FEB 1st, 166 Windsor Rd, Ellen daughter of Ellen CANNODY

FEB 1st, 57 Trinity Rd Bootle, age 2yrs 9mths Austin Hilary [baby] youngest child of R. J and the late Catherine Mary SWYNY

FEB 1st, 20 Lorne Rd Oxton, age 8mths Gordon son of David TAYLOR

FEB 1st, Bodrheinallt Conway, David OWEN age 65, interment Gyffia

FEB 1st, 10 Whiterock Rd, Arthur KING age 41 interment at Ford on the 4th, 1889

FEB 1st, 186 Windsor St, Ellie [Ellen] dau of Ellen and the late James CARMODY of Cork, interment at Ford

FEB 1st, Victoria Rd Seacombe, Katherine wife of the late P. J. LYNCH

FEB 1st, 7 Broughton Dr Cressington, Dorothy Marian age 9mths dau of William P and Marian KERMAN

FEB 1st, Of Typhoid fever Norman Elliott Campbell BALD, 3rd Battalion Royal Highlanders, 7th son of the late John BALD Esq

FEB 1st, At Ongar Essex James SMETHAM age 68, late of Stoke Newington

FEB 2nd Wallasey, 32 Howe St, Everton, Nicholas QUINN of the S.S City of Rome

FEB 2nd, Brighton Sussex, Emily TITTERTON widow of the late Charles Edward

FEB 2nd, 46 Claremont Rd, Sefton Park, Fredrick Trevor youngest son of Malcom and Edith RONALD interment at Aigberth

FEB 2nd, Cressington Park, Jessie Louise age 18 daughter of Walter HARRIS

FEB 2nd, Cannon St Hotel London, William HICKSON age 62 of Ravens Craig Liverpool

FEB 2nd, 20 Copley St, Breck Rd, William WILSON age 26, interment the Necropolis

FEB 2nd, 34 Verylam St Thornton, Leo age 23 eldest son of A. BRAARVIG of Arendal Norway, interment Smithdown

FEB 2nd, 8 Minor St, Mary relict of the late Michael MACKAY, Cowkeeper

FEB 2nd, 108 Paddington, John LYON age 59, interment the Necropolis

FEB 2nd, 16 Virgil St, Catherine BOARDMAN age 77 wife of Henry

FEB 2nd, At Valparasio, Rev David TRUMBULL. D.D, age 69, Union Church Pastor

FEB 3rd, 34 Clevedon St, Capt John GABRIEL age 51, late of the Downshire Lodge of Freemasons

FEB 3rd Elizabeth Alice [Bessie] beloved children of Sydney and M. A. HINDS

FEB 3rd, At Lindon Torquay, Maria Alice age 27, only dau James GEDDES, late of Cheadle Cheshire

: FEB 3rd, 50 Kingsley Rd, Betsy age 70 widow of the late James MASSEY, Shipwright, interment Smithdown Rd

FEB 3rd, 44 Cairns St Princes Rd, James Arthur RIMMER, for many years employed at Messers J. ROYDEN and Sons

FEB 3rd, Formby, Dorothea age 1yr 10 mths only daughter of Hugh J and Annie M. WILKINSON

FEB 3rd, 15 Edge Mount, Paddington, Mathew BRADSHAW age 61

FEB 3rd, 177 Knowsley Terrace, Sankey Park, Gertrude Frances KEATING youngest dau of James KEATING, Contractor Liverpool

FEB 3rd, 17 Alderson Rd Wavertree, Jane age 30 wife of Philip T. SHIMMIN

FEB 3rd. 13th, Alexandra Rd Southport, Arthur Dover BANKS age 48

FEB 4th, Aberdeen, Right Rev John MACDONALD, Bishop of the diocese of Aberdeen

FEB 4th, Buxton, William Henry LEGGE age 45 of Liverpool and Manchester

FEB 4th, At Cannes, Alfred Edgar DRYSDALE. M.B age 34

FEB 4th, 48 Berkley St, Thomas William ELLWOOD, age 38, interment at St John's Egremont

