Loss of the ATHENIA 1939

Loss of the ATHENIA 1939

Daily Post, Oct 10th 1939




A list of 93 passengers of the ATHENIA now officially reported missing was issued last night, 5 weeks after the liner was sunk by a German submarine.

The list comprises of 50 British subjects, 30 U.S, 7 Polish, 4 Germans, and 2 stateless.

11 children among the victims including 3 Poles, aged 5, 8 and 2, lost with their mother.

19 crew missing total now 112.

The ATHENIA, 13,581tons, with 1,104 persons on board was torpedoed 250miles N.W of the coast of Ireland on September 3rd the day of the outbreak of war. The liner left Glasgow on the previous Friday, went to Liverpool, and, at the time she sunk, was bound for Montreal.

Passenger victims:-

[the last address entered is last abode or address]

William ALLAN, British, Northfield, Queen St, Alloa

Georgina ALLAN, 51, domestic, born Aberdeen, West Croyden, Surrey.

Harriet BARRINGTON, 52, housewife, born Goxhill, Sandfield Rd, Gateacre, Liverpool

John BERNARD, 23, student, U.S.

Peter BIRCHALL, 49, librarian, U.S, Hawberry St, Bedford

Nancy BISHOP, 36, housewife, British, c/o, The Eaton Co, Regent St, London.

Frederick BLAIR, 60, musician, British, born, Chatham [Ontario], Savoy Court Hotel, Portman Sq, London.

Herbert BOWN, 79, retired, U.S, born Birmingham [England], Fairview Rd, Dartmouth.

Henry BRAUNSCHNEIGER, 33, lawyer, German, c/o, Cunard White Star Co, Liverpool.

Elizabeth BROOKES, 60, widow, born Stromness, c/o, Scott, Highholm St, Port Glasgow.

William BROWN, 60, teacher, U.S, born Scotland, c/o, McMorland, Blemont, Barhill Rd, Gourock.

Sarah BURDETT, 51, housewife, U.S, Broughton, Astley-by-Leicester.

Helen BURROWS, 50, housewife, British, born Antrim, c/o, Coleman, York Lodge, Antrim.

E. CAMPBELL, 37, teacher, U.S, born Philadelphia, Edgerton Rd, Peebles

Helen CHALMERS, 46, table maid, born Perth, Restalrig Circus, Edinburgh, Isabella CHALMERS, 51, nurse, born Perth, same address.

Ina May DUNCAN, 30, nurse, British, born Salisbury [N.B] c/o, Davidson, Craighall Terrace, Edinburgh.

Hildegard EHRLICH, 16, German, Woodgrange Dr, Thorpe Bay.

Arthur FISHER, 16, U.S, c/o, Hancock, Tunbridge Wells.

Mrs A. B. FLETCHER, British, born Bessdigo, Australia, Kildare Terrace, Bayswater, London.

Helen FLOWER, 45, housewife, born Sterling, Cromer, Villas Rd, Walworth, London, S.W.

Alexandrina FORBES, 52, housewife, British, last address, Frederick St, Aberdeen.

Muriel FRASER, 54, secretary, born Summerside, Cockspur St, London.

Anna GACH, 13, schoolgirl, Polish.

Cora GILROY, 41, housewife, U.S, born Wallaceburg [Ont], Lockend Rd, Leith, John GILROY, 7, born Detroit [Mich], same address

Martha GODDARD, 52, housewife, Oldham Rd, Manchester

Sarah GOODMAN, 31, secretary, Northfield Rd, London. N.

Nellie GRAHAM, 34, housewife, born Monifieth, Collier St, Carroustie, George GRAHAM, two-and a half, born Highland Park, U.S.A, same address.

Helen HANNAH, 37, housewife, U.S, Berebriggs, Strathavan.

Sara B. HARPER, 66, housewife, born Belfast, Robert HARPER, husband, last address, Willowholme Dr, Belfast.

Ellen HARRINGTON, 63, housewife, U.S, last address, Cunard White Star Ltd, Liverpool.

