester

J. COLLINS, Common brewer, Salford

T. NUTTALL, Pork butcher, Rochdale, Lancashire

R. WARBRICK, Currier, Liverpool

H. A. STEWART, Shipbroker, Liverpool

J. RALEIGH, T. S. GOODE, W. HOLLAND, Merchants, Manchester


J. RIDGEWAY, Merchant, Liverpool

J. GUEST, Cotton spinner, Manchester

E. G. HONE, Licensed Victullar, Liverpool

R. HISCOCKS, Brewer, Birkenhead

J. JONES, Ironmonger, Stockport

W. BOWER, Cotton Spinner, Wilmslow, Cheshire

H. NICHOLLS and S. HILLIAR, Steam Packet owners, Eastham, Cheshire

W. MC CANN, Merchant, Liverpool

Thomas COLEBY, Cotton spinner, Salford

W. ORME, Hotel keeper, Bootle

T. COOKE, Warehouse keeper, Liverpool

J. SPEAKMAN, Joiner, Astley, Lancashire

J. LORD, Cotton manufacturer, Crowshaw, Booth, Lancashire

S. BARROW, Plasterer, Hulme, Lancashire

W. DRINKWATER, Draper, Liverpool

J. INGRAM, Merchant, Liverpool

R. HUTTON, Painter, Liverpool

J. B. AMBY, Shipbroker, Liverpool

W. DAY, Draper, Liverpool

G. HARDON, Joiner, Preston

S. TAYLOR, Butcher, Poynton, Cheshire

Partnerships dissolved

H. BEATTIE and W. BRIGGS, Excavators, Liverpool

W. COULTHURST and M. FOGGET, Joiners Higher Broughton, Lancashire

H. HOYLE and G. HARDMAN, Cotton Manufacturers, New Hall Hey, Lancashire

J. ASHTON and J. BUCKLEY, Silk plush and Velvet men, Ashton-under-Lyne

G. RUSSELL and T. COWAN, Engravers, Manchester

J. A and S. SPIER and Son, Farriers, Manchester

A. MIDGELEY and E. STANSFIELD, Cattle dealers, Todmorden, Lancashire

J. HOLME and W. BECKETT, Drapers, Lancaster

St Helens Crown Glass Co, Sutton, St Helens, as far as the personal representatives of P. GREENALL.

J. THOMPSON and Son, Manchester and Sydney, N.S.W.

J. PORTEOUS and T. HARVEY, Trimming manufacturers, Manchester

C. GERALOPULO and J. G. ASIAN, London and Manchester

P and T. WILLIS, Merchants, Liverpool

W. WARRINGTON and D. FAULKNER, Farmers, Urmston, Lancashire

THOMPSON and BROMLEY, Gold Thread manufacturers, Preston, Lancashire

W. FOWLES and T. BATEMAN, Bone dealers, Nantwich and Chorley

The Bank Quay Glass Co, Warrington and Liverpool

J. MC CLAREN and Nephews, General Merchants, Manchester as far as regards, J. MC CLAREN and Son.

WINSTANLEY HOBSON and Co, Corn millers, Warrington

J. DESSE and R. HALES, Silk manufacturers, Manchester

J. ASHWORTH and Co Cotton manufacturers, Rosendale, Lancashire

PRICE and POTTER, Cotton Spinners, Manchester

MOCATTA and Son, Merchants, Liverpool

G. J and T. COPE, Cigar manufacturers, Liverpool

BLACK and BAXTER, General brokers, Liverpool

CALLIE and AMES, Joiners, Liverpool

DAVIES and GRIFFITHS, Builders, Liverpool

WINSTANLEY HOBSON and Co, Corn millers, Warrington

S. SMITH [Formerly BEAUCHAMP] and H. BEAUCHAMP, Millers, Liverpool

ANNABLES and Co, Screw bolt manufacturers, as far as regards, G. HARPER

J. EARNSHAW, Cotton manufacturers, Newchurch Lancashire, as far as regards, J. EARNSHAW

GOODACRE and Co, Tea dealers, Liverpool

PETITPIERRIE and Co, Merchants, Mancheater, as far as regards, V. LOUO

J. COOPER and T. J. GARRINGTON, Cotton spinners, Preston

PETERS and GELDERD, Ironfounders, Ulverston

D. WILLS and H. G. WELSH, Silk merchants, Manchester


Liverpool Mercury, Oct 19th 1852


Discharged, Ellen DAVIES, Confectioner Fleetwood, James TATTERSALL, Grocer Burnley, Robert CORLETT, Joiner Salford.