FEB 4th, 20 Churchill St, Princes Pk, Catherine dau of George and Katie JAMES

FEB 4th, 89 Bedford St, South, Emma wife of J.B. ROBERTS, Jnr

FEB 4th, 31 Mount Pleasant, E. WAINWRIGHT, Corset maker

FEB 5th, St Helens, Jonathan JOHNSON, Mineral water Manufacturer, at Parr St Helens, interment at St Helens Cemetary

FEB 5th, 75 Townsend Lane, John FOX, age 33, interment at West Derby

FEB 5th, 60 Granton Rd, Susannah Emma HUGHES, age 31/2 youngest dau of William and Susannah

FEB 5th, Mulgrave Villa, Regent Rd, Gt Crosby, James Watkins LUNT age 21

FEB 5th, 5 March Rd residence of Son-in-Law William PORTER, Ann MATHEWS age 73, widow of the late John MATTHEWS Coach proprietor, interment at St James

FEB 6th, Brook Farm, Litherland, Ellen EMBLEM age 65 wife of Thomas

FEB. 6th, Stuart Rd, Higher Tranmere, John CARR age 42, interment at Eastham

FEB 6th, 53 Spencer St, Everton, John PATERSON age 47, Scotch papers copy

FEB 6th, 6 Marsh Lane Bootle, John HAYDOCK age 50, Watchmaker, 3rd son of the late Roger HAYDOCK, H.M. Customs, interment Kirkdale

FEB 6th, 57 Ullswater St, Thomas BOSWORTH age 55, Northampton papers copy

FEB 6th death of James STAFFORD on arriving on the Mersey on S.S TUCEMORE husband of M.A STAFFORD, 18 Enid St. Jane

FEB 7th, 29 Admiral St, Capt Edwin CHURCHWARDEN, age 40, interment Smithdown

FEB 7th, 122 Higher Park St, Thomas FOGGO, age 60, late of Dysart Fifeshire

FEB 7th, 6 Diana St, Walton, Mary BANCROFT age 64, widow of the late Thomas BANCROFT

FEB 8th, Cambrian House, 114 Upper Hill St, Edward ROBERTS age 54

FEB 8th, Ruloe Formby, Thomas GASKILL age 74, for 50yrs associated with the provision trade with the late John BRISTOW and with his sons J and W. BRISTOW, interment at St James

FEB 8th, Fairfield Lodge, Colunbia Rd, Oxton, John POWELL age 37, of the firm George CROSSFIELD and CO, interment at Flaybrick Hill

FEB 8th, 74 Granby St, Edith Lowrie [Edie] age 10,1/2 mths beloved child of Herbert and Johann TOBY

FEB 8th, 98 Edge Lane, Emma Jane age 42, 2nd dau of the late George PICKERING Esq, Manor House, Great Hapton Yorkshire

FEB. 8th, 32 Seabank Rd, Southport, Edward Skelhorne GOULDING, late of Warrington, Interment Grappenhall Parish Church.

? 7 Ridley St B'Head, Robert Kent JONES, age 47, interment Flaybrick Hill

FEB 9th, 6 Blackbutne Terrace, Mr A. H. SAUNDERS of the firm Ayrton and Saunders, interment St James

FEB 9th, 39 Brighton Rd, Birkdale, Thomas DUCKWORTH age 32, [Whitworth Scholar], late of Kirkdale, only son of the late Robert DUCKWORTH, Architect of this city, interment Kirkdale

FEB 9th, 34 Prince St Rhyl, North Wales, Catherine ROBERTS, widow of Rev John ROBERTS Pwithelli? [can't read it, can't spell it] interment Rhyl

FEB 9th, 6 Blackburne Terrace, Mr A. H. SAUNDERS, age 65, regretted by wife and family, interment St James

FEB 9th, Late of 91 Stanley Rd and formerly Litherland, Joseph HOLME age 53 of heart disease

FEB 10th, 10 Elliott St, Osmund Erconwald, infant son of David and Elizabeth CREEDON

FEB 10th, 16 Phoebe Anne St, Edward Stanley, 6yrs 3mths, eldest son of Edward and Mary Alice FOWLER

FEB 10th, 5 Egerton St, John KNIGHT, late of Leith, interment St James

FEB 10th, The Yews, Prenton Rd west, B'Head, Jane Hawkshaw Wife of Albert MONTGOMERY, only child of the late Samuel McCLELLAND, Surveyor of H. M. Customs, interment Bebington

FEB 10th, West Norwood, Margaret Anne, age 83, widow of Henry KNOX

FEB 10th, Port Elliott, South Australia, , William Frank, age 36, youngest son of the late R. J. HARDMAN, Rock Ferry.