Robert HARRIS, 21, U.S, last address, York Buildings, Adelphi, London.

James HASLET, 41, butler, born Dumbarton Castle, Granton-on-Spey, Morayshire, Margaret HASLET, 38, housemaid, born Dumbarton, same address.

Albert HART, 60, accountant, born Dover, last address c/o, Mrs H. HART, University Ave, Belfast.

Margaret HAYWORTH, 9, schoolgirl, British, born Hamilton [Ont], Primrose Hill Dr, Aberdeen.

Margaret HOGG, 52, housewife, born South Shields, last address c/o Tough, Dundee Terrace, Edinburgh.

Mary HODGE, 49, widow, born Winnipeg, last address c/o, Thos Cook and sons, Glasgow.

Jean Gwen HOLMES, 6, schoolgirl, born Winnipeg, last address, Inverskip St, Greenock.

Ellen HOWLAND, 65, U.S, born Howard County, Maryland, last address c/o, Raymond, Whitcombe and Co, London, SW.

Dorothy HUTCHINGS, 39, teacher, born Glasgow, last address, Peel St, Glasgow. W.

George INNES, 42, advertising executive, born Dundee, last address c/o, Stewart, Glenmackie Terrace, Dundee.

Matilda JACOBS, 24, housewife, British, last address, English St, Shieldmuir, Wishaw

Emily JAMES, 38, British, born Seacombe, last address c/o, E PULLEN, Preston Park Ave, Brighton.

Lottie KUNSTLICHER, interpreter, German, last address, Great Russell St, London.

Eudokia KUCHARCZUK, 40, housewife, Polish, Aleksandra KUCHARCZUK, 8, Polish, Jakeb KUCHARCZUK, 2, Polish, Stefan KUCHARCZUK, 15, Polish.

Margaret LENNON, 57, housewife, British, born Donaghadee, last address, Newall Terrace, Dumfries.

Catherine LESLIE, 69, widow, born Glasgow, last address, c/o, Preshaw, Chancellor St, Glasgow.

Artur LOURIE, 35, merchant, Polish, last address, c/o, Regent St, London.

Edith LUSTIG, 27, housewife, German, last address, c/o, Great Russell St, London.

Charles MAILER, 69, retired, born Perth, last address, Wilson St, Craigie, Perth.

Lucy MARSTON, 53, housewife, Ely View, Houghton Rd, St Ives.

Thornton MUSTARD, 47, British, last address, Dudley Arms Hotel, Dudley.

Sophie MC DONALD, 78, British, born St John's N.B, last address, c/o, Dawson, Sankey St, Warrington.

Bridget MC ERLEAN, 38, domestic, U.S, last address, Money Sraghan, Portglenone, Co Antrim.

Agnes MC FARLANE, 43, housewife, born Greenock, last address, Curwood St, Greenock., Gladys MC FARLANE, 3, British, born Verdun P.Q, Greenock.

Ray MC FARLANE, 19, U.S, last address, c/o, MCFARLANE, Cathkin Ave, Rutherglen.

Margaret MC GORTY, 7, U.S, born, New York City, last address, Milltown, Birches, Portadown, Co Armagh.

Jean C. MC NEISH, 69, widow, born Govan, last address, Glebe Rd, Letchworth Herts or Clockview, Kirn.

Alexander NICHOL, 40, receiving clerk, U.S, last address, Easter, Drylaw View, Edinburgh, Ethel NICHOL, 33, housewife, U.S, born North Andover, Mass, same address, Marion NICHOL, 9, U.S, born Lawrence Mass, same address.

Alexander PARK, 49, U.S, born Philadelphia, c/o, Mq Aleer, Omagh, County Tyrone

Annie QUINE, 57, housewife, U.S, last address, Marsh Lane, Halsall.

Nancy REDGERS, 16, British, born Newport, Mon, last address Tredegar St, Risca, Mon.

Gertrude REED, 58, housewife, U.S, born Drogheda, last address, Stewart, Stubbs Rd, Chertsey.