Adjourned to next court, Henry ANDERTON, Dyer Salford, John OGDEN, Cabinetmaker Oldham, John SMITH, Beerseller Manchester, Samuel ANDREW, Cotton waste dealer, Oldham, William LINGARD, Butcher Atrincham, Cheshire.

Petition dismissed, John GLYNN, Warehouseman, Manchester.

Remanded for two months, W. EDMONDSON, Butcher Oldham.




Northern Times Sept 26th 1854

Insolvent Cases

James TRAIL, Carter, came up for his final order, supported by Mr HUME, opposed by Mr CAMPBELL, instructed by one of his creditors - final order granted.

Jonathan BECKETT, Beerseller, Mill St, passed his final examination.

Hermann Christian MYER, Hotel Keeper, Renshaw St, called to pass his final examination, did not appear, adjourned.

Emma AYERS, Tobacconist, Adelaide Buildings, Adelphi Place, came up for final order - granted.

Liverpool bankruptcy Court

Before Mr Commissioner PERRY


Mr Thomas MILLER and Samuel EASON formerly carrying on business as merchants in Liverpool, came up for their final examination, Mr SIMON instructed, Mr HAIGH opposed the bankrupts on behalf of some of their creditors. They were supported by Mr LOWNDES - examination adjourned.




Bankrupts May 9th 1859

Thomas BINGLEY Manchester, Wholesale druggist

May 11th 1859

HEDGECOCK Thomas, St Helens Painter

SCOTT John, Warrington, Corn Dealer

May 12th 1859

HOLDSWORTH Lionel, Late of Liverpool, Commission Agent

Dividends 9th May 1859

BLIEDBERG. F and SARAN. M, Liverpool Commission Agents

SHANHOA. J, Liverpool Linen Draper

Certificate to be granted

LEWINGSTON. J. Liverpool Merchant

Partnerships dissolved 9th May 1859

HIGSON. W and KNOTT. J. Ashton-under-Lyne Lancs Grocers

LAW. A. W. and J. Rochdale Lancs Woollen Manufacturers

LIEBER. S. A. and SCHLESINGER. S.J.E., ACHGELIZ. H. W., LIEB?RT. J. J. and GLASHOFF. D. Manchester, Hamburg and Berlin Merchants

LOWTHIAN. J and OWEN. R and RAMSAY. W. Golborne and Manchester Manufacturers

WALMSLEY. J. and NOBLE. M. Great Harwood Lancs Power Loom Cloth Manufacturers

12th May 1859

HAWORTH and HOYLE, Thorn and Watermills Cotton Spinners

MASON STUTTARD and Co Heywood Lancs Fustian Manufacturers

TODD and Co Whealton Lancs, Cotton Manufacturers



Horatio Nelson McGrath WILLIAMS

John PRIDDEN Butcher

John Robert BELL

Dissolved partnerships

BAGLEY and TOMLINSON Hemp dealers

BATEMAN and GHINN Liverpool and St Helens Chemists


Messers WRIGHT and WAINWRIGHT Sugar refiners Manestry Lane [could be Monastry Lane]

Messers LEISCHMAN and WELSH Coppersmiths Vulcan St.