FEB 10th, 43 Egerton St, Alexander Mc LELLAND of H. M. Customs Liverpool

FEB 11th, At Prescot James Bruce MACPHERSON. L.R.C.P, and S Ed, son of Frances Alexander MACPHERSON of Londonderry

FEB 11th, 69 Oriel Rd Bootle, Frances age 40 yrs wife of Fergus FERGUSON and dau of the late John STACEY

FEB 11th, 23 Wesley St, Alexander Mitchell BELL age 9yrs eldest son of John BELL

FEB 11th, At the Scandinavian Hotel, 4 Atherton St, Stella Regina, infant dau of Walter and Harriett HEGGUM

FEB 11th, YATES Emma age 25, 4th dau of Henry and Catherine YATES of Litherland

FEB 12th, Egremont Cheshire, Sarah widow Rev George PARK, Vicar at Hawkshead, dau of the late Rev Thomas HORSFALL Vicar Cundall Yorkshire.

FEB 12th, Bryngwran Farm, Anglesey, Anne age 71 wife of John EVANS, Interment Bryngwran churchyard

FEB 12th, Newark New Jersey ? STEWART age 50 eldest son of John STEWART, Old Chester Rd Tranmere.

FEB 12th, John HOLMES, age 10, 23 Mile End, of meningitis

FEB 12th, In New York James PORTEOUS age 34 of Mobile and New York, son of Rev James PORTEOUS of Ballantrae

FEB 12th, Frank age 22 son of W and S. A. BOWDEN

FEB 12th, At Cannes, William Page RILEY, age 38, of 38 Hartington Rd, Eldest son of John RILEY, Croxteth House, Princes Gate

FEB 12th, At fathers residence Orrell Rd, Liscard, Adian 4th son of James COOBAN, interment Wallasey

FEB 12th, 13 Moses St, Annie Grassie, age 13mths youngest dau of George and Sophia BRUCE

FEB 12th, 123 Robson St, age 2yrs 5mths Frances [Cissy] dau of Thomas and Catherine FLANAGAN

FEB 13th, Lea Hurst, Newsham Pk, Pepe age 8, son of Ramon and Florence ROSES

FEB. 13th, Fathers residence, 14 Churchill St, Willam Henry eldest son of Richard SANDERSON for 19yrs with the Shropshire Union Canal Co, interment Smithdown Rd.

FEB 13th, The Poplars Flixton, Robert HATTERSLEY, age 59, Manchester Engineer, interment Flixton Church.

FEB 13th, 35 Valley Rd, Anfield, Joseph BENNETT age 49

FEB 13th, Fearnlea Grassendale Pk, John PIGOTT age 53, interment Smithdown Rd

FEB 14th, 43 Goth St, Alexander UNDERHILL age 63, piano forte maker.

FEB 14th, Mersey Terrace, Seacombe, Samuel REDFORD, age 62 of Tyldsley

FEB 14th, 29 Princes Ave, Hannah age 70, wife of the late Thomas ARROWSMITH of Helsby Cheshire

FEB 14th, 98 Rosalind St, Elizabeth age 69, relict of Edward EDWARDS late of Llanarmon, interment at Kirkdale

FEB 15th, 11 Moreton St, Fredrick age 34 only son of the late Fredrick MIDDLETON of H. M. Customs

FEB. 15th, Eaton Place, Breck Rd, Alice wife of John GILDER, interment Wesleyan Cemetary Cheetham Hill