Alice ROBINSON, 44, housewife, U.S, born Edinburgh, last address, c/o, Mr Home, Little King St, Edinburgh.

Mary SCOTT, 31, housekeeper, born Glasgow, last address c/o, Mr J. Scott, James St, Glasgow.

Jessie SHARP, 44, housewife, born Edinburgh, address c/o, Williamson Ltd, Frederick St, Edinburgh.

Fejga SPRING, 32, Polish.

Emma STEELE, 49, librarian, British, born, Amherst, Canada, last address Canada House, London.

Anna STEWART, British.

F. STOTLAND, 13, scholar, stateless.

Rebekka STOTLAND, 7, schoolgirl, stateless

Fred TINNEY, 30, U.S, born Montana L.A, c/o, Robinson, Graham St, Johnstone, Madeline TINNEY, 27, U.S, born Akena, Wisconsin, same address

Harriet TOLLEY, 74, British, last address, Tyran Ave, Llanelly.

Harry TRUSS, 54, British, last address, Fleet, Holbeach, Lincs, Ethel TRUSS, 52, housewife, British, same address.

A. H. VINCENT, 7, British, last address, c/o, Thomas Cook and Son, Newcastle.

Sara WARENREICH, 39, cook, U.S, born Vienna, last address, Kingsley, Miens Rd, Blackburn

Annie WATERMAN, 52, British, BORN Hamilton [Ont], last address, c/o, C.W.S. Ltd, London SW1.

Fred WEIR, 61, British, born Kirkaldy, last address, c/o, Watson, Lockend Rd, Leith.

Matilda WILKES, housewife, U.S, last address, c/o, American Express Co, Glasgow, Jonathan WILKES, 8, U.S, same address.

David WRIGHT, 63, laundry manager, U.S, last address, Killshannagh, Co Tyrone.

Jessie YOUNG, born Perth, last address, Wilson St, Craigie, Perth.

Journal of Commerce and shipping, September 7th, 1939

Sinking of the Athenia

List of survivors landed at Galway

The following is the official Eire Government list of survivors from the Athenia disembarked from the Knute Nelson at Galway. We have been requested to publish this without delay so that survivors who have disembarked at Glasgow will know of the names of the survivors disembarked at Galway.

The list gives the port of embarkation, name and nationality of the rescued

Liverpool, LOURIE, Anton, Frieda, Alisa and Michael, [Austrian] and Joyce WELTON [British]

Glasgow, Peggy and William LAIDLOW [British]

Liverpool, Mr and Mrs CASS-BEGGS, Bernice PASSMER, Mrs Blanche WILTON and daughter Joyce, and Mrs Bertha TINGLE, [British]

Belfast, Mrs E. J. McKILLOP and two children, and Mrs S. A. ROSS, [British]

Liverpool, Mrs Dorothy VINCENT and two children, Han and Lilian [Canadian]

Glasgow, Mrs Margaret MURRAY, Mrs Edith BROADBENT and Bartley BROADBENT, [British]

Belfast, PIERCE, Ellen, Margaret and Philomena [U.S.]

Liverpool, Miss Florence GRADDEN, Mrs MATTINGLEY and Mrs RICHARDSON, [British]

Glasgow, Mrs Caroline E. RISE [U.S.]

Liverpool, Thomas MESSER, and child nine years [Czech.]

Belfast, Mrs THROTTER, and one child [British]

Liverpool, Lazan SOHRATHY [Czech]

Glasgow, Hessie MORRISON [British.] and Mrs Jessie WEIR [Scotch.]

Liverpool, Mrs Edith Grace SAYERS, and Mrs Isabella JONES, [British.]

Glasgow, Mrs J. M. MYLES [British.]

Belfast, Misses H. WRIGHT, H. WRIGHT, and C. M. FORBES, [Canadian.]

Liverpool, Mrs Charlotte DOHERTY and Mr James T. WARD, [British.]

