Liverpool Echo, May 22nd 1889

Florence MAYBRICK, has been arrested on suspicion of the murder of her husband James MAYBRICK, her children are being cared for by their godmother, Mrs JANNION at Gateacre.

Liverpool Echo, May 31st 1889

How the couple met

They met eight years ago on a homeward bound steamer from America, a lady stumbled in descending a companion way leading to the dining saloon, she would have fallen to the bottom but for the fact that James MAYBRICK was there and caught her in his arms. In doing so he sprained his ankle and was laid up for some time.

Florence CHANDLER from Norfolk Virginia, was eighteen at the time and when in England called on the gentleman who had saved her from an awkward accident.

She was staying at the Childwall Abbey Hotel
with Major and Mrs HAZZARD, of New Orleans, here Mr MAYBRICK returned the visit. They were married at St James Church, Piccadilly, London, on the 27th July 1881.

Liverpool Echo, June 15th, 1889

Police are investigating an alleged visit by Mrs MAYBRICK and Mr BRIERLEY to Llangollen, it cannot be ascertained if they had been seen together.

Mr and Mrs MAYBRICK and their child and nursemaid visited three years ago, their names were written in the visitors book at the Hand Hotel Llangollen
Mr BRIERLEY stayed there in January last year accompanied by a gentleman.

[I have contacted both hotels and have been given permission to post the above information]

An entry was forwarded to me from the Hand Hotel, Llangollen that an entry was found in the visitors book for James MAYBRICK as follows :-

I have looked at the Hand Hotel Visitors Book for 1889.

On April 14 on that year there is a recording that:

J A Holt

Jas Maybrick

G R Davidson

H. Jet Gibbons

G 25. Irvine

All it seemed stayed here. All of these names are enclipted by a bracket with a pointer saying Liverpool and all seem to have been written in the same hand writing.

This is weeks before James MAYBRICK died, one of these men is his chemist will get back on this one


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