FEB. 15th, 27 Aubrey St, Anne Jane, age 79, relict late Peter HIGNETT, interment Necropolis

FEB 15th, Bryn Maelgwyn, Llandudno, Sarah wife of Robert Hugh JOB, interment Llandudno

FEB 15th, 20 Selbourne St, John WILLIAMS, age 82, interment Smithdown Rd

FEB 15th, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Edward Broad LILLY age 23, 3rd surviving son of John LILLY, Brazilian Vice Consul of Manchester

FEB 15th, 49 Madeline St, Elizabeth relict of the late James FINIGAN, interment at Ford

FEB 15th, Argand Jones County, U.S.A, Ellen STAFFORD

FEB 16th, Riversdale House, Falkland Rd, Egremont, Martha wife of John CLARKE

FEB 16th, 18 Dunluce St, Walton, Sarah age 65, relict of Charles Leslie LEWIS, interment St James

FEB. 17th, South Rd, Tranmere, Nora Beatrice, infant daughter of David ANDERSON

FEB 17th, 5 Hayfield St, Harry age 11mths, son of John T and Lizzie SHAUGHNESSY, late of Blundellsands

FEB 17th, 3 Canning St, Waterloo, Alice infant dau of Richard and Alice THORNTON [see recent births]

FEB 17th, 50 St Albans, Minnie age 5yrs 3mths dau of John and Alice Emma WHITEHEAD

FEB. 17th, New Brighton, Hector Allen VAUGHAN, interment Wallasey, New Orleans, Galveston and St John papers copy

FEB 17th, Worthing Sussex, Elizabeth [ Mrs McGinty late Theatre Royal and Amphi] wife of Michael CLIFFORD.

FEB 17th, Villa Marguertia, Nice, Louise Lady Gavan DUFFY age 32

FEB 18th, 11 Houlton St, Mary age 57 wife of Michael GOWAN, West Derby.

FEB 18th, 52 Harlow St, Adelaide wife of John OLDHAM, dau of the late James NEALE of Toxteth

FEB. 18th, 65 Belmont Dr, Newsham Pk, John HENDERSON age 68

FEB 18th, Lorent France of typhoid fever, Garston COTTON, aged 29, of La Rochella

FEB. 18th, 47 Sackville St, Everton, Elizabeth widow of the late David McNISH

FEB. 18th, 18 Hornby Rd, Walton-on-the-Hill, Lizzie age 24, eldest dau of John and Eliza HUMPHREYS, formerly of Welshpool, also in memory of dau Lucy who died Aug 22nd 1888 aged 22

FEB 18th, Newbold Liscard, Georgina Alicia, 3rd dau of the late Charles BARBER of Wavertree

FEB 18th, 47 Myrtle St, Margaret Alice HAYWARD

FEB 19th, Catherine THOMAS, age 79, widow of the late Richard

FEB. 19th, Kea, Corwall, Ann HICK, aunt of Albert STEVENS, 15 Lord St, Liverpool

FEB. 19th, At Greenock, Capt Alexander ABERCROMBY, age 85.

FEB 19th, 11 Neville St, Waterloo, Samuel POOL age 74, interment St Mary's church, Bootle

FEB 20th, 29 Buchanan Rd, Seacombe, Elizabeth TOWNSON, age 64.

FEB 19th, 153 Kensington Maria age 65, widow of Samuel FLAMANK of this city and Newton Abbot Devon.

FEB 20th, At Whitehaven, Ellen Jane age 44 wife of Joseph MARTIN, eldest dau of the late John GLEDESDALE Liverpool.

FEB 20th, 119 Delamore St, Walter Herbert age 10mths son of Walter SWANN and Elizabeth PICKIN

FEB 20th, 30 Rice Lane, at sons residence, Mary Skinner RIDER age 75 late of Plymouth

FEB 20th, 21 Falkner Sq, Miss Jane Walker BROUN, interment Smithdown.

FEB 20th, 22 Elaine St, age 73, the wife of Richard WILLS, Master Mariner formerly of Dartmouth, Devon

FEB 21st The funeral will take place of George ROBERTSON age 13, 4th son of Andrew ROBERTSON of Kirkdale Liverpool branch of the Bank of England, residence, 43 Grey Rd, Walton.