Glasgow, Mrs Sarah McROBERTS, [British.] and Mrs Eliza MARTIN [U.S.]

Belfast, Mrs Sarah NEWCOMBE, son Clive and daughter Jean [British.]

Glasgow, Miss Doris KENT, [U.S.] Miss Cathie GARDINER, Mrs John CAMPBELL and daughter Sheila, Miss Gladys STRONACH and Mrs Clara ROGERS [All Canadian.]

Liverpool, Mrs Ellen MURCHEKNOR [British.]

Belfast, Mrs Eva M. BLAIR [British.]

Glasgow, Mrs Annie BURNS [Scotch]

Liverpool, Mrs Mary GALUBH [Irish], Geoffrey C. BOWCOCK, Mrs Ethel HOPKINSON, and Graham HOPKINSON [British.]

Glasgow, Mr and Mrs John Blair MOFFETT, and Mrs Margaret FORD [U.S.], Mrs Janett RANKINE, Mrs Helen HUNTER and three children William Margaret and Robert, [British]

Liverpool, Donald WILCOX and Mrs WILCOX [British.]

Glasgow, Mrs Hamilton TAIT, Mrs Annie Innes, Mrs Margaret ROSS [British.]

Belfast, Mr Patrick CUNNINGHAM and Mr John SHIELS [British.]

Glasgow, Mrs Addison MALERY and son, Mrs W. B. SCOTT and Miss F. WINDEMANN [U.S.]

Liverpool, Pressjea SUD and wife Schaja [Czech] Mrs Pauline WEISS, Mrs Charles GRANT and son Charles [U.S.]

Glasgow, Mr and Mrs Trebor EMA and two sons, Norman and David [British.] Mr and Mrs Louisi DIVEN [U.S.]

LIVERPOOL, Mrs Georgina DUBBE, Mr Louis MORGETTE and three sons, John, Andrea and Gilvers, Mrs Jean FLYNN and Mrs Rose McMAHON, [All Canadian]

Glasgow, Mrs Helen W. WATSON and Miss Jean HARVIE [Canadian]

Belfast, Mrs Eva McCARTHY [Canadian] Miss Mary CARROLL, Mrs Sarah TEMPLETON and Miss Alberta FRANCIS [U.S.]

Glasgow Mr and Mrs M. L. BROWN and Miss Elizabeth BROWN [U.S.]

Belfast Mrs Mary MORRIS and two children, Charles and Patrick, Mrs Margaret BEULIEU and two infants, Eleanor and John [Irish]

Liverpool Mrs Ethel ELGOOD, [British.] Mrs Lydia PARKER and Albert [son], and K. PRICE, [U.S.]

Belfast, Robert PRITCHARD [U.S.]

Liverpool, Nora DONOGHUE [British] Mr Max HONIG [German] and Mrs M. V. BRUCE and son Ian, [British.]

Belfast, Mr Charles O’CONNOR, and Rev Joseph O’CONNOR [U.S.]

Liverpool, Mr Angus BEATTIE and Miss May FREUD [British.] Martin MICHAEL, wife Sonia, son Marmash and four infants Antoni, Gasch, Stefan Syta and wife [all Polish.]

Glasgow, Mrs Betty J. STEWART, Miss Jery WYNNE, Miss Judy SCOTT, Miss Barbara HALL, Miss Margaret DOGGETT and Miss Maxine ROBINSON, [all U.S.]

Liverpool Mr C. E. TOMLINSON, [British.]

Belfast, F. M. ACKROYD, [Canadian]

Liverpool, Mr Ernest RATCLIFF, Miss Faith RATCLIFF [U.S.] Mrs Mary KERR [British.] and Mr Thomas KERR, [U.S.]

Glasgow, Miss Alice NEWMAN, Miss Jane SUTHERLAND, Miss Bobbie HALBERT and Miss Anne MOORE, [U.S.]

Glasgow, Miss Patricia MARTIN, [U.S.]

Belfast, James S. WOODS, [British]

Liverpool, Miss Hazel CASSERLY and Miss E. M. WISE, [U.S.]