James MELLOR Brewer and distiller Hunter St

Robert SIMPSON Rice Miller Burlington St


Edward Worth GILL Cabinet maker


William Little ROBERTS


Frederick MERCHANT

Joseph WALSH

John HAYDEN Tailor

DAILY POST May 16th 1859


DAWSON John Kiddell, Liverpool Wine Merchant

Declaration of Dividends

CRELLIN Philip, Liverpool, Sailmaker

GREATOREX Henry, Llanrwst Denbighshire, Hotel Keeper

JONES William Buckley and DEMPSEY Henry Dermott, Liverpool Shipbuilders

PARSONAGE W, Liverpool Steam Packet Agent

YOUNG. W.O, SINCORT, CORKHILL,, London, Manchester and Liverpool


PARSONAGE. W, KIRBY Stephen, WESTMORELAND and HEAP. L, Bury Lancs, Contractors

GANDY. G and ROEBUCK. W. R. Mold Flintshire, Ironmasters

LOVE. B, BARTON. H. Manchester, Stationers

SIMPSON. J. BARNES. R. W. Openshaw Lancs, Engineers

YATES. P. ADDISON Mary Preston and Penwortam, Lancs, Fellmongers

25th May 1859


COLLINS John, Flour dealer

GINGOLD Morritz, Manchester Merchant

McFARLIN Patrick, Liverpool, Millner

THOMAS Ebed Melech, Liverpool, Shipsmith





Jan 13th, 1877

A petition for liquidation was filed in Wigan County Court by Mr J. ROPER of Ackhurst Hall, Orrell, Cotton spinner, Colliery Proprietor and Farmer, carrying on business at, Wigan, Pemberton and Orrell. Liabilities estimated at �21.000, Mr Charles H. CODDINGTON, Cotton Broker, Liverpool and Mr Wood JACKSON, Yarn Agent, Manchester, have been appointed managers and receivers of the estate and credit for �700, and allowed to carry on the Mill, until the Creditors meeting on the 29th inst, at the offices of Messers WRIGHT and APPLETON, Wigan, Solicitors for the debtor.

Liverpool Journal, 20th Jan 1877

Wigan County Court

Thursday, application by Mr APPLETON, debtor�s solicitor, re the estate of Joseph ROPER, Cotton spinner, Colliery proprietor and Farmer of Orrell, who has petitioned for liquidation by arrangement, liabilities estimated, � 21,000, to stay a distraint made on the estate for �100 farm rent, �192 colliery rent due to the Marquis de Lys. His Honour directed receivers to pay �300 for claims out of �700 the court allowed them to carry on business with till the 1st meeting of the creditors

At the County Court on Wednesday before Mr BELLRINGER, a first meeting of creditors was held under the bankruptcy of, Mr John Hignett ROPER, formerly of 202 Park Rd and latterly of 121 Islington, Pawnbroker and Outfitter. Debts of �500 proved, and Mr BOLLARD, Chosen trustee, with Mr H. R. JONES and Mr ISHERWOOD committee for inspection. Total liabilities, �4,394, assets doubtful, dependent on result of litigation.

Mr COTTON, Mr WEIGHTMAN and Mr SPILLER represented the creditors. Mr SPILLER appeared for the bankrupt, who was not present, he explained he was a young man of 22yrs, with a wife of 18yrs, who had recently been confined a 2nd child. He had disappeared from his house for 10 days � For public examination on the 16th February.




Liverpool Journal, 7th January 1882

A meeting of the creditors of Mr Edward OWENS, 59 Roxburgh St, Walton, builder, was held on weds at the office of R. KNOWLES, Solicitor, Cook St. The chair was taken by Mr F. BROADBRIDGE [from the firm of J. P. HARRIS and GORST] who represent the principle creditors, Mr A. E. VARCOSE, Secretary of the Incorporated Trade Protection Society of Liverpool, also appeared for the creditors.

Statement of affairs read by, Mr T. H.SHEEN, the receiver appointed by the court, showed liabilities unsecured, �808-13s-1d, assets in the hands of fully secured creditors, �800.

Assets comprise of houses and land in Marsh Lane and Roxburgh St. An offer to purchase the Marsh Lane property at a sum sufficient to pay the creditors in full was made. A resolution was made to liquidate by arrangement, with Mr SHEEN, trustee. It was stated that the debtor was confined to bed through illness, a resolution was passed to dispense with his attendance at the meeting.

The first meeting of the creditors of Mr William CLARKE, Teamowner and Contractor, Beech Rd, was held on Weds at the offices Mr F. COTTON, Solicitor, South John St. Liquidation by arrangement was resolved upon by trustee, Mr John F. PRICHARD [PRICHARD JUDE and RODWAY] Chartered Accountants, 5 Cook St.

Bankrupts from the London Gazette, Dec 1820 - April 1843

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