FEB 21st, 160 Grove St, Edward Wolslenholme age 34, 2nd son of Robert NORRIS of Liverpool.

FEB 21st, Ferryhurst, Cressington Pk, Henry COUPLAND age 72

FEB 21st, George Henry WARD Late warehouseman Thomas LEE and Co, interment St James

FEB 22nd, Uncles residence, Thomas ADDERLEY, Boreland Bank, Wellington Ave, Wavertree Fanny, age 26, beloved daughter of Edward FOX, Woodside House, caused by explosion of water boiler.

: FEB 22nd, 2 Noel St, Toxteth Pk, James WALTHEW, age 78, late of Stockport, interment Bowden Churchyard.

FEB 22nd, 204 Upper Parliament st, Rosine Rachael age 6mths, beloved twin daughter of Simon and Adde LION.

FEB 22nd, 57 Kremlin Dr, West Derby, Priscilla, widow of the late Henry E. BENSON

FEB 22nd, George KIRKMAN, age 43, late of 114 Delamore St, Kirkdale.

FEB 22nd, Everton Valley, George Theodore BENNETT age 39, interment St Mary's Walton-on-the-Hill

FEB. 22nd, 59 Stanley Rd, Samuel WINSTANLEY, age 59, interment at Ford

FEB. 23rd, 55 Beloe St, Emma age 63, wife of Robert LAWRENCE, interment Toxteth

FEB 24th, 21 Devonshire Place, Claughton, Kate Venneck, youngest daughter of the late John WOOD of 5 Slatey Rd, B'Head, interment at Flaybrick Hill.

FEB 24th, 54 Mulberry St, Rhoda Elizabeth age 17, youngest daughter of Thomas and Mary FELTON, interment Smithdown

FEB. 24th, 4 Corfu St, B'Head, John BRIDGER age 47, Master Stevedore, interment at Flaybrick Hill

FEB. 24th, Aughton Park, Ormskirk, Elizabeth McKENNA, age 72, sister of Joseph BRADLEY.

FEB 24th, 23 Albany Rd, Stoneycroft, Hugh JONES aged 57, late of Salem View, Oxton.

FEB 25th, 13 Copperas Hill, Mary age 90, relict of the late Robert LOVELADY, Farmer of Ince Blundell

FEB. 25th, Elm House , Hemingford St, B'Head, Hannah age 45 wife of Thomas MAIN, interment at Flaybrick Hill.

FEB 25th, 61 Allington St, St Michaels -in-the-Hamlet, Samuel BOULTON, aged 70yrs

FEB 26th, Mersey Ave, Aigberth, Fredrick Staveley, age 8wks, son of Fredrick P and Margaret PYEMONT

. FEB 26th, At Wembury Devon, Raph DAWSON, age 77, formerly of Liverpool.

FEB 26th, 185 Chester St, B'Head, Jack 2nd son of Henry and S. J. IRWIN

FEB 27th, Tennyson St, Elizabeth of apoplectic fit, widow of William Price JONES, interment St James.

FEB 27th, 1 Wedgwood St, Alan Keen, youngest child of W. G. NEVATT

FEB 27th, 40 Norwood Grove, Septimus DIXON, age 62yrs

: FEB. 27th, 38 Sandon St, Mary Salter LOTT age 74 yrs.

FEB 27th, Elm House Thornton, Rosetta last surviving daughter of the late Christopher RICHMOND

FEB27th, 7 Beaumont St, Joseph Harrison, 3yrs 4mths, only son of William and Margaret HARCOMBE, interment Smithdown.

FEB 28th, Grangemount, Claughton, B'Head, William James FOULKES age 66yrs, interment at Flaybrick Hill.


REDMOND James died at sea 10th Jan 1887 on the S. S. LISBONENSE

MANGAN Mary J. wife of P. J. MANGAN Jan 10th 1888. Also J. P. MANGAN Son Jan 6th 1888

YOUNG George Engineer of Liverpool died London Jan 1st 1889

ROSS Sarah wife of Daniel ROSS died 4th Jan 1888 at Rose Villa Woolton.