Glasgow, Mrs Ann TOVETT, Miss Alice CHALMERS, Miss Ann CHALMERS, [U.S.]

Liverpool, Miss Florence BARRETT and Mrs Elsie TYLER [Canadians] Jan KUCHARCZUK and Adolph SADOSKI [Polish]

Glasgow, Mr William JOHNSON, Mr T. H. BLACKWOOD, and Mr Alex CUMMING [British.]

Belfast, Henry SINCLAIR, [British.]

Glasgow Miss Margaret DUNCAN [British.]

Liverpool, Husak BAYLE with wife and four children [Polish.]

Glasgow, Alex MATTESON, [British], James BOYLE, [American]

Liverpool, Anna KREPPITZ and Jacers BISJUN with two brothers Wassil and Woldsimiers [Polish] James GOODSON [Canadian]

Glasgow Hugh A. FARMER, [Canadian] J. G. HUTCHINSON [British Canadian]

Liverpool, John R. WOODS, Mr Hamilton CASSELLS, and Mr David C. JENNINGS [British]

Glasgow, Miss Joan OUTHWITE, Miss Alberta WOOD, and Miss Barbara BRADFIELD, [U.S.]

Liverpool, Mr Franklin DEXTER [U.S.], Ernest LOWBEER and Mr Fritz LOWBEER [Czech] Mrs Matilda JOHNSON, [U.S.] Mrs Amelia W. BLAIR and Mr David P. BLAIR [British] Mr Ralph CHILD [U.S.], Miss Mary RUSHTON, and Charles L. HILL, [British]

Glasgow, Mrs Ishbel GILMORE and Mrs Agnes CUTHBERSON [British]

Liverpool, Mr Andrew PYE, Miss Barbara BAILEY, Miss A. J. INGRAM, and Mr James MACBETH, [British]

Belfast, Sir Richard and Lady LAKE [British]

Liverpool Mr and Mrs Morris NEVILE [Canadian]

Glasgow, Hilaire PARAS and wife Baranki and two children [Polish]

Liverpool, Mr Leonard SYKES, wife and Miss SHIRLEY, [U.S.]

Belfast, Mr and Mrs Arthur McCREA, [U.S.]

Liverpool, Mr J. PROCTOR, [British]

Glasgow, Rev and Mrs P. E. McPHERSON [Canadian] Mr and Mrs Roderick McLEAN and child [British]

Liverpool Mrs Emma TAYLOR and Miss Patricia TAYLOR, Mrs Laura WILLIS [British] and Dr S. T. WILKES [Canadian]

Belfast, Mrs Susan STEPHENSON, [U.S.]

Liverpool, Mr Cyril DALDY, Miss Winifred BOWEN and F. G. MILBOURNE and son [British]

Mr Edward O’CONNELL [U.S.] Robert W. SNOW, [British] and Mr Kalmen KAPLANSKI [Canadian] Miss Ruth STRAUSS [German Jewess] and Mr and Mrs George COTTRIE [U.S.]

Belfast, Mr James DEMPSEY, [Irish]

Liverpool, Mrs JARVICE [British] and Mrs Jean G. McCLEAN [U.S.]

Glasgow, Robert WALKER, Mrs McCLEAN and Mr Jock McCLEAN, [British], Mr Bronson PRICE, Mr Ralph SINGLETON and Mr Gordon HANSEN, [U.S.] and Mr Firth JAFFRAY, [Canadian]

Liverpool, Mr and Mrs BAJKO, four children not named, Mr ZABORYMSKI, wife, mother and father [Polish]

Glasgow, Mr Charles COTTERMAN [U.S.]

Liverpool, Miss Shirley VERSHFIELD [British]

Glasgow, Mrs J. CAMPBELL and daughter, Mrs Eliz CRAIK, Miss Anna SWEET and Miss Jessie SWEET [All British], Mrs Helen STEWART [U.S.] and Mrs Jessie FARQUHAR [British]

Liverpool, Mrs George LOGAN, [U.S.]