JONES George formally of Welshpool died 6th Jan 1873 at Liverpool.

POWELSON Elizabeth Mother died 5th Jan 1872

BAMBER Richard Jan 13th 1887

FAZACKERLEY Jan 17th 1874 Age 58 James a cartowner also at 15 Almond St Jan 22nd 1867 Nancy age 53 wife of James above.

HUGHES Robert youngest son of John and Martha HUGHES Jan 28th 1888 Age 24

GREATREX George William 27th Jan 1881 age 50

KILLIP Alice Winder dau of R and E.M.KILLIP, died Feb 9th 1888 Age 13

MURRAY Mary widow of the late James MURRAY of Bootle, Feb 8th 1888

TAYLOR Richard , Fruit Merchant died Feb 9th 1887 age 44

HUGHES Thomas 21st Jan 1886 at 8 South Hunter St Liverpool

GARDINER John of Ditton Jan 25th 1886 age 59

FLANIGAN William of 32 Low Hill Jan 24th 1888

FRITH our brother Richard died 22nd Jan 1888 aged 24

COLE Elizabeth Jan 23rd 1887, dau of James and Margaret COLE

GARDNER Lawrence Arthur [Popsie] age 3 and 1/2 6th Nov 1887 also Sidney James [Sydie] 4yrs 11mths Feb 1888 sons of Lawrence and Elizabeth GARDNER

CURTIS Feb 2nd 1885 drowned off Gibralta from the Cunard S.S, SIDON, John Trist CURTIS age 53 of 104 Cansbrooke Rd Liverpool originally Dartmouth.

PUCKLE Louie at Liscard, feb 6th 1888, sixth dau of Eliza and the late Alfred.

HORTON James died Feb 11th 1887 at 321 Beaufort St

COLE Fredrick died Feb 18th 1888 age 52

CROOKHALL Robert died Feb 16th 1883 at his residence 136 Athol St, 4th son of the late Ralph CROOKHALL, Carleton Lodge, Poulton Fylde

FITZPATRICK William died Feb 18th 1887, age 6yrs, at 44 Stamiford St, Needham Rd, son of James H and Amelia FITZPATRICK

GRAYSON Francis died Feb 19th 1888 of Toxteth Park Lilias

YOUNG Agnes died Feb 19th 1888 age 16

WHITTINGHAM Mother Charlotte Died 14th Feb 1883 Age 50 yrs

THOMAS Ebed Melech of Liverpool, died 23rd Feb 1886, intered at the Necropolis

VENOUR Eveline and Bertha daughters of Alfred and M.A. VENOUR, died Feb 17th and Feb 20th, 1888 at 42 Kelvin Grove, Princes Pk.

DICKENSON Jane Milburn eldest daughter of Robert and Amy J. DICKENSON died at 115 Walton Lane, Feb 25th 1888 age 19 yrs.


The late Mr James BAINES died March 8th 1889, age 67, at 24 Nile St, Liverpool, interment at Smithdown Rd Liverpool The announcement of the death of Mr BAINES recalls the time when Liverpool had so very large a share of the Australian traffic since lost to this port. Mr James BAINES born 26th Oct 1823 in Upper Duke St, Liverpool. Nearly 40 yrs ago James BAINES and Co were noted for their vessels making rapid passages between the Mersey and Australia. In 1851 a dirty looking old ship compared by some to be a barrel of pork and with low mast with a broom affixed denoting it being for sale was lying in the Queens Dock. She had been built in Miramichi and was named the MARCO POLO. She was purchased for a small sum by Mr BAINES and was the pioneer of a fine fleet of Clipper ships which ultimately composed the old Black Ball Line. On her first trip to Melbourne she completed the voyage out and home in 5mths 21days, subsequent voyages took less time. Other ships were built and purchased before long the firm possesed 20-30 of the fastest sailing ships afloat. The finest being, The LIGHTENING, The CHAMPION of the SEAS, The OCEAN CHIEF and the JAMES BAINES