Glasgow, Mrs Myrtle BARBER, [U.S.]

Liverpool, Mr and Mrs Hilton PORTER and Miss Ellen RUSSELL [British] Dr Lustig EGON [Jewish refugee] and Miss Dorris JONES [British]

Glasgow, Miss May INGRAM [U.S.] Mr and Mrs G. R. CRAGG and John and Margaret [Canadian]

Liverpool, Mrs Anne BIDWELL and Mr Watson BIDWELL [U.S.]

Glasgow, Mr Alex McLEOD, [British]

Liverpool, Mr and Mrs W. H. EDWARDS [British]

Glasgow, Miss Mary COWIE, [British]

Liverpool, Mr Donald H. EDWARDS, [U.S.]

Glasgow, Mrs Julia MARTIN and Miss Isabelle MARTIN [U.S.]

Liverpool BOCZNIK, five people [Polish] Pax WALKER TYRETT [British] and Sally David SKRZYPCI [Polish]

Belfast, Mr Joseph PATTERSON [U.S.]

Liverpool, Miss Bernice JANSON [U.S.]

Glasgow, Mr GRAY and Mrs Margaret BANNISTER and daughter, Elizabeth [British]

Liverpool, Mrs Walker FRAYETT [British]

Glasgow, Mr E. T. WILKES [U.S.]

Liverpool, Mrs Clare E. PARKER [British]

Glasgow, Mrs Doris MacLEOD, and two daughters Betty Jean and Dorothy May [British]

Liverpool, Mr Ovink ALSTAR [U.S.]

Glasgow, Miss Gladys M. CAWLEY [British] Mrs Bella MARKANON, Miss Harriett JONES, Mrs Adele HEADLEY, Miss Genieve MORROUGH, Miss Rowena SIMPSON, and Mr Robert TOWNSEND [all U.S.]

Mrs Merle HOLMES [British] Miss Jane HANNA and Miss Margaret LITTLE [U.S.]

Liverpool Miss Katherine FLOWERS [British], AND Mr Orvalle WEIBEN [Canadian] Mrs Eleanor CROWLEY, [U.S.] Mr Reginald GARRETT, [British] Miss Jeanie LAMBERT and Mrs Bessie POLSON [Canadian]

Belfast, Mrs Patrick BUCHANAN [British] Miss Mary F. LITTLE [U.S.]

Liverpool, Mr Sheldon GUNN [Canadian] Mr Gordon GRANDERG [U.S.]

Glasgow, Professor W. D. WOODBURY, [U.S.]

Liverpool, Chaskel WURZEL wife and two children, [refugee] Josek WOLBROMSKI and child [Polish]

Glasgow, Mrs Leslie MILLEN [Canadian] Miss Marguerite HOLLAND [U.S.]

Liverpool, Miss Ruth TURNBULL and Miss Janice MARTIN [U.S.], Mrs Florence TREHERNE and Mrs Sarah E. SMALL [British], Miroslav CERVANKA, Rudolf ALTSCHUL and Mrs Anna ALTSCHUL [Czech], Miss Minnie K. KENNEDY [Canadian].

Glasgow, Mr Robert HOWE and Miss Susan HOWE, [British]

Liverpool, Mr and Mrs Joseph ADASZYNSK and two boys, Chana, Pevla, [Polish], Mra Margueritte BUCHAN [U.S.] Penn MILKALEJA [Polish], Mrs Jeanne ANDERSON, and Mr ANDERSON, [British]

Belfast, Miss Emily McCLELLAND and Miss Susan GORMAN, Mrs Agnes E. DAVIS, [U.S.]

Glasgow, Mrs A. E. CLARE and Miss Mildred CLARE, Mrs MILLS and child [British] Miss Hilda HASE, [U.S.]

Liverpool, Miss Joycelyn TECK, [Canadian]

Glasgow, Agnes BLINKINSHIP and C. S. BLINKINSHIP [British] Miss Virginia ROBERTS [U.S.]

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